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Nothing survives you, you must elect me in any way

Mr. Bidzina, please count at least one promise that you have fulfilled!

Nothing survives you, you must elect me in any way

The main event of last week was an interview with Bidzina Ivanishvili. Chairman of the ruling party came to Imedi TV and answered Nika Laliashvili’s questions. “Inga” Laliashvili threw seven questions to “Murtalo” but missed all seven …” I really can’t tell you why it became needed for one or the other to stage this show. No need was in a journalist, Budzina could simply talk in a monolog’s mood and the result could be exactly the same as in case of attendance of the journalist . . .  in case of attendance of Nika Laliashvili, not a journalist 

The most interesting thing, though, was that Ivanishvili said out loud: “You can’t recall me  a promise I never made to the people.” And, Laliashvili also “failed to recall”, so we will try to recall  virtually all the promises he did not (or failed) fulfilled . It would be good if Mr. Bidzina reminded us of at least one promise that was valuable, said and fulfilled.

So let’s start from 2012 (all promises are removed from the official program of “Georgian Dream”):

 *” The results of the employment policy we have developed will be felt by each person: he / she will find the relevant workplace of his / her qualifications and experience and will be able to realize his / her knowledge and skills; Additional incomes will increase and his social status will improve; Mass outflow of population abroad will be reduced; The number of crimes committed on the ground of social poverty will be reduced; Demographic indicators will improve … ”

But Ivanishvili’s interview revealed that people with the right qualifications and experience in Georgia simply do not exist anymore. The mass outflow of people abroad has not diminished, tripled and, as Mr Bidzina promises, half of Georgia will be left to seek European fate, as nothing will be done in Georgia in the next ten years to create jobs, and even if there are specialists, they will not be employed here. People say straight away: We have nothing to worry about for 10 years and then let’s see. Most importantly, he also said, “I will win the next election and what is it like?” A: You have to make a promise as well: nothing will happen, you must elect me in any way

*” GDP growth in itself does not necessarily lead to improved public welfare, therefore, as a result of our policies: modern standards of efficiency and transparency will be established in public finance management; Agricultural production will increase, providing stable income for a significant portion of Georgia’s labor resources, as well as increasing Georgia’s food security and export potential … ”

In the aforementioned interview, Ivanishvili proudly said that per capita GDP was never such a large amount that would increase public welfare. And in 2012 he was directly saying: What you are saying is that GDP growth does not in itself lead to better public welfare. That same year, Ivanishvili announced an increase in agricultural production, which was not accomplished.

Do you know that the state had to set up a bank for unemployed people and help them until they got a job? We’re not joking, that’s exactly how it was written in the election program in 2012:

*” We will support family involvement in small business startups; Introduction of a system of deduction in the taxable income tax base; Systematic rather than one-off incentives for multi-parenting; To give citizens the best possible means of realizing their capabilities; Harmonization and optimization of the tax system; It is planned to set up a database of unemployed people to enable them to retrain and offer relevant work; Increase the effectiveness of government-sponsored measures for the unemployed … ”

Truth be told, we were not remembered by this bank of unemployed people, and where will Bidzina’s memory be remembered, especially when he admitted that we would not be able to create jobs but would retrain and leave the country ?!

The billion-dollar fund invested in agriculture may have seemed so ridiculous from the start that they would no longer deal with this issue. However:

*” A $ 1 billion Fund for Agricultural Development will be created. The Fund will finance agricultural programs, with its financial contribution to provide preferential loans to farmers (farmers), as well as agricultural insurance. The fund will be accumulated at the expense of the state budget, funding received from foreign sources and other attracted investments … “

As for relations with Russia, what do you think the ruling party and Bidzina Ivanishvili thought in 2012?

*”  The Georgian factor should no longer be on the list of contradictory issues between the West and Russia. Georgia should be ready to launch a dialogue with Russia through international mechanisms aimed at developing a strategy for a gradual resolution of the current crisis … ”

How is it? It turned out that Georgia had to deal with both the West and Russia so that our country would not become a stoning stone. The result is that the West is doing everything it can to be their colony, and whenever the US or Europe wants it, we hit Russia internationally or become so angry that Russian tourists don’t want to come to Georgia and ban international flights, Which we did well. By the way, there is talk of resuming flights from next spring, and we have serious doubts that the West will interfere in this process and interfere precisely with interfering with the development of the Electoral Code.

* As for the price of gasoline and the one lari that went into Saakashvili’s pocket, we would remind you that in 2012 one barrel of oil was worth about $ 118, today’s price is $ 64 on the London Stock Exchange, or $ 58 on the New York Stock Exchange. However, gasoline has risen twice as much as its world price has almost doubled. However, Ivanishvili was promising not only fuel, but also energy costs, of course, and they were exaggerating, and the unconventional leader of the ruling team made one promise at one time: we had vain expectations and could not calculate something well. Well, it’s understandable that you can’t calculate the price of energy, what about oil? In the world the price has fallen, the oil companies are crying, we are dying, it is very low and it is growing with us.

Any government official would certainly will make questionable and argue our woprdsmag us to implement health care reform, but sorry. The program clearly stated that the state would fund one hundred percent of the funding for the citizens, but it was not one-percent funding, and disaster awaits next year – the new minister has put in place such conditions that many clinics have suspended scheduled operations and cannot serve patients. Working on a demographic problem is a separate topic, a separate article has been devoted to it, and since the Dream came to power, birthrate deaths have exceeded each year. That too is a fact.

*” Our government is going to review the excise tax nomenclature and tax it mainly on luxury items ”- this is a dream promise and you really can’t tell why they decided that cigarettes are a luxury item. Who is complaining about cigarettes, the luxury is already bread and potatoes, those potatoes, which were distributed pre-election without any problems and will be distributed in the future. The best thing is that the authorities know that the way to the population’s voice is on their stomachs, and that the hungry nation is easily deceived by potatoes and onions. ”

*”  The fluctuation of the national currency exchange rate in the domestic currency market of Georgia was, at times, high, and was not linked to the long-term strategic goals of the development of the national economy. This was mainly due to the fact that during the influx of foreign capital and its “famine” the National Bank of Georgia, through unilateral or bilateral interventions, sought to reduce the sharp fluctuations in the national currency. The population of Georgia and the business entities have repeatedly suffered monetary losses as a result of large-scale bilateral currency interventions carried out by the National Bank. Although the national currency was established in Georgia as a major payment instrument, it still did not fully acquire the accumulation function that has its reasons. In particular, prices have been rising steadily over the years, and in some cases there has been a sharp fall in the exchange rate of the GEL against the foreign currency (the so-called hints), which has led to the distrust of the population in the GEL as a means of accumulation. The low level of confidence in the national currency indicates that the annual interest rate set by commercial banks on term deposits equals to 17-18%, while the rate on similar deposits in foreign currency does not exceed 8-9% and year on year Decreases ” –  This is a plan to lower the national currency and lower the bank’s interest rate, which has also not been met. Mr. Bidzina, please give us at least one promise that you have fulfilled. As you can see, we do not consciously say anything about restoration of justice.

Beso Barbakadze



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