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Nikoloz Mzhavanadze: The European Court has actually sentenced them to death

"This is a verdict that cannot be changed by the National Movement with any political alert or hysteria"

Nikoloz Mzhavanadze

The final decision announced by the European Court of Human Rights on the case of the TV company “Rustavi 2”, which left unchanged the Georgian Supreme Court’s decision on the return of 100% of shares of the channel to Kibar Khalvashi, was reacted with the revolutionary slogan by the wanted fugitive former President of Georgia, who has fled abroad. According to him, it is now necessary to mobilize the political forces and society so that the evil will not prevail the law and the country will not be “in the hands of the dark forces”.

According to him, any legal battle with the current government is useless, which the practice of recent years has shown clearly, but unity of political forces and joint attacks will necessarily have the result.

What does the wanted ex-president’s call for “universal mobilization” mean and what resources do the “National Movement” have for all of these? Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, Chairman of “Human Rights Defenders” talked about it to “Georgia and the World”.

– Mr. Nikoloz, recently Mikheil Saakashvili declared “universal mobilization” in line with the decision made by the Strasbourg Court. According to his explanation, the country should not be left “to dark forces”. In your opinion, what is the message behind this statement, what does the general mobilization mean? 

– I think this statement is ridiculous, because beyond that society sees a pre-death span of an unpredictable political subject that has long lost all vital skills. Mikheil Saakashvili is a political dead body that has received a severe blow by losing “Rustavi 2” and now he is shaking like a beheaded hen.

As for the universal mobilization, in spite of their power, financial resources and “Rustavi 2”, more than 15 thousand people could not be brought out. What mobilization should Saakashvili announce? Today beside them there are actually only two categories: one that simply does not have any other way, except for the “National Movement”, because they have shared the party’s dirt; And the second one – who was “dismissed” from the “Dream” and found themselves in the political “offside”. Both of them are marginal. So who can come out on their appeal? Well, if Saakashvili’s will is executed, the country will be upright tomorrow, because he is a man who is in maniacal love with disorder and blood, who does not see any other prospect in his political career. But I can not say that this is a wrong approach from him. Saakashvili knows that he has no chance of victory in peaceful and democratic elections, he has never had this chance, so he sees his future in violence.

Now I will say about Rustavi 2. What is happening now is incredible, I think it is not funny at all. The man won all three judicial instances and won the European Court of Human Rights and proved his truth but the people who had illegally taken over his property for years talk to him in the ultimatum language – gave us the guarantee that nothing will change in the editorial policy. That means, they tell him, give us money in your swearing. Perhaps Georgia is the only country where employees can say such things to the employer. And what ultimatums do we talk about when the first thing is about private property, and the second, the people who have not been able to do anything during all these years in the country, except bringing hatred, violence, and serving criminal regime, how can anyone make an ultimatum today?! Of course, the group, the entire collective that is now gathered in “Rustavi 2”, is to be removed not only from one television, but from Georgian TV area. Otherwise, consider that neither Nika Gvaramia is dismissed from there, nor the legal owner has actually returned this TV channel …

– Kibar Khalvashi’s lawyer said no one is expected to be released from the channel …

– I think this statement is more intended for the international community, because now all the attention is paid to this. I still think that slowly, step-by-step the process will go so that none of the journalists who have been engaged for years in zombifying people, will not stay there. Maybe they will not be told to leave right away now, but I’m sure they will create the conditions for them that they will not want to stay, and so should happen. Moreover, who will pay them 200 and 300 thousand GEL per annum?! And secondly – who will give me the opportunity to swear against the owner of the channel?! They are ordinary crazy people. Well, it would be good if Khalvashi opened a psychiatric clinic and cure them. I can treat my property as I want: I want to change the editorial policy; I want to transform it or I want to close it at all …

– The fact is that the team of journalists who are currently working in Rustavi 2 are not going to stop. They are talking about creating a new TV channel. Is it all real?

_ why not. What’s the problem. They’ll get sponsor, finances, purchase equipment and take Rustavi 2 team there. This is quite real, but I think and I’m confident that by doing so, the process of the breakdown that has been launched in the “National Movement” will not be stopped. Because only the loss of the television is not their problem, their primary problem is that they are unacceptable for the majority of the society. That is what they cannot cope with,  that is why they are getting more aggressive. Just look at Mikheil Saakashvili, what kind of hatred and aggression can be read in his expression, or look at Gvaramia … I do not say anything about Rustavi 2 telecasters who attacked the same day the lawyer of Kibar Khalvashi and almost choked him…

As far as the changes are concerned, I am far from the idea that as soon as the Editorial Group is changed, this TV will suddenly come up with the ​​national ideas and values, but in my view, one of the main and important moments is that harmful provocations against Russia should be ceased. This television has been intentionally done it for years, and we know the results. Generally, we should take into account one thing and think that in today’s situation, this should be a kind of state policy: we can not do anything without having to deal with Russia. No matter we like this or not, this is the kind of thing and if someone is happy that there was a demonstration of 20,000 or 30,000 people in Moscow against the government, it does not mean we are in good situation. Repeating that Putin government is going to be overthrown, this is a mental sigh. Not 20 or 30 thousands but even a demonstration of 200 000 in the 140-million country cannot be a precondition for substantial change. So life in illusions will bring us nothing good. Today, first of all, Georgia needs a pro-Georgian government, ie, political leadership composed of national and patriotic forces. This is unfortunately a huge problem today…

– Recently, Giga Bokeria commented on one of Sergey Lavrov’s statements on “Rustavi 2”, saying that in today’s situation pro-Georgian approach means pro-Russian approach. What do you think of this statement?

– I would like to say to Giga Bokeria and all so called Western ultraliberals to keep on going this way. That is the result of such rhetoric, such provocative statements that we are politically bankrupt. So let them talk. Often remind the public that pro-Georgian approach is the same pro-Russian approach and enmity against Georgia …

As for the “National Movement”, which these days has been engaged in indirect threats to the public, that they can cause disorder in the country, believe me, they cannot do anything. If they were able to overthrow the country, they would do this for nine times. The European Court has in fact sentenced the death penalty and this is a verdict that can not be changed by any political alert or hysteria. I’m sure many of their leaders will travel abroad and start a rhetoric from there. This, of course, does not mean that the society should be relaxed for a moment. The society should have a hand on the pulse of the government, because this government has already cheated people when instead of restoring justice, the “Nationals”, in fact, gave the soul and appointed the main opposition. This is no longer to repeat. Criminals and offenders should not have another political life if we are building a legal state and we want to live in a healthy political system …

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania

P.S. Saakashvili’s party won 0.4 percent of the votes in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections.



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