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New details of involvement of Georgian snipers in Maidan bloody events


Alexander Goroshinsky – advocate of former fighters of the special division “Berkut”, disclosed the details about participation of Georgian snipes in the 2014 winter Maidan events in Ukraine. 

In the interview to the Ukrainian edition “Kievskie Novoisti”, Goroshinsky declared that these fighters underwent the military training in the Georgian army, they participated in Abkhazia and and Tskhinvali conflict, some of them – in Iraq and Afghanistan too. Besides, as the advocate says, they were trained in special camps which were under the control of the president of Georgia in that period – Mikheil Saakashvili.

Mamuka Mamulashvili
Mamuka Mamulashvili

According to Goroshinsky, the Georgian snipers were led buy a former military serviceman Mamuka Mamulashvili – active supporter and promoter of Saakashvili. In particular according to the information disclosed by the advocate, Mamulashvili recruited citizens to participate in the events taking place on the Maidan.

Goroshinsky says that 4 groups of Georgian fighters, 190-10 persons in each, arrived to Ukraine in different days. Their entry to the country was ensured with of false documents and without passing the customs points in both Tbilisi and Boryspil Airports, by help of the former speaker of the Ukrinian Supreme Rada Andriy Parubiy. MP from the “Peoples Front” Party Sergey Pashinsky, as well as the American military instructor Christopher Bryan.

According to the testimonies of witnesses, on January 20, Pashinsky personally opened fire from the balcony of the Conservatoire building, against the protest rally participants. In line with others, Vladimir Parasyuk too (deputy of the Supreme Rada of VIII convocation ) and his father were firing, followed then by other shooters located in the Hotel “Ukraine”. The hotel was in that times controlled by leaders of “Maidan Defense” – the advocate declared.

Aleksandre Revazishvili
Aleksandre Revazishvili

By his words, Pashisky was a person who was ordering when to open ire, terminate it, leave the shooting positions, while Parubiy and Mamulashvili were those who coordinated these actions in the Hotel “Ukraine”. Goroshinsky provided to “Kievskie Novoisti” a copy of statement of one of the snipers – Aleksandre Revazishvili, where he recognizes that he is eyewitness of the events happened on Maidan. As Revazishvili says, he gave testimony to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus.

According to Goroshinsky, Georgian snipers are ready to give interviews and star in a documentary, despite the fact that they will be held accountable. “Of their compatriots who participated in the crimes committed on Maidan in 2014, some disappeared, while others died in uncertain circumstances” – he added.

In reply to doubts of the “Kievskie Novoisti “ whether these testimonies are reliable, Goroshinsky declared: “If appearance of Georgian snipers at Maidan is faik, the Court could interrogate them and dispel this as if myth”.

“Nnothin is easy than interrogate witnesses on the court hearing and determine whether their testimonies are true, but still, we are forced to speak about opposing things – the fifth year elapsed after commencement of the court process against the “Berkut” officers, who are accused of murrerimg the protest rally participants, but with no result”.

We’d like to remind that in December 2017, evidences spread about participation of Georgian snipers in 2014 Maidan events. The Georgian snipers were acting under the guidance of an American instructor. It should be noted that 3 groups of snipers, among them – one Georgian group, were acting independently from each other in the center of Kiev, in that state coup.

Prepared by Giorgi Gachechiladze



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