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Nana Kakabadze: Should a real political alternative appears, believe, this “Nac-koc” masquerade is over

Nana Kakabadze

Ivanishvili’s so-called united opposition “dumped”  by false promise of electoral change , along with its aggressive liberal activists, is actively pursuing noisy “Locking” actions  against the government. Boys and girls supporting the Nationals, Euro-nationals  and 2% Republicans, have already appeared in the regions too. Moreover, this exalted minority which accuses the oligarch of deceiving the wider public, is not going to be bullied, threatening the ruling team and Ivanishvili personally with a revolutionary deluge.

The fact that  tensions are on the rise and that there are  more than enough of those in the political spectrum of the country who wish to stage  Euromaidan,  is also demonstrated by the unprecedented activation of outside forces (such as US senators, State Department officials, etc.), However, despite the dangerous situation, the authorities in crisis are still in the position and are finding a way out by demolishing the padlocks on the doors of various government institutions,  put  by  the aggressive minority

As for the public, the small number of rallies on Rustaveli Avenue these days and then the pleas of leaders at the same rallies to get everyone out on the streets once again made people’s position clear. It seems that most of the public is   distrustful of and separated strongly from  the current processes and any activity of Nazi, European and other aggressive liberals ruled from  abroad…

 What processes are taking place in the Georgian political spectrum today, what support does the so-called Georgian  united opposition have and what does the indifference of the majority of the population mean to these events? Human rights activist Nana Kakabadze speaks to Georgia and the World, on these topics.

-, Mrs. Nana, for several days the public  has been watching the attempts of the Nationals and Euro-nationals to stage a riot in the country. The tension is at its peak, the confrontation is getting more and more intense. What do you think is the purpose of the destructive actions of these small groups and how big is the threat of a coup?

Let’s start with what I think is important – who really stands in the street.  This is  the most odious political force of all time, with its diminutive belligerent asset, which is already making revolutionary calls and trying to provoke unrest in the country by all means at its disposal. At least the confrontation, the bloodshed, the outbursts, and the head-shaking that have engulfed them mean nothing but an attempt to overthrow the country. Now, what exactly this power is and what its purpose is: First, let’s not forget that it is a force that the current government referred to as a criminal group before it came to power. I.e. the main political message of the government to the public was to remove this power from the government and punish all offenders in accordance with the law. But then, when the Dream had achieved its political goal –   won the election and took the  power, instead of restoring justice, it introduced a notorious cohabitation. Just there from that time started preparation of a fundament for all the dangers we are talking about today, and of course, when we talk about the threat of destabilization, all of this, along with the Nationals and their affiliates, is also the Georgian Dream.

As for the alleged activity of the 22-party opposition under the auspices of the “National Movement”, whatever propaganda may disguise their actions, and with whatever misinformation they try to mislead the public, one thing is clear to everyone: Nationals,    Euro-nationals,   and their well-favored 2-3 percent satellites know well that they have no chance to win any objective elections. Their only “chance” – is coup, revolution, bloodshed, and in this way they see their political perspective. Therefore,  they are obviously trying to lead the process in that direction.

-, The main motto around which the National Movement is trying to convince the public is that the deceitful government   should not run the country. Is society cheated today?

-, Let’s first say – what does it mean that Ivanishvili cheated people? If they are struggling not to have a single ruler in the country, then how do they get something out of this person? This is one. And the second: What would Ivanishvili have to do? What to say: Go to the proportion system, and the parliament – to do it?  In fact, they are neither worried about single-minded governance, nor want to improve the electoral environment or system. They want something another.   Their problem is that they lost power. This is a pain what the National Movement actually feels – it cannot agree with its defeat in the 2012 elections. As to  real change and democracy, they mean nothing for the Nationals and they proved it during 9 years of their governance . Let me now talk about this notorious proportional electoral system: These days, we have heard from the media the statements of party leaders that moving to the proportional system is going to be an important step forward and thus a healthier political atmosphere. I have said this before and I will repeat: our main problem is not the majoritarian system, whether mixed or proportional, we have a major problem in the election. There is no normal party in the country, staffed by people with a clear political background, who would create a real alternative. This is the reason why people are practically standing apart and watching this infamous “Nac-koc” fight from afar, no matter what system the elections are held in, believe me, it is not important in this case.

As for whether the people were deceived, Ivanishvili deceived them when he came to the country with the promise of restoration of justice but then found common points with  criminals. For some reason, I don’t remember any of the leaders of today’s opposition being concerned about this. Why? Perhaps, it is clear to everyone – they were in a warm. Again, the biggest problem and trouble Ivanishvili has made is that there is no real political choice. There is no alternative in the country and no prospects for the near future. The only alternative is for criminals and offenders . . .

In the last three weeks, 12 Georgian lawmakers have left the “Georgian Dream” demonstratively, some of them are already in the opposition wing. What do you think is the reason for this? They say they have been dismissed by Ivanishvili.

-, Probably so, and since he dismissed them,  he probably had a reason tp do so, but  I can’t say  now he has better composition in his Party . Who is in power today? To look at the management team – more than shameful. Parliament is ridiculous; President, government – even worse … By the way, society is more prudent today and state-minded than the political spectrum taken together. This is especially true these days: the “National Movement” and its affiliates by all means try to “oust” the population, but the people is ignoring them

-, Do you want to say that the current protests are not a public uproar?

The public uproar was November 7, 2007, and then thousands of rallies, including a large rally on Rike, with around 100-150 thousand people. What they did not try, what provocations did not make, but gathered maximum five thousand people. Can it be called a public-public commotion ?! This is the protest of the United National Movement and the liberal minority revanchist forces around it, who cannot propagandize the people in any way. I repeat: the people will not stand with them, nor will they stand, because the people cannot support a force that openly defames the main national ideals; People cannot stand with those who mock and denounce the church, the patriarch, the clergy.

As for the authorities, the fact that the revanchist “opposition” is not a real force and cannot mobilize the population with any misinformation should not be comforting for the ruling team. Because people’s indifference to these forces does not mean trust in the government; The reason, as I have told you, is the absence of a political alternative, but it is enough for that alternative to emerge, and let’s hope it does, that the Nac-koc masquerade  will end.

-, Do you think there is a resource in the country today for this alternative to emerge?

-, It depends on what you mean in the resource. If you are referring to human resources, of course, there are people in Georgia today and abroad who have a clean, educated, competent background who truly deserve trust. As for financial resources, of course, finance is one of the most important issues in politics, but in this regard, the public must also reassess many things. The degree of confidence in any political force cannot depend on its finances, because we have seen so far what the people of money have done to the country. People do not want men’s abusive nationals and their criminals,  neither  the “dream” associated with these criminals. The people need a real state power, which will restore justice first and put an end to the “Nac-koc”  masquerade in the country. Unless such a force is formed and no real changes begin, we will remain in the political swamp forever; Nationals and Dream will always quarrel, and as time goes on, people fall into ever-increasing nihilism, hopelessness …

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania

P.S. Any of today’s “oppositionists” has been in power in the near past  and, all of us remember well their “activity”. Should they enter in the Parliament again, why will they act otherwise?  Let’s say the elections will be held in a proportional system and they got into parliament, so what is it  for people? 



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