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Nana Kakabadze: “Recognitional interviews” of Adeishvilis, Okruashvilis and Saakashvilis, will not turn to positive side the society’s attitude towards the “Nationals gang”

I would like to apply once again to madam acting ambassador: “Does Georgia need such aid and partnership?! 


Former Minister of Justice Zurab Adeishvili who is now escaped abroad and is “wanted” by the Georgian law enforcement bodies   , gave a wide interview to former general director of “Rustavi 2 TV Company” Nika Gvaramia and, talked with him about the politics pursued by the former state power during 9 years. In the interview which lasted for about 2 hours, Adeishvili recalled  the high-profile cases  happen during the period as well as all the crimes committed  due to a repressive policy of the 9-yearslong regime of the “National Movement” and named them a mistakes “Of course there were mistakes, many mistakes. Today al is seen better and, I thing we had a chance to develop the country in another way, if all of us could act in a different manner…‘  

Despite a wide Political confession that, obviously, is an attempt of reincarnation of the odious figures the regime, Adeishvili said  nothing  about a legal responsibility. On the question  – with which aims he could desire to come back in the homeland, he answered shortly; “I want to have a quiet life in Georgia”, while at the end of the interview, he underlined that he will come back to Georgia in all cases and will be involved in various educational projects, since this is his old dream

Is it sufficient for the political rehabilitation of the leaders of “National Movement” to assess their crime committed during years as a mistake  and,  whether it will change a mood of the society towards them? “Geworld’ asked an advocate and human rights defender Nana Kakabadze to answer

– Mrs. Nana, as Zurab Adeishvili announced recently, the Nationals committed lots of mistakes during their governance. He assessed as “mistake” the repressions and persecution of businessmen. What do you think, is it an attempt of the “Nationals” to achieve their goals by help of similar political “confession”

– The processes which are developed now  m, these as if political confessions and regret expressing  interviews, are not a novelty for me, because I am one of those who started opposing Saakashvili’s criminal regime from the very beginning, I know well their style  and strategy of actions  their cheap political steps are not strange to me. As to particular statements they serve  just for receiving points Look, Okruashvili too started speaking about   ropery spread over the country during the National’s governance, that it was  so called elite corruption, that he was directly participating in establishing several funds for collecting there money derived from businessmen. . .  Naturally, a question arise: If they committed such crimes and are now “sorry” for them, why do not they speak about their responsibility? Why do not they give official testimonies and still escape from the legal responsibility?

– Okruashvili declared “National Movement” has already became answerable politically…

– I do not speak about political responsibility, I speak about criminal responsibility, but, ”National Movement” is not still brought to political responsibility too. First,  this party which in fact became bankrupt after the 2012 Elections, immediately turned into the main oppositional force”! And the second,  where is  here their political responsibility?!  This first, and the second – When speaking about mistakes, and, Adeishvili too repeated this word several times in his interview,   does he mean that  murdering and mistake is one and the same?   Sandro Girgvliani was tortured and then killed, Buta Robakidze, Zurab Vazagashvili killed in the streets, prisoners killed in jails – were these mistakes?! These were crimes! Strasbourg Court determined  they were not singe cases, they were  systemic crime. As to regret and recognition: If Adeishvili is desirous to approve that he re-assessed things and is sorry for them  he must not say that was a mistake. Instead he must arrive and answer for misfortunes   the, Ramishvili, Akhalaia, Saakashvili caused during 9years, and speak them after being punished.  These criminals during the years had the unconditional  support by the West, in particular, by the USA. You remember – Light of Democracy,   etc. Why does the USA Embassy give explanations?! Why it says nothing when these people themselves started speaking about their crimes?   -, What explanations can the US Embassy provide?

-, Here are two versions: either they did not know what was happening here and what was the force they were supporting, or just they were not interested in these events. They declare they are our friends and strategic partners. If so, they must give explanations to the civil society. . .

-, Yes, but today the Americans even have not appointed their  ambassador to Georgia. Only an acting ambassador

-, You say ”acting”, but even a fly can’t fly without coordination with this ”acting” ambassador. When we speak about LGBT people,  and if somebody wants to arrange gay parades, The Embassy is always ready to make statements, its officers  always present on the “Nationals” meetings at Rustaveli avenue, and in this conditions, why is it so difficult to them to make statements?! I repeat:  leaders of the bloody regime ty called by Americans as the lights of democracy, recognize the crimes, killings during their governance. Did not Americans know it? Or, supported them intentionally? But, whichever statements she can make I cannot believe that the Americans did not know anything. I remember what the statements were made by the US Embassy after November 7 and May 26 events. I apply once again to madam acting ambassador:   “Does Georgia need such aid and partnership?!  Is supporting  and funding criminals the a help. Support of crime is a crime itself. That is why they must not keep silence today, when their political marionettes recognize themselves  guilty, So they have to explain to the society their opinion, why they called the bloody regime leaders light of democracy, why did they stimulate these criminals  by such epithets?

-, Let’s come back to Adeishvili’s interview, where he says the society must bot be afraid of comeback of the  “Nationals” to the power because its leaders re-assessed many events and, will not   repeat their mistakes. On what all this this may be targeted?

-, In conditions where even Strasbourg court published clear decisions on three high-profiled  cases and by this deprived ”Nationals” the  “arguments”  as if   “Ivanishvili’s court is biased”. They see that many other things will be disclosed in future, therefore they are hurry to do statements in advance. it is not incidental that  as if all this is “mistake” not a crime ,that can be corrected through one TV- repentance. The international law does not know a practice when a criminal may be released from the resonsibilit by pardon. I repeat: Let Adeishvili come back, appear before the court, give testimonies and bear the responsibility. After this we may speak about “sorry”, otherwise, what comes out?  He  is escaped abroad, avoids the law. So, is it serious to speak about any repentance  here?!

As to the words that he is not going to be involved in any governmental structure, do not allow, god,  the Nationals comeback otherwise, all of them – Adeishvilis, Merabishvilis, Akhalaias, Ramishvilis and all other bloody criminals who are in prison or escaped abroad now, will appear on their old positions. They are getting ready to return  and revenge to their political opponents at first and then to the society. However, for me the most important in this case is not what  the criminals do, but a position of the international community. That is why explanations by the US Embassy is so important, since it will be a confirmation whether it supports  again the criminals or not. This is a true, regardless of some opponents who will then start shouting that  we ignite the anti-western mood. . .

By the way,  I mentioned 26 May Rally dispersal  and several days ago one of the “Nationals-linked “as if expert” declared in that time it was legal the use of force. Are not you interested in the argument? As if the pro-Russian forces were participating in that rally. So, it comes out that  dispersal of  100 and 200 thousand people is legitimate because  the Nationals decided   they were pro-Russian, while politically engaged 2000 aggressive persons on 20 June night who wanted to break the parliament door could not be even touched? This is their logic and, naturally, they are going to govern the state under this principle, if comeback to the power. I do not think it is necessary to recall to our society about 9-years long misfortune, so   “Recognitional interviews” of Adeishvilis, Okruashvilis and Saakashvilis, will not turn to positive side the societ5y’s attitude towards the “Nationals gang”  because the National Movement  was and is evil and, nothing will turn them into a  good…

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania



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