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“Memory of you will always remain in our hearts” – they promised to Zalkaliani in NATO

“Memory of you will always remain in our hearts” – they promised to Zalkaliani in NATO

Who does not know  that  travelers who are lonely and thirsty in the vast expanses of the desert  suddenly see distant, lush oases and crystal clear streams, and gather  their last forces to see the greatest disappointment in their lives? This sharp  and sad history comes unwillingly in mind   when analyzing the Georgia – NATO relations 

The next, now anniversary summit of NATO is over in London, on which much interesting events took place, while the Georgian theme missed it  with Ricochet. Georgia, for already tens of years moves slowly through a waterless political desert to its main goal, but it looks  there BNATO only as mirage. And now, on the anniversary summit   the Alliance’s Secretary General Iens Stoltenberg in his speech declared that an exact date  of Georgia’s integration to NATO, is not still specified. No exact term is established for the Ukraine, as well. As earlier as in Bucharest Summit of NATO it was resolved that Georgia and Ukraine will become the NATO members. This decision is in force. At the same time, we never establish exact frames. Now we  think how to help these countries in moving to the direction of Euro-Atlantic integration”  – he declared. Georgians must be glad that the decision is still in force, but whether it will be implemented in real  and how many generations will wait for it, – not so important. In its turn, NATO thinks how to help wishers to move to the right direction, while such direction is participation of Georgian and Ukrainian militaries in Afghanistan military operations that is named as the international peace mission. This is deemed by them a right direction. It is true nobody knows how much blood of Georgians and Ukrainians are to be given for this mission,  as said as much as required, but the main thing is – to continue moving to this direction

“Not  so   long ago I visited Georgia where there were also the members of NATO Council. we visited Ukraine, as well. So, we are collaborating with both these countries, we assist Georgia and Ukraine in approaching to NATO and, do it through collaboration, that is good for both these counties. it is good for NATO too, since both Georgia and Ukraine participate in the Alliance mission operations, for instance, in Afghanistan” – Stoltenberg declared

Today, the former Soviet republics – Georgia and Ukraine – are involved in indirect military  conflict with  Russia. Their leading elites immediately after seeing the conductor’s stick pf their patrons, shout throughout   the world   about ”Russian aggression”, “Russian occupation”, “Violation of International Law:” It is obvious that   they imply that “international law” by which the West destroyed everything. Russia  does not consider itself   a participant of thee conflicts. If so, who then involved Georgia and Ukraine in this endless struggle with a ghost? These two countries must turn into nonhealing  wound at the border with Russia. Just by this reason “assist” them the |Alliance and the west. how to explain a  strange paradox     that the former Soviet countries with highly developed economy and culture today are in deplorable, if not catastrophic situation, when migration from the country turned into a total escape, formerly powerful economy is destroyed,. Is a way to  NATO  – through the blood  of Georgians in Afghanistan and destroying confrontation with Russia?   What is the matter? Why the West does not turn Georgia and Ukraine into the tent of paradise  despite the harmful influence of Russia? Why Ukraine  has so high dept of the IMF which is controlled by Washington?   why this dept has  so high interest rate? Why these two counties are interesting for the West only for causing as much as possible damage to Russia through them?  Nobody is interesting how much damages are caused to these countries by such actions of the west.  This is happening because both Georgia and Ukraine are consumable material only. Stoltenberg recognized publicly that this  is good for NATO. Nothing is disputable here  because it is really good for NATO, but is not it disastrous for Georgia and Ukraine? . Russia declared clearly and through Putin, that  the block-like stereotypes of NATO thinking cannot serve as a good instrument for searching for and making effective decisions,  because the contemporary world is subject to very rapid changes.  “We  many times made steps towards the Alliance ,  for proposing a constructive agenda. Several joint events have already organized, but, after 2008 our collaboration became certainly limited, because the Alliance having in mind proposed by us partnership relations  acted incorrectly, if not to say roughly, against Russia , without taking into account the interests of the Russian Federation. But nevertheless, I hope the common interests of security stability and peaceful  future of the planet will win” – Putin declared

An apotheosis of Georgia-NATO relations on the Summit was the speech of Georgian foreign minister David Zalkaliani: “We understand the current situation. However, we are effectively implementing all practical instruments that lead us to membership. Georgia is already acting as an ally. We are fully aware of the existing situation and the fact that a political decision has not yet been taken. But, we are doing our utmost to bring the country to the moment when it is ready for membership. Georgia’s contribution to NATO needs to be reciprocated by NATO. Keep Georgia on your mind” – Zalkaliani asked them. His speech was met by ovations. The only thing he can take with, are these ovations. What kind of answer  Zalkaliani waited for his words  “Keep Georgia on your mind”? Perhaps “Memory of you will always remain in our hearts”. Is this a light future of the country? Meantime, the government is pulling the country in this direction. . .

Prepared with using the materials published  by Irakli Chkheidze on eadaily.com



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