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Luka Kurtanidze: If we made Iraki Kobakhidze answerable, why not to treat similarly Melia, Ugulava, Okruashvili and that KGB rat Vashadze?!

Luka Kurtanidze

“The internet space and generally, a question is widely spread, whether Giorgi Gakharia – the  strongest minister in the MIA history, should resign?”   

He must   fulfill the word he promised: Everybody who raised a hand on the state institutions and called people to overturn the state power, must be punished severely! If we made answerable speaker of our Parliament (Irakli Kobakhidze) and  one of the founders and leaders of the “Georgian Dream and, did not forgive them their mistake, who are then the bloody leeches Melia, Ugulava, Okruashvili  and that KGB rat Vashadze who urged people openly for attacking the state institution? Besides, they must be brought to responsibility for beating, abusing   policemen. Otherwise, it comes out we are worth the worst “

P.S. The Prosecutors Office  accused Melia  for participating in and leading a group violence and, notified the legislative body commencement a criminal persecution of the MP and applied for receiving the parliament’s consent on  applying arrest against him, as a measure of  punishment



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