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Lali Aptsiauri: Giga Bokeria must sit on the bench of the accused because he was a leader of all dirty cases happened during 2004 – 2012

Lali Aptsiauri

It was decided on 31 May to form the temporary investigatory  commission for the  murdering case happened on Khorava street. 84 MPs voted for the draft resolution on forming the temporary investigatory commission  for investigating the fact of murder of two young boys on Khorava street, Tbilisi, happened on December 1st 2017.

The resolution was initiated by the Party “European Georgia”. The commission consists of 17 members, where the “European Georgia” holds a majority (9 members), while the “Georgian Dream” is represented by 6 members. Commission members from the  “European Georgia” are:  Sergi Kapanadze, Otar Kakhidze, Elene Khoshtaria, Otar Abesadze, Sergo Ratiani, Khatuna Gogorishvili, Mamuka Chikovani, Giga Bokeria, and Irma Naditrashvili. The commission members from the “Georgian Dream” are: Archil Talakvadze, Mamuka Mdinaradze, Eka Beselia, Anri Okhanashvili, Diomjiti Tskitishvili, and Sopo kiladze, plus Ada Marshania from the “Patriots Alliance” and Salome Zurabishvili, as an independent PM. On the very first sitting of the Commission Zaza Saralidze requested for challenge of Eka Beselia. The Commission will work for the next there’re years.

Advocate in the so called “Prison Riot” case   Lali Aptsiauri  talks with us about the Commission that is mainly completed by representatives of the “European Georgia” Party. 

-, Mrs. Lali, you are one of those who knows well the “heroic cases” of the former government. You were involved actively  in the “Prison Riot” case   as well, where Giga Bokeria was not  mentioned positively. . .   

– It is a catastrophe when Giga Bokeri speaks about restoration of just!

Formation of the Commission is normal by a legal viewpoint. It is normal also that all the Parliamentary parties are quoted therein. We should take into account that  Zaza Saralidze, father of he murdered son, relies on nobody except for the people who create majority in the Commission. He says he distrusts Eka Beselia because  she abused him, but, it is lie since I did not obtained any information that could confirm Zaza’s words. The government is correct in  case of formation of the Commission. Saralidze trusts nobody except for the “Nationals” , that  is why they had no other way out. Another thing is why the Nationals are still on the political arena

As to Giga Bokeria,  he personally must sit on the  bench of the accused. He was  a  leader of all dirty cases happened during 2004 – 2012. It is too difficult to list everything he has committed, including murders.  Bokeria was, if not an organizer, but a participant at least, of all cases. Just because of Bokeria’s ideology  the former state power was  fired, but the ”cohabitation” revived it

Zaza Saralidze is very unhappy, but, staying back to the “Nationals” who were the authors of murders ,is unimaginable  absolutely

No matter how Bokeria will name himself, there are not former Nationals. The government makes a mistake if thinks that Bokeria will give up anything in their favor/Vice- versa, he uses the situation for his own benefit very well, because he is a clever bastard

Bokeria and other former “Nationals” try to Appoint on the Prosecutor’s position a candidate who was a member of the closest circle of Murtaz Zodelava. Today I would like to abstain myself from naming him but, if these bastards are successful in their attempts,  will be the first to start throwing stones. There are many former sabotage-makers  in the law enforcement system and in the Prosecutor’s Office in particular, so, if anybody from Zodelava’s circle is nominated  at the top of the Prosecutor’s  Office I will start thinking that the government  acts intentionally to give power to the “Nationals”. I cant think otherwise because in all places are these criminals dominating and reading moral to us. This is a crime of the government

I want to repeat:  I terrible tragedy happened. Zaza Saralidze and his wife re fully depressed, in fact. If  anyone knows but conceals the details of how their son was killed, he/she must be punished necessarily, but there the evidences must be found, and no “Kuprava’s investigation” is needed, as Zaza Saralidze says.

Saralidze could be right is form the Commission from apolitical persons and submit proofs to the government. In such a case I also could stand  back to him,. but he preferred to stay back with killers. Journalists  know better than we, who stay there And what is their real backgrounds

– Do you think Bokeria’s team will provide any result?

–  The victim’s request is satisfied – the commission is formed by the composition he wanted. Now  let us see    whether they will meet his hopes

During the whole last period they asked for detainment of Mirza Subeliani. He is arrested now, but – It is not enough” – Saralidze says. I want to think that Saralidze is inadequate because of murdering his son, because his requirements seem to be  inadequate   as well. It would be very  bad if Saralidze is under influence. The Commission must complete the work  in three months .Let’s  wait for the results.

Prepared by Eka Naskidashvili



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