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Jumber Patiashvili: A purpose of Trump’s Decision regarding Jerusalem was to destabilize the situation and, he achieved at it

“Jerusalem must become the world’s capital city and, the UNO mas be placed there”


The Decision of the US president  on declaring Jerusalem the capital city of Israel, will sharpen the multi-ear conflict in the near  east. This step made by Trump emerged  different reactions throughout the world. 

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that he will apply all possible means to oppose the US decision on declaring Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.

According to the top ranking officials of the Arabi countries, recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel by Trump, will  sink the near east into the “chaos and violence”. Some of the EU Member States also consider that completion of the neutrality by the USA regarding one of the very sensitive item of the region, means that the USA cannot be any more a mediator in the near  east peace process.

The joint resolution of 22 countries, including the Arab allies of the US, was adopted after   3-day long violence and protest in the western bank and Gaza Sector

The resolution states the following:

“This step made by Trump, deepens a tension, stimulates and creates threat to the region, that may be sink into greater chaos and violence”

Mr. Jumber Patiashvili, the 6th Session MP of Georgia conversates with us on the above topic 

-, Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, is not the US job and, cannot be depended upon the statement of the US president. This is the issue related to Israel and its neighboring countries. Statement of the US President Donald Trump on declaring Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel  was understood by the world  not uniformly and, numerous countries expressed their positions. Where and which city will be a capital of this or that country,, cannot be depended on a wish of one person, especially in terms when such a decision may cause serious confrontations. Indeed, after the above statement made by Trump, a certain part of the representatives of the US administration made a step backward  and,  is now attempting to soften the president’s statement.

Jerusalem   is the capital city of the world, not of Israel and, this must be so. All of us must declare this loudly. Great and laborious work, energy, knowledge, and love   were applied for creation of the State of Israel, so, they need peace, not a war and, this must be understandable for the leaders of big countries.

I did not mention incidentally turning the Jerusalem into the capital city of the world. This idea is directly indicated by many great politicians in private talks. Jerusalem is needed for future generations. We live in this universe and, our task is not to create confrontation between nations, vice versa, we must give them the opportunity of living in peaceful environment . ..Jerusalem is the place where al this may become a reality, so, it musty become the world capital city, with placing the UNO there

-, Do you think it realistic to implement this idea?

-, This idea  will probably   have opponents, those who try to sharpen the controversies. So, the idea will become realistic if the leaders of great nations notice that other nations exist as well and, take into account their positions. A man who thinks that  others also have the right to exist, could never say that Jerusalem must be declared as the capital city of Israel, since such a statement may cause a great threat of war between Israeli, Palestinians and other Arab nations

-, You mean Trump failed to understand in full the results of such statement?

-, America, Israel, and Palestine had the talks regarding this topic about twenty years ago. Thereafter this theme became less actual…Probably, Trump knows well what may happen after such statement. Besides, it is not good when one country interferes  into the  affairs of another county. He knows also that just this one statement cannot turn Jerusalem into the capital city of Israel.  purpose of Trump’s Decision regarding Jerusalem was to destabilize the situation and, he achieved at it. Thus, a new way of confrontation among the near east countries (and not only) is obvious, that will not have a happy end.


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