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“It is shameful for the country, when the President’s family is full of criminals”

elizbar javelidze

Mikheil Mgaloblishvili – brother of the first lady Maka Chachua, is sentenced for 4 years  of restriction of freedom. This decision was made  a few days ago by Giorgi Archvadze, a judge of Tbilisi City Court.

Mikheil Mgaloblishvili was detained  in January of the his year, for illegal purchase and storage of a firearm, as the law enforcement bodies says. We’d like to remind that  Mgaloblishvili had three previous convictions. Last time he was released from prison based on     president’s pardon This fact caused noisy speculations in certain circles, but, it was not a sole scandal in which the president became involved owing to offensive acts of his family members.

At the end of 2013,  the law enforcement organs arrested Mindia Gogochuri (husband of Maka Chichua’s daughter Masho Chichua) who was accused for wounding a citizen. According to the information spread in the massmedia,  the injured citizen – Bacho Siradze, was the sweetheart  of the president’s daughter Ana Margelashvili. During the last period their relations became tensioned, while Gogochuri wanted to clarify the situation  and, when disputing, wounded him.

One more noisy arrest is related to the scandal around the president’s family, which in that times   became a subject of speculations in the  political circles.Aboput a month ago, the law enforcement bodies arrested Mikheil Tatarashvili – a close friend of Ana Margvelashvili, accusing him for purchase and storage of the narcotic drugs in a large quantity    namely 18 tablets of subotex that was found as a result of his personal search. Later on the president  indicated in one of his statements that  such the arrests are  the attempts of exercising a political pressure on his family.

What is a surrounding of the president of Georgia Giorgi lMargvelashvili, why is his family so frequently involved in scandals and, taking into account all the above, why the president must have the right of pardon – for commenting these items, the “Georgia and the World” contacted a publicist and scientist, academician Elizbar Javelidze,

Elizbar Javelidze:

Brother of the president’s  wife who recently was sentenced by 4-years imprisonment, was a prisoner earlier too, for a comparable grave offence, until Margvelashvili became the president, He was sentenced by 17 or 18 years imprisonment, but, as soon as Margvelashvili occupied the presidential office, he released him. It is unclear, why, on which grounds?

As to the statement that some prsons fight against the presidents and try to exercise a political pressure on him, it is absurd. Nobody makes pressure on him, vice-versa, he is fighting against the Constitution of Georgia. When the Parliament starts discussions on this or that draft law, which may be useful for the country, the president immediately uses the right of veto. Only  limitation of this right is an agenda  and, this fact irritates him. The statement regarding pressure, is also an ordinary political speculation also in which Margvelashvili is a master. Whether the pardon right must be restricted, this is a subject of discussion among the constitutionalists,  but, one thing is clear:  The president must not use hi right in favor of his family members and relatives.

The first person in the country must be exemplary and, free of any doubts by opponents. It is shameful for the country, when the President’s family is full of criminals.

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania


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