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It is interesting to see what else do the English teachers who arrived in Georgia

Craig Lang

Americans demand extradition of English teacher

Lang has many interesting things to say about the civil war in Ukraine, the Georgian battalion involved in the war, which he was fighting for. He  killed  people in the Donbass, then taught  English at school.

Craig Lang, an American who arrived in Ukraine to fight in the composition of  the “right wing” against the Donbass residents,  should be extradited  to the United States, where he is expected to be sentenced to death, the representatives of the prosecutor’s office say.

 Who is Craig Lang? 

He is an adopted child. His own  mother abandoned him when he was little. 18-year-old Lang went into the army, fighting in hotspots, notably in Iraq and Afghanistan. He got married, but later learned that his wife was not faithful and decided to punish the traitorous wife. He bought a gun and crossed half the country to kill the woman, but was arrested by police. After the trial, Lang was imprisoned for several months and all military awards, as well as rank and privileges were confiscated. In addition, Lang was diagnosed with post-traumatic   disorder – anxiety. This disease is common to many soldiers involved in the military operations

After his release from prison and the giving  “wolf ticket”, Lang decided to go to Ukraine, where the war in Donbass began, and everyone was indisputably contracting  to fight  in the war. He enlisted in the “right-wing sector”, later signed a contract with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and joined the Georgian Legion. Served for several months in the advanced line of the Svetlodar arc district.

In numerous interviews with Ukrainian mass media, the American assured everyone that he liked the “right-wing sector” and that he, as a volunteer, did not receive a salary and fought for the idea only.

After about a year, Lang left the army and began his civilian life – teaching English. “When I am a freelancer, sometimes I work in English courses, I teach English. Sometimes I stay here at the base of the Georgian Legion, and I get in touch with other Americans, foreigners, or Georgians. I spend some free time with my friends from the “right wing” and spend a few weeks with them on the front lines … “- This is how the American described his civilian life in May 2019.

 Why was Lang arrested?

The Americans, of course, aren’t looking for Lang because he shot “live targets” in the Donbass. The Americans have launched an international search for Lang because he is accused of killing an elderly wife and husband in Florida. Lang and his comrade killed them  and took a small for American-size  amount of $ 3,000. Officials at the US Federal Bureau of Investigation suggest that the money needed for the killers to travel to Venezuela and fight on the side of anti-government forces, but this does not  the only case Land is accused of. A potential terrorist was recently arrested in the United States, who, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation officials, was planning to blast one of the mass media outlets, as well as attack one of the US presidential candidates. As it turned out, the detainee is quite familiar with Lang, who was offered to enter Ukraine and join the “Azov Battalion”. In addition, they were discussing in the social network possible targets for bomb-making and terrorist attacks.

Thus, Lang is accused of recruiting Americans to participate in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In August 2019, Lang was detained by border guards on an international search warrant, then sentenced to house arrest. On August 8, the Vinnytsia  court abolished the previous ruling that Lang had been sentenced to house arrest and sentenced him until December 6.

“The offenses criminalized for Lang are extraditable because they involve imprisonment according to Ukrainian law. These   crimes are theft, robbery, murder” – declared  the    prosecutor at the trial in Vinnytsia.



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