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“I was expecting this day and, it came, I’m laughing, I’m not crying anymore…”


The sole main pro-western oppositional  force or party – this is a label or title   a party named  “United National Movement” glued on itself  after a  crushing  loss of the 2012 1st October Parliamentary elections from the “Georgian Dream”. 

However, these labels or titles were glued not by the “Nationals”  themselves, but our  “friend” west (read USA) and  determined for hated-by-Georgians Mishist Nationals a false 40% rating and gave them a  chance to have a solid representation in the Parliament and then forced the “Dream” to bee in  so called cohabitation with the “National Movement”, replaced the above mentioned crushing  loss by a title of main oppositional force and, this is aa Disgusting picture we live in during the last 7 years. A sole difference  between the |Nationals” 9 years and “Dreamers” 7 yeas is that people are not killed in the streets and there are any more facts of torture and rape in the . This is not  a bit, rally –  I  have mentioned several times  and can say once again now: nobody and nothing may force me to  say  that Nationals 9 years were better that “Dreamers” 7 yeas  but all have  their end – “Dreamers’” permanent appealing   on  “that” 9 years  worked well at last in the presidential elections, bur in the next elections, only “if no, Misha will come” will not be enough for attracting the electorate. During  the 7-year period of governance, the “Dreamers”  approved that the “Georgian Dream” in either foreign or local directions, was not a real dream of Georgians at all, that is why its rating dropped catastrophically. The only consolation  of the  Georgian society to this “catastrophe” is that despite an obvious or cover support to “Nationals” by our  western “friends” and  fall of “Dreamers”  rating,  fortunately does  not mean and automatic increase of the “Nationals” rating –  the “National Movement“ and separated from it “European Georgia”   have long ago turned from the political parties into liberalist sects  funded by the west (USA) and, their actual  rating separately or together, is much lesser than the rating of the “Georgian Dream” . As to  the other patties a pretending   to be called as oppositional their achievements in elections do not exceed 2%, that mean that in terms of a zero barrier, they may receive 2-3 mandates in the parliament. So, let’s stop here  about the so called  integrated opposition where somebody Machutadze is  a star, while a publicist Tako  Charkviani  plays primadonna’s  role. As known, no blocks will be formed for the forthcoming elections, so we nay see how successful   will be this so called integrated opposition without a locomotive. . .

Even today it is easy to assume that  the “dreamers” will not gain an absolute majority in the parliament, but, will preserve a simple majority, with a higher probability. Therefore,  the remainder subjects will fight to gain the second position  – for the label of the main oppositional force, that is “grabbed” by Nationals

It should bee noted that the “Patriots Alliance” was  the first, which by its scarce resources, started  making the so called  real politics  and, despite of Russophobia of the Georgian political elite, arranged negotiations with the Russian MPs  which  were  expected to give real results s as earlier as in summer of this year, in a form of a visa-free regime with Russia. But, because of the provocation organized by  the main Russophobia forces (“National Movement” and its branch – “European  Georgia”) that entered in the history as the so called “Gavrilov’s  Night”, the above works of “Patriots  Alliance”  was thrown into water. . .

The so called Mccain Foundation seminar  or  conference held inn one of  the hotels of Tbilisi served for  further tension of our relations with Russia. Former top officials from USA were invited, among them not only opposition but declared “enemies” of the US president Trump: Mathew Brisa – Giga  Bokeria’s friend. Recall, during the period of  his work in Georgia when Saakashvili was  ruling, terrible things were happening; Former US ambassador in Georgia John Teft – one of the justifier of Saakashvili’s regime; and somebody |expert” David Cramer  and former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen  –  thee same Rasmussen who threw a new scheme of  Georgia’s integration  to NATO, hat practically means to say a final “no” on Sokhumi and Tskhinvali

The above guests  together with current  “Ruissophobians” were hosted also  by such “formers” as Alex Petriashvili  and Davit Berdzenishvili, while  Giga Bokeria and the Parliament Speaker Archil Talakvadze were looking at each other  with so happily eyes that in a moment I became doubtful  in Gakharia’s words that he will end with  “Nationals”

The only person thy missed to invite, was the General Secretary of “Patriots Alliance” and Vice Speaker of the Georgian Parliament   Irma Inashvili who, as she indicated,   was not disappointed by her non-invitation and was not going at all to appear  there if not a saturated with lie long monolog by Giga Bokeria about  pro-Russia nature of “Patriots Alliance”. I will not continue much about this incident happened during the conference  because all of  us   observed the  episode in TVs , but,  I‘d like to say Excuse  me, but, who is an expert  David Cramer who forgot  that he was a guest, not a  host, but why to forget? Because Yankees feel themselves host everywhere and are “directors” in all counties?! And, this bastard first touched by hand to Vice Speaker of our Parliament, woman first of all, and requested to throw out (by direct meaning of this word) of the hall. Unfortunately, none of the  Georgian politicians presented there dated themselves to protect her. As to the  US ambassadors they  consider themselves  vicegerents. But which kings or Central Committee Secretaries could dare themselves to do  the things these American ambassadors dare?

One of the guests from Baltic region even threatened Irma Inashvili – You’d better to become a friend of Bokeria . . .

However, one pleasant thing happened there. As Inashvili says, during that conflict  someone unknown told her in Georgian: Mrs. Irma,  they (Braises, Cramers, Tefts, etc.) are not America  Real America is your friend. Irma did not disclose name of that Georgian man, she said only  that he was the representative of president Trump and will necessarily report him about this scandal

On 15 September, only on call from the “Patriots Alliance”   was sufficient for at least 15 thousand people to appear at the US Embassy building –  an impassable fortress like a nest of bees

I, not a young man, was standing there among the rally participants and thinking about THE Period of my youth, how my generation was making everything like  fans of the “free America” how did we like everything American with a label “Made in US”. But now, I hear a list of requirements composed by “Patriots”: – Down with support to torturers Saakashvili-Bokeria! We do not want NATO, we want the military  non-alignment policy”!  We want dialog with Mosscow. Sokhumi, Tskhinnvli! We do not want LGBT,, etc. Looking at all this, I remembered the words of   immortal Akaki: “I was expecting this day and, it came, I’m  laughing,  I’m not crying anymore . . .”

Yankee! our people  says in such situations: It is one, and many will come. So, remember: Georgia is the  country where in the yard of each second peasant you can find  an oak tree and a walnut tree which are older than your state is

Davit Mkheidze



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