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How much was the cost of petrol in the USSR and how much does it cost now in Georgia


Now, when the price of the petrol is high as ever, let’s consider USSR. How much was the price than?

In  the USSR, in 1969 the price, from the first of January was:

*A-76 – 75 kopecks

*AI-93 – 95 kopecks

Prices are indicated for 10 liter of petrol, so, 1 liter would have been 7.5 and 9.5 kopecks

Existed other verities of petrol but we consider 76th and 93rd, which were most common, especially АИ-93then andАИ-92now are practically the same so we can directly compare their prices.

How much petrol could have been bought with one-month salary?

Let’s compare approximately how much petrol a monthly salary was able to buy in Georgia half century ago, which exists no more.

In 1969, average salary was 115,6 rubles, and the price of 10 liters of petrol was 95 kopecks. With this numbers we can say that, one month salary was able to buy 1216 liters of АИ-93.

According to National Statistics data, today, in Georgia avarage monthly wage is 1.070 GEL. And the average price of 92nd is 2.5 GEL. So monthly salary can buy 428 liter of petrol.

All these are based on data taken from 1969, but in 70ies price had risen by 5 kopecks for every 10 liters. Based on this, now price for 10 liters of petrol was 1 ruble. Nevertheless, salaries had also risen and petrol had become more accessible. 1320 liters with monthly wage.

Everything changes in 1978, when the price of petrol doubled, from 0.93 to 2 rubles for 10 liters. Prices had become equal in every gas station, because government made the prices. Next price increase was in 1981 and price was 4 rubles. If we change the currency of the petrol, the price in 70ies, 1 liter of petrol was 7 US cents, because in the USSR 1 USD was 70 kopecks. In the USSR the most expensive petrol was 28 US cents, and today 1 liter petrol is 1 USD, approximately 3.5 times more.



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