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How long it will last so my homeland?!


We are living in a very complex and wonderful geopolitical space to which many masterpieces are devoted. Caucasians are special, proud people with many virtues, Friendship between the Caucasian nations are preconditioned by ethno-psychological proximity, amazing mutual respect and well-known hospitality. Up today is preserved in the in Caucasus an institute of elders and youth, the unwritten laws of which are in certain cases stronger than the constitution. 

In the middle ages, Georgia and its capital city Tbilisi were an epicenter of cultural and educational relations among the Caucasian nations. This mission was as if gifted by god. Unfortunately, the undesirable events developed thereafter in the world and then in the former Soviet union, put its mark on these relations.

But, by efforts of the Georgians, the “Caucasian House” established, which should revive and undertake the traditionally formed customs. Fortunately, the Caucasian Diaspora has spread strongly its roots over the world and created cultural centers where Georgians play an important role.

We should strengthen our geostrategic function in the Caucasus in the power engineering, trade-economic, cultural-political, other directions. We should become not a military polygon but a center of hospitality and strengthening friendship among nations, in which Georgians are quite well-experienced. Academician Niko Ketskhoveli though much about the factors which predetermine survival of Georgian nation in the Caucasian space and, highlighted the 3 main factors: 1. Georgians fighting spirit; 2. Rapidly restorable agriculture; and 3. Special respect and modesty to the Orthodox faith.

Enemies of Georgia and the Georgian nation has learnt well all this and, intentionally and purposefully act by all instruments and methods against our country. Over the last 30 years we have been turning and suffering on this vicious circle/ How long it will last so my homeland?!

Fighting spirit of Georgians is proved historically and recognized. Without it, we, being a small nation, could not reach up now. The Georgian army and its mentality is widely known. Everywhere, in all missions our soldiers are successful and distinguished by special fighting ability. Unfortunately. the national idea and interests of our country are less envisaged, we can say even are not envisaged at all, and like in the past, we are turned into mamluks. The causes degradation of our national spirit and potential. Moreover, Our youth receives a sort of education where a patriotic upbringing, love of country, protection of its interests are not an agenda at all, while the so called elite cast born by this wild capitalism, does not send their sons for military service and integrates them in various religious sects to protect them from being called for army service. As to the contingent for call it is reduced almost twice because of a heavy demographic background and drain of the youth from the country. A physical state of a majority of the contingent for call is that is conditioned by fact that 30% of children live below the poverty line , 6-8% – in conditions of an extreme poverty, 50 thousand children have no sufficient food, 700 children die per year because of hunger 14 children do not go to school. There is no children’s social protection system in the country. On what genofund, talent and future we can talk when soon there will remain nobody in the country who can take a gun, or a book, or a hoe.

There existed a military infrastructure in the country – artillery school, air force and navy, aircraft factory, etc. Unfortunately, today all this is destroyed and annihilated. We are almost completely lack of a proper and well-functioning technical provision and infrastructure, intellectual personnel, and what I smore important – the country has no military concept.

As to the rapid rehabilitation of the agriculture and the environmental protection,, it is so pity that a separate experiment on the people is conducted in the country, how long can they stand against hunger and how long the nature may survive from annihilation. It is well known that a German researcher invented the plants curing substance – Pesticides that annihilated not only plants but people too, that is why their use is strictly prohibited. Unfortunately, millions of people are died in the world due to use of this substance. Some experiments are conducted in Georgia by use of various substances, against the Halyomorpha halys and, nobody knows what will be the results thereof

All of us remember the damages caused by Newcastle Disease and Pestis suum, now the Halyomorpha halys attacks us and, our agriculture that needs an urgent rehabilitation, is rapidly annihilated. The country has no strategy for revival the agriculture. About 70% of the agricultural lands are still owned by the State and, are left without processing, due to lack of the relevant means and their high prices. We have different system of values, and different mentality towards the labor, discipline, individual and collective relations, and now all this is added by poverty, while we do not want to take these factors into account

We, first of all must promote creation and development of family farming and cooperative enterprises which should be accessible in all aspects to everybody buy its legal framework, subsidies, agricultural insurance, etc. We, the unique country, fail to satisfy our demands on the agricultural products in terms when we have the greatest potential in this field and are able to fill out the country’s budget by incomes received though cultivation and procession of these products. Unfortunately, lands as the economic fundament, and the territory as the political fundament, lose their function

Now I want to touch the most painful, respectable and vitally important issue – attitude to the Orthodox faith. Unfortunately, in parallel to the national freedom, we have lost also a national self-respect and now are facing with a lose of spiritual and personal freedom because they try to deprive us to live by moral as god says and preserve our identity and freedom. For our nation the LGBT propaganda and homosexual parades and attacks on the orthodoxy from both inside and outside which become more and more acute, are absolutely unacceptable . We see it clearly, when an EC parliament member dares himself and raises a question on organizing a homosexuals parade in Georgia and, at the same time, they prohibit us even to read the epistles of the Catholicos -Patriarch Ilia II who preaches: If a goodness and truth disappear, mutual respect and honesty is lost, if friendship, love and assistance in wind up from a human nature, such a society itself will become disable for living and doomed for degeneration. Moreover, the most important border line of a human – a line between good and bad, will be disappeared

It is impossible to live under the imposed directives and laws, we must live according to our mentality and faith. Any anti-Georgian law is incompatible to the traditional values of our nation

For a Georgian man orthodoxy and respect to it is the most valuable. This is his faith that survived during centuries and, for which a Georgian man may give his life. I became sure of it once again on the Brilliant Holiday of Easter where our Catholicos-Patriarch announced “Faith to and love everything that will survive Georgia!”

Joni Tsintsadze,
Doctor of Biology



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