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Gulbaat Rtskhiladze: Georgia has a government of assholes headed by Ivanishvili

“Statement made by Carpenter was a signal that America is disappointed by softening tension between Georgia and Russia”

Gulbaat Rtskhiladze

Despite the fact that the Decree of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin on restriction of flights and transfers to Georgia comes into the force beginning from 8th July, the result of such sanctions have already put their mark on the country’s economy: Thousands of Russian tourists left Georgia even more cancelled the reserved tours to our resorts. drop in the exchange rate of GEL is catastrophic, consumer goods prices increased… What happened really in Georgi?/ Who wonted to tension even more the Georgia-Russia relations, what we lost and what we got as a result of expulsion of the members of delegations of the world orthodox countries? These and some other important issues are discussed by the leader of the ”Eurasian Institute” Gulbaat Rtskhiladze in his interview with us: 

– They staged a planned d provocation in Georgia which was followed the statement made by Carpenter, assistant of the former vice president of the US Joseph Biden. He was said Georgia has the open door policy with Russia, that we pass freely lots of Russian tourists in our country, who in real are the FSS agents, and this may cause occupation of 100% territory of Georgia. Carpenter visited Georgia and participated in the Russophobia congress arranged by Saakashvilui’s mother Giuli Alasania. This statement of Carpenter lit a fie and exactly in two days the disorders started by reason of set of Gavrilov in chair of the Speaker of Georgian Parliament. However, that was an ordinary event because when the Interparliamentary Assembly is held and it works in a parliament hall, of course l its chairman must sit in the chair. In our case chairman Gavrilov and its Greek colleague both set there where they should. Excuse me but what did they do, go to toilet? As to the protocol, everything was done correctly, but now all blame this service. Nothing was mistaken in Protocol.

Statement made by Carpenter was a signal that America is disappointed by softening tension between Georgia and Russia. It is true no serious steps are made yet, but the fact that the tension between our countries is softened, is obvious. That is why the USA started working on tensioning the situation I cannot say that all the US Administration is busy by this job but this individuals who oppose Trump, are infringing in Georgia’s affairs and working on tensioning our relations with Russia

After Gavrilov set in t7he chair, the vice-speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Tamar Chugoshvili expressed her anger in the social media. She was concerned by fact that Gavrilov set in the chair of Georgian parliament’s speaker this comic figure, that was as if abusive. It is confirmed: Chugoshvili was the first who expressed disappointment. Then were running-on-smell women from “European Georgia” who appeared in the Parliament Hall and caused danger to the foreign guests with violation of the Protocol and Vienna Convention, broke down the orthodox counties forum, stunned the guests, and after all this, run to the hotel of the delegation of Russia with posters and bottles prepared in advance. Our state allowed that there was a threat to lives of high rank delegates from Russia who were attacked with bottles and, if not a timely reaction of our security service and police, everything could end god knows how.

By side of Georgia, it was a demonstration of wildlife darkness. We have government of assholes headed by Ivanishvili, because the latter declared personally that Gavrilov could not take aset of speaker of our parliament. Generally, who is Ivanishvili and why does he give directives? Why was it impermissible for the assembly chairperson to sit on his place. instead of protecting the guest’s position, Ivanishvili acted against him

– What a damage was caused to Georgia by this incident?

– Georgia’s international image was damaged. You see what is happening to the USD exchange rate, GEL will drop even more. Not so long time is needed to see how the tourism indicator will be decreased Besides, the city became dirty. Now the Rustaveli avenue looks like a pigsty. All this is a serious damage and, it will be higher by economic point of view. Not necessary to be a Nobel Prize winner to see all this.

– On June 28-29 Putin and Tramp met in Osaka. official information says nothing whether the leaders of these two countries spoke about Georgia, but, some politicians and political experts write in social media that the leaders of the super-states spoke about Georgia, and are expected for changes…

– No, they did not speak about Georgia and, if anybody says so, let provide facts too. Georgia was not mentioned thereat all. Moreover, the US president Donald never speaks about Georgia.

We should not have an exaggerated idea about us and about our country

– Lowering a charge of rallies are also linked to that meeting, also…

– Charge of these rallies will be decreased by itself. No need to be involved in it. Nobody can stand in the streets forever, but, by this action, they moved the country backwards for at least ten years, in a bog of Russophobia, our image is also damaged not only in Russia but also in other orthodox counties which were represented on the assembly. After all this it is difficult to speak about something and expect for anything…

– Is it good or bad for us if Putin and Trump did not mention Georgia?

– It is neither good not bad. I repeat: We should not have an exaggerated idea about us and about our country. Indeed, Georgia is a country of a certain strategic importance, but not of a level that the super-states speak about us. Leaders of the two super states do not dare themselves to allocate time from their limited schedule for speaking about Georgia. This is excluded on this stage.

– Lots of conversations are spread that US needs Georgia for attacking Iran

– This is silly. What does it mean? What a way the US needs? They who says it, be better at first to study a simple geography, look at a map. There are two other counties on the way from us to Iran – Armenia and Azerbaijan. How Georgia may be turned into the anti-Iran base for the US if Armenia and Azerbaijan refuse to provide the air space or territory? So, what the US can do from Georgia only?

Iran and the USA have nothing common in our case. By this, a damage is caused to Georgia-Russia relation

– Please assess the Russia’s decision…

– This was a minimalistic decision taken by Russia against Georgia. This was not a demonstration of force. Russia only showed its, but we know that it may do more against us. However, Russia has not a strategy towards Georgia. Everything negative that is happening between the Russia-Georgia relations, is done by the so called liberal wing of Russia, which holds a considerable part of Russia’s foreign policy, including the section of Georgia. They establish contacts with Georgian liberal circles, They took in Russia Giga Makarashvili and Tatia Dolidze. the so called – Gorbachev Foundation is a destructive force which plays a double game and causes damage to the Georgia-Russia relations. President of Russia must do everything for rooting out this liberal direction. There are some positive signs to this direction, since Putin in one of his interview indicated that liberals misled him in economic and political aspects. Let’s see if this wake-u of Putin is turned into a starting process for political changes and a ;positive event in our relation

– Is now Georgi facing a new serious threat? I ask this because the society speaks about such threats.

– A threat exists always, either political or military, or economic…

If you challenge your neighbor county you must expect a response from it. Nobody can calculate probable threats, especially in cases when you crate such threats to yourself. We, Georgians are victims of situation. Nobody wants to tension relations with Russia

Al Surveillance Cameras fixed individuals who committed violence during the protest rally, but, instead of bringing them to responsibility, a soft approach method is applied to them – warning, release from prison. Georgia has a government of assholes headed by Ivanishvili and, this is our major threat.

Interviewed by Eka Naskidashvili



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