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Gogla Zhvania: According to Experts’ opinion, they inflicted damage to Zura with a blunt object

Gogla Zhvania

“Investigation of Zurab hvania’s case is not in the leadlock, vice versa, some very interesting details are revealed and, intensive works are carried out for finishing the investigation” – Gogla Zhvania, the MP, brother of former Prime Minister declared. He hopes that very serious changes will soon take place and, all questions – answered. 

The experimental section of the FBI Report is essentially important, which confirms that it was not an accident, while in the section of evaluation, there are ambiguous phrases. I think that the experimental section is the main, where it is written with black on white that before starting the experiment, they checked-up the heater, but no signs of smoke detected, which could indicate on an incomplete combustion, however, just CeO is a product of incomplete combustion” – Gogla Zhvania says.

According to his information, there are some important witnesses, as well. One of the news of this case is that a video-record is discovered, evidencing the damages on the head of Zurab Zhvania.

“This film escaped destruction incidentally, because, they did not pay attention to it, among a large number of other materials. The record was made by the MIA operator, who is now a witness. An important document is prepared which is now a part of the case materials. Of course, in times of the former government, neither this record nor the said document were put in the case materials. The film shows well the damages under the bone, Bruising of the brain membranes, etc., discovered during the trepanation. The experts have looked through the video-record and prepared the official conclusion, indicating that presumably, the damage was caused to Zura with a blunt object.” – Gogla Zhvania declared in his interview with “Kviris Palitra”.



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