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Givi Vanishvili: Katsarava and others like him, are provocateurs and, thank to those who prevented this provocation

Givi Vanishvili

Several days ago, representatives of the so called anti-occupation movement “Power is in unity”  were at the police post in the village Khurvaleti  and arose an alarm because of entry of the Russian militaries in Khurvaleti. According to the information of an actor Davit Katsarava, the Russian occupants  occupied a garden of one of the local habitant. Katsarava called the governmental officials to come to the place of incident. 

“We have obtained the information that Russians entered into the our controlled territories where we were entering without any restriction several days ago, where the locals were working in their gardens, while today these areas are under the Russians control, they even restricted shooting photo to a madam, who wanted to fix the picture and sent it to us. So, our opinion is that the situation is tensioned, extremely tensioned .  Thus, we ask the governmental representatives, civil sector, to arrive here, otherwise Russians will take out  our lands”- Katsarava declared.

Representatives of different NGOs gathered also at the police post/ “There is a chaos and panic at the occupation line, additional Russian military forces are positioned now in the village Khurvaleti. The Russian militaries overcame the wires and camped in the garden of one of the local habitant and blocked the way to the surveillance checkpoint   they have built recently” – participants of the so called rally declare.

Vice-colonel Givi Vanishvili who was fighting against Saakashvili’s regime, conversates with us about the incident happened several days ago in the village Khurvaleti. After the 2008 War   he expressed his protest because of this criminal war broken by Saakashvili in Shida Kartli. Givi Vanishvili is a local habitant of Shida Kartli, he resided in the village Khurvaleti .his parents are buried in the same village, out of the so called dividing line and, he can come to their grave only on the  Easter Day. 

Dato Vanishvili
Dato Vanishvili

-, Mr. Givi, what happened in the village Khurvaleti?

The Ossetian party built the surveillance post. There is a section there on which the wire is arranged. Just in that place the uniformed nationalities, I cannot say for sure whether they were Ossetians or Russians. Five of them crossed the line on five meters (even no more  than ten meters) and two minutes later went back. The local habitants even did not notice them. My cousin Dato Vanishvili is left in that side, he permanently crosses the dividing line and comes to us  and even participates in the elections. He is a citizen of Georgia. He did not receive the Ossetian citizenship. Dato  does not hate Russians and Ossetians. He is 72 years old, he grew up in the era that is not mentioned no with good words, he worked in Russia, he has never worked in Khurvaleti. His house nearby the birder, is frequently shown by TVs, 2-storey  house , built on that “good” time. In Khurvaleti never happened any confrontation,  rivalry. . .

-,  We know little disagreements always happened between Ossetians and Georgians  . . .

-, In 1990s, during the national movements, I was responsible for organizing the National Congress Elections in the  villages Khurvaleti and Shavshvebi. When I arrived in Khurvaleti,.they told me they were not going to participate in the elections, because, as they explained to me: Soon our elections will be held  and, we will participate in that elections. Shortly, I want to say there’re were people  who thought otherwise.

80% of Khurvaleti population have the mixed families. Probably you remember   there were lots of gang  formations in 1990, but they never entered in Khurvaleti for oppressing the locals. Ossetians were protecting the territory, Georgians and Ossetians were always back-to-back. Nobody can say  about even a fact of kidnapping in Khurvaleti. nobody can spread controversy and distrust among locals of Khuirvaleti.

-, Entry of  5 uniformed individuals caused such a noise. Probably they wanted to open a new point of controversy? 

-, Katsarava and others like him, are provocateurs and, thank to those who prevented this provocation.

-, But still, why those uniformed entered into our territory? Lets not to accuse Georgians in everything. . . 

– They  are often confused on the road and boundaries because the wires are not installed on the total perimeter.  Ours are often confused due to the same reason and sometimes, occur in their areas, to the  villages of Avnebi and Knolevi. Neither border lines, nor banners to warn. So,  border crossing  may happen incidentally. Here is one madam, a representative of the “National Movement”, the director of home for the elderly built by Saakashvuili. Salia is surname of that madam.Just this salia is a person who is  informing them immediately  the local news. In this case also, she phoned them and informed about the incident, but this  was not an intentional act,  everything happened incidentally.


None of them  who were seen from the TV screen, are the locals of Khurvaleti they are from Eredvi, Achabeti, Kekhvi . . . Shortly they are those resettled  in the refugees settlements that is located in 400 meters distance from the highway, while Khurvaletinis in 1,5km distance from the central highway. Those who speak about the current developments, even did nor appear in Khurvaleti.

 -, What is he attitude of Khurvaleti locals to the Georgian law enforcement bodies? The social networks say that the Georgian Police offices frightened, bribed the local people. . .

– Nothing similar happened  UI would like to express special thanks to  the local habitants of Khuirvaleti and not only them, others too, who reside near the conflict zone. I arranged over hundred events in the conflict line-bordering villages and I know all their problems. The police is always mobilized, the security service is always ready not to give a chance to provocateurs to tension te situation. Only irritated people writes otherwise in the social media. It would be better if journalists arrive here, meet locals  and get news from the first source. Locals from Khurvaletin have very good relations with those from the village Tsinagari. This is the Ossetians village. During centuries they live together. They help to Georgian population, send products,. All this is well known to  provocateurs, but want to tension the situation.

The  Ergneti marketplace  which reconciled Georgian and Ossetian nationals, is disappeared by Katsarava-like provocateurs who do not want peace and deepening relations between these two nations  but they know that tomorrow or a day after tomorrow, we will live peacefully. 

Today, over 100 Georgian  families live in Tskhinvali, they did not leave the area during or after the war. When somebody dies or in case of wedding party, the Georgians from there came to the wires on the border, but Georgian police blocks the way. So, they drive to Vladikavkaz  and from there to Khurvaleti or Gori. The locals from Tsinmagari cannot  move to our direction on 100 meters. Because of such formalities Georgians too are facing difficulties. We consider Tskhinvsi as our town, but deprive the Tskhinvaslian citizens to arrive to our territory. This problem must be settled. I do not know who is responsible for this, but he or she must envisage this painful problem f people.

Prepared by Eka Naskidashvili 



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