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Germany is laughing at us, Izoria is glad

It turns out that Germany promised us to help in integration to NATO

levan izoria - Ursula Von Der Layen

“At first time in the history of our cooperation, the partnership Agreement in the field of defense has been signed where it is underlined that the Federal Republic of Germany supports  again the “Open Door” Policy of NATO towards Georgia and, will do maximum  for  of  integration of Georgia to NATO” excitedly declared Levan Izoria after the end of his meeting with his German colleague Ursula Von Der Layen 

Levan Izoria either deceives himself or deceives the citizens of Georgia, or both together. Just several days ago the defense minister of the Federal Republic of Germany declared that NATO is not needed any more and that the European countries must take care of creation of the European Army. The same vies fix Angela Merkel and the President of France Emmanuel Macron, while the US President Donald Trump’s negative attitude to the North Atlantic Alliance is well known widely

So, why Levan Izoria is so glad?

As seems, the Georgian defense Minister does not realizwe that  Germans are   laughing at us

Prepared by

Nika Korinteli



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