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Georgia turned out involved in the scandal of selling the weapon to the so called Syrian opposition

The Georgian state power cannot understand that it becomes a participant of the Syria conflict and thus, opposes to Russia and Turkey

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The fact that USA does not think about establishing peace in Syria and, spends billions of dollars for its own  interests, i.e. for arming the so called Syrian opposition, in real for the terrorists, is not the news. Numerous articles are published in the western massmedia sources m including the American ones regarding supply of weapon to various groups and thus, sharpening the conflict by the USA. While recently, the “Rustavi 2” TV Company, which is if not legally, but ideologically related to the “Light of Democracy” Mikheil Saakashvili,  spread a new scandal about purchase of the soviet weapon in Georgia by the USA and its supply to Syria. It is pity that the Georgian government, namely the Defense Ministry  is a figurant of this scandal, which may be  involved in this corruption deal. It is alarming case, if the USA transferred the weapon purchased in Georgia to  the Kurd Workers Party supporting fighters   in Syria, since Turkey considers them as the strong enemy. This situation may cause a tension of the Turkey-Georgia relations. At the same time, our relations with Russia may become very worsened, since Russia has its own interests in Syria and supports the     President Bashar Assad

According to the investigation held by the “International Organization for Studies of Organized Crimes and Corruption” and the journalists of “Rustavi 2” TV, the USA has conducting the several months long negotiations with the Georgian government through the mediating company “Aliant Tech­sy­stems Operation”, for purchasing the weapon. This fact is confirmed by   the documents published on the website of Pentagon, including the Contract on supply of the weapon valued 1 855 251 USD to the Syrian opposition

According to the document placed on the Pentagon’s official website several months ago, the American side applied to Georgia for purchasing weapon to Syrians and, for this purpose, the USA Defense Department even executed the contract with a  private company on September 22nd,  2016. A deadline of validity of the Contract was March 23rd 2017. According to the contract, the bid winner company – “Aliant Tech­sy­stems Operation” undertook to purchase in Georgia the weapon valued 1855251 USD. According to the digital code, this could be any weapon  with 30mm and more caliber.

Since  according to contract completion date indicated in the Pentagon website the deal must have been completed and the weapon – purchased in Georgia, it means that the American mediatory company could have executed the contract with Georgia, but, the Defense Minister Levan Izoria says that no such document exists. The ministry declares that  the Scientific-and-Technical Center “Delta”  which operates under the subordination of the Defense Ministry, is just now conducts negotiations with the American government for delivery o certain military ammunition.

“The document is published in the Pentagon’s website. At one glance, it is an ordinary bid documentation. I applied to both Pentagon and all relevant Georgian agencies. We want to know, the talks relate to the weapon produced in Georgia or some other things, which were sold to Syrians through the Georgia’s transit” – Daiv Blos, one of the editors of the Project of “International Organization for Studies of Organized Crimes and Corruption” declared to the Rustavi-2” “Postscriptum” program journalists   and, added that After he applied to Pentagon, in the document published on the webpage of this organization, the record disappeared, stating that the weapon which  should have been purchased in Georgia, was destined for Syria, however, the original was already downloaded by him.

According to Daiv Blos, Pentagon purchases the soviet-model weapon for the Syrian oppositional forces.   This information was  confirmed  by Pentagon to the “Postscriptum” program, when the following questions were put to answer:

1., The Defense Department has signed the contract with “Aliant Tech­sy­stems”.  The ammunition envisaged under the contact is not delivered yet.

2.For the purposes of security, we cannot make public the type and the quantity of the goods to be purchased.

3.Source of Delivery and the conditions of the materials are the subject of negotiations between the American company and the supplier.

4.A supply is not still carried out. The methods and the routes are to be clarified

5.According to the aforementioned contract, the assistance with the equipment is for the government of the USA, which intends to supply it to the oppositional forces in Syria, for fighting against the “Islamic State”

In view of the journalists, by these answers it remains unclear, whether the negotiations of “Delta” relate specifically to purchase of the weapons mentioned in the document published on the Pentagon’s website. If no, then  it should be clarified, on what purchase we talk. If the weapon was purchased  in Georgia, that is not confirmed by anyone, then, cab we say that the weapon mentioned in the above document, was sold with violation of the law?

Pentagon has the following answer on this question.

“Department of Defense of the United States of America is trying to purchase the weapon and military ammunition of the Soviet era, for supporting the Syrian oppositional forces in fighting against the “Islamic State”. The purchase means that the USA will use the equipment for the purpose of worldwide defense. In this given case, the USA has no grounds to assume that  the USA and Georgian laws regarding the Trade of Weapon were violated., since the purchase in Georgia was legal“ 

Here, logical questions are arisen among the journalists: Why the statements made by Georgia and the USA do not coincide to each other? If no contract exists, why then Pentagon wrote about it, and if the contract is executed, why do Georgia keep it in secret? Or, if no official document exists in the Defense Ministry of Georgia, does not it mean that an illegal trade of weapons – a corruption deal u is a case, which is the very serious international crime with the relevant results?   

It is known that the groups which name themselves as the defender of the Kurd nation, support the USA and its European partners in fights against Bashar Assad, while Turkey is the strongest enemy of the Kurd Workers Party and thinks that these groups will use the transferred weapon against Turkey, after Bashar Assad.

If the groups which are considered terrorists by Turkey, have received the weapon purchased in Georgia, then, Georgia becomes a participant of the Syria conflict and, the Georgia-Turkey relations will be tensioned. Moreover, Georgia-Russia relations also will be worsened.  According to the expert Soso Tsintsadze, the Turkish president could become very angry   when informed that Georgia, even indirectly, delivers weapon to Kurds.

The scandal related to purchase of weapons by the USA in Georgia and further transfer it in Syria, where Georgia also turned involved, indicates once again that  the Georgian government performs all the instructions of its so called strategic partners as a slave and, for it, it is not interesting  at all whether the country may be involved in the Syrian conflict, and in opposition to such super-states as  Russia and Turkey are. What will be the results of such opposition with Russia and Turkey for our people?

Nika Korinteli

For information: The International network of the Investigator-journalists one of the editors of which Daiv Blos is, is preparing articles on purchase of the soviet-era weapon by the USA . ZAs the journalists found, in 2016 Pentagon supplied in Syria the weapon valued at least 500 MIO USD, from the Central and Eastern European countries and Kazakhstan – machine guns,  grenade launchers, bullets, bombs. Now, Georgia may be added to the list of these countries.



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