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Georgia must forget its desire of becoming NATO member

John Myrshimer

Head of the Department  of Politology of International Relations of Chicago University, theorist of international relations, political scientist, Prof. John Myrshimer, in his interview with a journalist from “Voice of America” declared that Russia  used its military force in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria only for protection of its own strategic interests. 

“Russia is involved in the conflicts in Georgia and Ukraine because it has important strategic interests in these bordering to it countries and, this is quite understandable. Russia considered that expansion of NATO to the east and the steps made by Georgia in 2008 and by the Ukraine in 2014, created certain threats to these interests. Just by this reason  Russia decided on a military intervention to these countries” – the professor declared

According to his explanations, conversations about the right of membership of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, if take into account the principles of international relations, are really very dangerous and silly imagination

“Georgia and Ukraine   are the neighbors of such a powerful country as Russia is and, they necessarily take into accounts Russia’s strategic interests. Otherwise, they will receive the results they have already received … If you think that you have a right to become the NATO member, regardless of the Russia’s opinion, this will create very serious problems to you. Georgia must forget its desire of becoming the NATO member, established as closer as possible relations with Russia and only afterwards start integration to the Europe, and in the economic direction, only” – John Myrshimer says



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