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Friendly, good family man, highly educated, patriot and Tbilisian “hooligan”

Yevgeny Primakov

A prominent diplomat, Russian foreign Intelligence chief, foreign minister and then prime minister, Tbilisian  Yevgeny Primakov (senior) would have turned 90 on October 29.

We offer the reader excerpts from an interview with his grandson  Yevgeny Primakov Jr. by the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, about what kind of person his grandfather was. Let’s recall together one  famous Tbilisian man.

“… Evgeny Maximovich was born not in Kiev but in Moscow. His father was repressed. Yevgeny Maximovich’s mother Anna took my grandfather  to Tbilisi. At the time he was very young … Mother was raising her child alone, they lived in one room of a communal apartment on Leningrad Street. He was growing up like all Tbilisian kids . Then he went to the boys’ school on Plekhanov Avenue.  During the war and post-war periods, Tbilisi was a city of hooligans, and their company was also in combat.

When our family members were at the table, all began recalling their  memories , and Grandfather also ;oked to talk about his  childish tricks Just  at one of these feasts he  noticed his future wife Laura Vasilyevna Kharadze.

Yevgeny Primakov

He was a professional, spending a lot of time on working for  his homeland. It was the most important thing in his life … He loved his childhood friends so much that he never lost any of them. Wherever he worked, whichever position he occupied, the steps of the state ladder, he   never forget those with whom he grew up. My grandfather taught me that there are three things that a man cannot exist without. These include family, friends and work. And if any of these three are bad, then you’re not fully formed …

Yevgeny Maximovich was a stunningly educated man, knowledgeable of everything, he could understand all ideas. He was a patriot, he loved our country, and the main thing he could do was to make the country better. He, being growing up in Tbilisi could not tolerate the fact that many parts of our homeland suddenly became overseas. It was a traumatic experience for him … most of all he could not bear the anguish, deceit and betrayal.

According to current Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, at Yevgeny Primakov’s diplomatic style “business card”  was “an amazing ability to interact positively with everybody, find a common language and reach  a compromise not only with peers but also with opponents.

Prepared by Giorgi Gachechiladze   



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