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Father-in-law and Son -in-law – so similar one to another


On July 6th at6  2.0 A.M,  wounded Mindia Gogochuri – son-in-law of the president was delivered by car  to the Republican Hospital. Gogochuri got out the car himself and entered the building, while a driver – lerft the area

A fact of appearance of Mindia Gogochuri to the hospital was fixed by vide0-cameras. As thought, a driver was his friend, who did not get out the car. The patient was wounded by fire-gun in both hips and knee area. Gogichuri was provided a surgical operation in the hospital

Mindia Gogiochuri is the husband of Masho Chichua – daughter of Maka Chichua. Mindia is not cooperating with the investigation, he just says that was attacked in Mtatsminda area, nearby his residential building. But, none of the neighbors  heard the shot sounds. According to one of the versions, he was shot in the car

Details of wounding Mindia Gogochuri is  vague,  a suspected accused is not still detained  It is not known also why they shot four bullets to the son-in-law of the president

One of the criminal case where Gogochuri is a figurant, is well known for the public, It is the case happened in October 2011 on Rustaveli avenue  when 23 years-old Zurab Tarkashvili was wounded with  11 bullets, by armed individuals. Tarkashvili died in presence of his mother and sister. It is true Tarkashvili declares he is far from this case, but during these years Zura’s mother Tamila Kohlamaashvili  insists Gogochuri and his friends were involved in the case and, requests for their punishment, but with no result. Tormike Kacharava and Minduia Gigichuri are protected by high patrons, but, who is a patron?” Nobody says. Maybe Margvelashvili wants to disclose ?



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