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Father Giorgi (Razmadze): I remain with my opinion and nobody can force me to change it, that an anxiety in the Orthodox world is caused by the Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew

Father Giorgi (Razmadze)

In the last period, the critical statements made by a part of the Georgian clergy against the Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew   in  their interviews with the “Geworld”  (implying  a gross violation of the Catechesis  by the Constantinople Patriarch and arbitrary granting the Autocephaly to the Ukrainian Court)  have already followed by hysteria of a liberal establishment. 

As it became a common practice, the TV Company “Rustavi 2”, has cut the interview of Father Giorgi (Razmadze) (published in our previous No.34 newspaper)   and re-arranged  its content in a manner as if  the   particular words provided in the introductory part of the material and expressing the position of the TV Company  were the phrase of the respondent. This was then followed by notorious accusations  as if any similar criticism towards Bartholomew or any other person from the west, are dictated by the Kremlin. Not directly but still, it was indicated also that a criticism of the World Patriarch by the Holy Synod and  the Georgian Catholicos-Patriarch personally  should not be remained without a particular response (the TV program underlined also that each church servant who makes sharp statements against Bartholomew, must be severely punished under the church ruling i.e. be excommunicated fired  from the church. More strict and unbreakable was  a position of a particular high  hierarchy. Namely, in the  special statement spread last week by Dmanisi-Tashiri and Ireland-Britain Bishop Zenon , some warnings are read: ”If anybody thinks that the World Patriarch does not receive the information on the statements of the representatives  of Georgian Church, is mistaken . . .  “ For them who were not afraid of Moscow, it is much simple to bring Tbilisi to answerability and call the  Catholicos-Patriarch  of all Georgia for asking the Synod to respond . . . “ 

As for the particular media-propaganda again, in the above mentioned program where “Rustavi 2” factually introduced a new agenda and dictated  a plan of reaction to the Holy Synod  (only an attempt is implied here in ”dictation”) it was stated that  the interview of Father Giorgi was astonishing for the clergy, however, none of the surprised church servants were seen there except for the representatives of  “Rustavi 2”and persons –  named a theologists  by similar propagandist (informational) media .Mreover, nobody had an attempt  to explain why and for what reason this or that church servant criticizes the World Patriarch . . . 

Why the particular liberal media is so irritated and why a justified criticism against Bartholomew  is so unacceptable  for it – these items are discussed below in our interview with Father Giorgi (Razmadze)  –  Hear of the Avchala St. Ketevan Tsamebuli Cathedral

-, Father, your interview has caused a big noise and whisper. As seen these news reached to the World Patriarchate as well. Rustavi 2” insists that the interview turned out surprising for the church servants, some poor-liberals  start talking even about excommunication. What can you say about all this?    

– First of all I would like to touch to this scandal and more or less artificially caused stir. I said and can repeat once again that   nobody, including the World Patriarch has the right to grant arbitrarily  the  Autocephaly to the church  of any country, but, all this is was demonstrated somehow otherwise after a certain campaign, I mean that the introductory part contained words that the world patriarch is   the world swindler etc., but, these were the words not mine but yours and your editorial, while the liberal media  highlighted it otherwise  and probably led a in mistake a certain oar of the society; However, I never hide  that If I dislike something in case of the World Patriarch or other clergymen, I always say it directly, unlike others

As to  my critical views towards Bartholomew,  of course, I remain with my opinion and nobody can force me to change it, that   an anxiety in the Orthodox world is caused by the   Constantinople Patriarch. This is confirmed by A Mount Athos – the pier of the Orthodoxy. Moreover, when these events started they called from there directly to the Ukrainian nation to return back to the mother-church. Besides, a statement of the Jerusalem Patriarch was published also where it was indicated clearly his opinions . . . So, the position of the World Patriarch is unacceptable since it contradicts to   the Catechism and, this has been discussing publicly for a long time by the church servants. But, it is somehow not understandable why the World Patriarch is today so painful point for the liberals! It is obvious for everybody that “Rustavi 2” is not interested at all in Bartholomew and, in fact, it’s aim is to tense the situation inside the church . All other thing let be discussed  by people, however, I’d like to repeat: It is very bad and disappointing that the clergymen who do not know the case in deep, allow themselves to declare that somebody must be punished . . .

-, Among other things, the last program of “Rustavi 2”  stated that the clergymen are astonished because of your interview.

– Only those are astonished who were a wing of the “National Movement” and even today have dreams of it. What can  I say more?  I want to repeat the same to the Ukrainian church: Putting the  schism in the bosom of the church   is  heresy and, there is no higher crime according to the Catechism Moreover, some persons think that the World patriarch is empowered to grant autocephaly . . . To be  the World Patriarch does not mean that you have the right to decide everything arbitrary as the Pope of Rome  can do it. As to the independence of the Ukrainian Church again, in times when the USA and an entire west recognized the independence of Kosovo, Vladimir Putin made a very clear statement that there were not Russians who opened the   Pandora’s Box/. This was then followed by  independence of two conflict regions of Georgia. I do not want the similar things be repeated today  and to lose  something more  . . .Unfortunately to us, today the politics is infringing more actively in the church affairs than vice versa . . . I am interesting in one thing: The Patriarchate called the clergymen  to abstain  from relations with particular massmedia. Is this call  for the  ordinary priests only?   

– And, what do you thig about this?

– To say frankly, it is not understandable to me . I obey the blessing the church and, do not give interviews to particular massmedia, but, I thing this call must relate equally to all  and, every clergy should follow it.

– Last week the Ukrainian non-canonic patriarch Filater expressed a hope that the Georgian church will support their independence and establish eucharist union with  the Ukrainian church Let’s explain once again clearly to the society   what does the eucharist union  means and why such the union cannot be established with the Ukrainian church. 

– It cannot  take lave for a simple reason that today he Ukrainian church is in schism i.e. in split,  and, Filater personally, is Anathema -transferred. By the way, this Anathema was approved earlier by Bartholomew. During three hundred years since the Florence Uni nobody talks about, but it is my subjective opinion that  because the Russian church denied participation in the World Church Council which, I repeat, was arranged by US ad Israeli special services,  the issue of determining a canonic status of for the Ukrainian church became the agenda, however, this process is on and, tomorrow or a bit later other churches may also occur in the similar situation. By the way, Saakashvili recognized once and it is a well-known fact from him: “When they showed ne the Georgian church reform in Brussels, I was astonished. Now, imagine what was the reform about if even Saakashvili became so astonished .

As to the eucharist union   this is a moment of a sacral importance, when   Christ’s blood and flesh communion takes place. I repeat: the Catechism provides clearly that  an orthodox individual shall not have the right  to  participate in the liturgy and be mentioned in prayers together with persons of other beliefs of being in schism religion  since it is punishable by excommunication of a clergymen and not communion of a civil person for 25 years. So, it is a very sensitive and delicate topic. In general,  I think  that  all must be careful when discussing this theme. We must not avoid ourselves permanently from saying true  by reason that we do not want to oppose with somebody. When anybody, in this case “Rustavi 2” praised you, it means your affairs are very bad. And vice versa, when your enemy says about  your “crimes” and has a negative attitude to you, it means that you move on  a right path.  And finally, today, cats bark in a country where there are no dogs. . .

 Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania 



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