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Father George (Razmadze): The World Patriarch-called worldwide swindler is a puppet of enemies of Orthodoxy

Father Giorgi (Razmadze)

After World Patriarch called worldwide swindler and min separator of the orthodox Christianity Bartholomew  has violated grossly the Catechism and, under dictation of the west  begun interference in the internal affairs of the Patriarchate of Russia (which, first of all, was expressed in starting conversations on granting autocephaly for the Ukrainian Church, and then in arbitrary appointment of two Exarchuses in  Kiev), some “collective” Bartholomew appeared in the canonical space of the Georgian Church, as well. The self-proclaimed Archimandrite Dorothy Dbar, “working” in Abkhazia, who,  similarly to  the Ukrainian  Filaret, is dreaming for separation and disintegration of local Church, applied to Constantinople  and asked officially recognition of independence of their Church.

Of course such the request has no legal grounds, but, considering that there existed no  such grounds in case of the Ukrainian church but nevertheless the decision was  made under a pure  political-and-ideological reason, everything may be expected  in this case too, to more so that the  World Patriarchate preferred to keep silence and to take “water in mouth”  than answer the application od Dbar, that may be understood as giving an indirect consent and “green light”   to the impostor archimandrite .Whether the process of disintegration of the Russian Church started by  Bartholomews will be continued by violation of the  canonical space of the Georgian Orthodox Church and whether the World Patriarchate will use this instrument for making some influence on Georgia – this and some other important items are discussed below in our interview with Father Giorgi (Razmadze)  –  Hear of the Avchala St. Ketevan Tsamebuli Cathedral.

-, Father, recently, a self-proclaimed cleric Dbar, who acts in Abkhazia,  addressed to the World Patriarchate for recognizing  their autocephaly like it happenmed with the Ukrainian Church. Of course, this request was joined by “clergy” of Abkhazia. Do you think there is a threat today that the canonical space of the Georgian Church can be  violated by any form?

-, The fact is that the  World Patriarch Bartholomew   has created a very bad precedent in Ukraine and, as a rule, the similar precedent  are always continued in this or that manner. We talk about it for a long time and, I personally, made numerous statements,  that the liberal western forces, first of all I mean here the most  influential  political circles of the United States of America, are planning  a serious    split in the orthodox world. Bartholomew  is an odious figure, all his actions and decisions indicate on this. Moreover,  I can say that the Bartholomew  is controlled  directly by the  US and Israel special services

-, Do  you have a reason to state  that the world Patriarch is controlled by the special services of the US or any other country? 

-, I can provide one particular fact:  To sanctify the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the consent of the three states is required. These countries are Jordan, Palestine and Israel. The current Patriarch Theophile  was supported by Jordan and Palestine,  but Israel was against. Theophile at first arrived to Constantinople, to meet Bartholomew, then  – to the United States and met the  country’s top officials  – defense minister and others, and  then – to Israel. And, what happened afterwards,? In half hour after he returned back to Jerusalem,  the Istraekli government submitted the decree that he was officially recognized as the Patriarch of Jerusalem . Do you know what does it mean? – It means that Bartholomew is controlled directly by the Israeli and US special services. I declare categorically once again : Bartholomew  is an enemy of the Orthodoxy!

– Do you think that giving  autocephaly to the Church of Ukraine is a certain vendetta to Russia  because of the refusal by  the  Patriarchate of Russia to  participate in the World Church Council ?

– In addition to Russia, some of the Patriarchates, we, among them, refused to participate in this World Church Council, but the main accent is put now   on Russia. Considering the current developments, this is the punitive actions of course , although Russia is not their only target. Soon the same may happen with Belarus and,   I’m sure there will  appear people who will say that they also want to be independent. This will then be followed probably by Abkhazia, Samachablo, etc. This is a kind of continuous chain aimed at splitting the Orthodox Church and causing anxiety in it. To say simply, all the above  is serving for implementing g this purpose, but,  in this case, I see a greater and greater threat in other things:  In my opinion, the biggest threat is that we have bishops in the core  of the Church of Georgia who “pour water” on the mill of the enemies of Orthodoxy. The parish and the whole society know perfectly well whom I imply: the bishops  who claim all the arguments and make statements  through the  internet calls through the internet  that they call on us on the Internet that  if we do not support the independence of the Church of Ukraine then Russia will violate the canonic  space n of the Georgian Church. Today the Patriarchate of Georgia is in the middle of two fires. On one side is Russia, on the other side – the world Patriarchate, but the frustration, in this case, is started by Bartholomew and, unfortunately, these processes will not end only  with the recognition of the independence of the Ukrainian Church …

-, Unrecognition  of the independence of the Church of Ukraine will be used “by liberal” propaganda against the Patriarchate. There will be allegations that it is from Russia dictated that Kremlin’s influence is great on our church and so on. Is our Patriarchate  ready  for  such  campaign?

-, I repeatonce again: everything that is controversial today as if whether we should support the Ukrainian Church or not,  is written in the Catechism  and any Patriarchate must obey this law. Which liberal wing or grouping will come to any mind and where their  heart pushes them ? – the church will not make decisions according to this.

As for the allegations and the campaign against Patriarchate, this is not a novelty for it. The enemies will never give up on curses and false accusations, because just for this their patrons pay money and open offices to them.   Have you heard any criticism of religious confessions from any of the “human rights” NGOs? Let’s say Baptists or Catholics, or the Armenian Church, Jehovah … Take any.  Do they curses anybody except for  the orthodox church? We should look at these calls and fight for as if freedom as a deliberate anti-Orthodox campaign, which today may have a Russian church taken as  the target,   Serbia tomorrow, and then we . . . The church should simply reveal them . The silence and exhilaration of the restraint are now out of control, because the enemies of the Church today are frightened as never. . .

–  Do you think that the Church does not sufficiently reveal them?

– I’ll repeat: Today, unfortunately, in our church there are some  clergymen,  bishops, who do not reveal the enemies of the church, vice versa, they directly “pour water” on their mill. Another thing is whether they do this deliberately or unconsciously,  but,  this is a fact.  Well, from that clergyman who even do not hide their   sympathy for the Nationals and their leaders   what kind of blasphemy and truth are you waiting for? Or a man who repeats the liberty rhetoric like  “the West is our salvation and who criticizes it, is a spy of Russia  – what should one  ask for. . .

-, By the way, “Young Lawyers Association” has addressed the CEC for criticizing Salome Zourabichvili by one of the clergy and urged them to react,  i.e. the clergy are already legally restricted to say the truth

–  Of course, they attack the church from all sides, but in this case one thing is interesting: why did Fathe  Peter criticize Zourabichvili and support the Nationals? What’s this, no violation? Or some of the clergy were calling in Saakashvili’s prayers, have you ever heard a voice? In fact, the fact is that they are threatening and irritating the particular authoritative clerics, otherwise, .no matter who will become  president –  Zurabishvili, Bakradze or Vashadze.

As for Salome Zourabichvili, I mentioned earlier and will repeat that: If a woman is married to her child’s goddess, what values and values are she talking about?! I do not say anything about Vashadze, Bakradze and others at all, who can do nothing. In short, no way out, All are worse of  each other. That is why e, I say everywhere wherever I can that we must gather together all the forces of our political spectrum except probably one or two and send them to another planet. They  may arrange elections there  and even appoint broom as a president. But, I see here nobody who can send them there This is a fact also . . .

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania 



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