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Elizbar Javelidze: Let the Venice Commission take care of its pederasts

elizbar javelidze

“The Venice Commission has a negative attitude to the “Georgian Dream’s” initiation regarding definition of marriage in the Constitution” – a member of the “European Georgia” George Tugushi declared.

According to him, the Commission does not assess positively this initiation and, such a change will cause a serious damage to the image of the country.

“The “European Georgia” tabled several questions, among them, I asked them what the Venice Commission thinks about the “Georgian Dream’s” initiation to specify the so called “Definition of marriage” in the Constitution. According to their answers, they do not have a positive view at this initiation and that such the issues be defined by the Constitution. In addition, they say that they are not principally against  nomination of candidates of judges in the Supreme Court. Also, they indicated that they will deal seriously on an issue which relates to widening the mandate of the Constitutional Court”- George Tugushi noted.

What kind of changes will be specifically caused by inserting the “Definition of Marriage” in the Constitution,    how it will be reflected on the country’s image and, what is for the Venice Commission unacceptable in such a change – for commenting these issues, ”Georgia and the world” contacted    a publicist, scientist, and academician Elizbar Javelidze.

Elizbar Javelidze 

– Everything they say and dictate to our rotten government, is a continuation of an ordinary globalist “neoliberal” terror. However, their so called recommendations themselves, mean nothing. Write it directly:  Let the Venice Commission take care of its big  army of pederasts,  and leave us alone. The Constitution of Georgia is not their job!

Here I would like to deal also with the theme of so called “Visa Liberalization”. The pomp and feasts our government has raised because of “Visa Liberalization”  is a great abuse of the Georgian nation, but even more abusive are the statements that all this will  promote the economic prosperity of Georgia. The visa liberalization will bring nothing good and benefit; So, let everybody take care of their own aunts. Nobody believes of their promises and cheap lies. People see and understand  well what is happening and, to which direction  they lead the country. Their  traitorous policy will bring nothing good to anybody

Prepared by Jaba Zhvania  


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