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Duplicity of our European “well-wishers“ and blindness of our government


President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid invited the president of Russia Vladimir Putin on the Finno-Ugric Peoples congress, which will be held in Tartu. This will contribute to development of relations with Russia– The Estonian politologist Eduard Toni said in his interview with “Sputnik Estonia”. 

He indicated that they invited Putin as earlier as in April, when the leaders of these two countries met in Moscow. Therefore when the time came for inviting the presidents of these countries on the above event, “It seemed to bee logical to write write Putin in the list” This was not just a formality, because as demonstrated by Kaljulaid’s visit in Moscow, Estonia differs from other Baltic States ad Poland, which leaders exclude direct contacts with the president of Russia.

“Estonia still wants to have more developed economic, cultural. and sporting relations with Russia and, it is great. We should remember about economic benefits. For example, it could be silly when you have a neighbor like Russia and do not have trade and business contacts with it. Tourism is important also, in order not to become these two nations strangers and not to hear to each other “ – the politilogist underlined

Toni indicated also that the Estonian president supports Germany and France which “preach wider relations with Russia and wish to deny sanctions against it”.

We’d like to remind readers hat Madam Kaljulaid twice called in us not to arrange negotiations and relationships with Russia for answering duly its “aggressive intentions” (?!) Our government perceived this call as a “support by leadig countries”.



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