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Do we need Stalin today?

Do we need Stalin today?

The article titled: “Do we need Stalin today?” published in Nop.16 of  “Georgia and the World” has emerged   ascertain interest of  our readers and social networks users. Majority of them – over 5400 individuals, approved the article and assessed it positively

We wrote that a public attitude towards the personality of Ioseb Stalin repeatedly becomes an agenda, and this is due to  ime, the current situation in the world makes it actual ,today’s item, that should be taken into  consideration. Just by this reason the public opinion researching centers continue actively sociological studies for a deep understanding the problem

We should note here that is discuss by results of the studies, a level of positive assessment of Ioseb Stalin’s activity in terms of the [public opinion surveys implemented during the last years,  established a new record

The above is confirmed also by assessments made by our readers

This is a joy And here- one restrained remark

One of the internet-users  complains that we have lost time in vain because the Russian media has been discussing these materials for several months already

Yes! It had been discussing, but the results of previous surveys only, while now, our letter is based on the latest updated materials, and, these latest  indicators are  unprecedent

So, what  is the readers’ reaction?

Shalva Gugeshashvili – it becomes even impossible to breath. We need Stalin like air. What about us, nobody imitated him, nobody learnt good from him.  He is truly  the strongest teacher

Larisa Gventsadze  –    You are right by all 100%. Wee should even restore the monument to Stalin and adopt his constitution for moving our country ahead. . . We should eradicate money mania in the government

Nikusha Berozashvili – Following to publication of these researches, a new wave of lie emerged. Namely,  they increased considerably the number of killed (during repressions) not only in Georgia but in the Soviet space. . .

Shalva Gugeshashvili – Homosexuals will do nothing! Billionaires and governments of states are fighting, because they fear of Stalin’s ideas, they need obedient slaves,  only . . .

Malkhaz Tarkhnishvili –  The nation is so broken  and degenerated that not one but probably even 2 Stalins will not be enough . . .

Izolda Tatishvili – We need Stalin, Beria, and all the other figures of that time, who could remove these loafers  from us. . .

Mzia Gulisashvili – (Stalin)must revive from the ash as Phoenix and say word for the good of Georgia at least once a year. . .

Bichi Toreli – You, with  straws  in your heads, it’s time to believe! Long live Soso Jugashvili, Ioseb Stalin !

Merab Bolkvadze – It was and is a dream of fascists  to enslave and perverse the humanity and, not their dream becomes real. Now, Stalin-like leader is needed for surviving  Georgia!

Giorgi Malazonia – Sympathy to Stalin will be increased even more if we stop teaching our youth a distorted history . . .

Neli Targamadze  – It is critically important for our future generation to  understand correctly  his activity

Manana Papanashvili – No matter what one may say,  the truth is that  Stalin is genius  and, a full stop here.Nobody can approach closer to him, neither Roosevelt nor Churchill. Society knows it, I believe in this and npbody can delete it in me

Lira Gobechia – It could be better if Nikita (Khuschov) did not exist  at all. All of us survived hardly

Ana Chankotadze – There are  many supporters of Stalin here, in  Athens

Zaira Nozadze– What do we do in Georgia for not need of him? The court processes last for years, but no justice is seen, so the Stalin’s order is required

Ketevan Odzelashvili – Impossible to return Stalin Back, but a man like him would be good

Mevlud Chanukvadze – Until the humanity exists, Stalin will be needed in all cases

Lamara Kipshidze – Russians write everything, but America and Europe hinders it to achieve to the mind of our government

“—-”  Yes! Yes! Necessarily! Immediately! for suppressing these traitors – Lots of such laconic answers

According to the comments of Shorena Niguriani, Stalin is deemed despot and tyrant by those who  know nothing about the history if say nothing about reading of even one page.

Zurab Gagloev:  Wake up, people! Wake until our language, motherland, belief are not disappeared. Stalin demonstrated how a worker man must live. We should implement his ideas because country relies on a man’s shoulders

Much more examples to show positive reaction of our readers, but let’s stop here.

What conclusions can be made based on this  in-harry-made  sociological picture ?

First: It is confirmed once again that the theme is actual, since it touched hearts of our readers

Second: It would be good if the public opinion survey centers operating in Georgia will dare themselves  to d conduct the research on this theme, because we must understand at last the Georgians attitude to Stalin.

. . .  Or, probably this is a tabooed topic in our democratic country?!

Armaz Saneblidze



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