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Disappointed Ambassador of the USA in an Ostrich pose

Ian Kelly

The parliamentary majority has overridden the president’s veto and adopted a new constitution. The new parliament is waiting for the president’s signature and very likely Giorgi Margvelashvili will refuse to sign the document he had previously vetoed, that’s why the constitution will come into force by the signature of Irakli Kobakhidze.

In Georgian political reality a very strange trend has been established: when European organizations give recommendations, or publish a report about current processes in Georgia, the government and the opposition read the same document in different ways.

This was the case this time too: The government read the conclusion of the Venice Commission in its way and the opposition in its way. If the majority is stating that the Venice Commission has adopted an ideal conclusion, the opposition reiterates that the Venice Commission has razed the government to the ground. It seems that the Venice Commission is behaving the way as generally the representatives of Europe and the USA behave  – they try not to burn neither meat nor the spit and they don’t care for people burnt as coal, because the coal will soon turn into ashes which will be finally taken by wind!

In the Conclusion of the Venice Commission there are both good and bad opinions, and the Ambassador of the USA emphasized the bad opinion:

“The Embassy believes that amendments to the constitution create a strong basis for long-term and firm reforms when there is a wide consensus about such amendments between the society and political parties. The Embassy shares the assessment of the Venice Commission and strongly supports the recommendations provided by the Commission. We are disappointed that the parties failed to reach the consensus.”

This is something similar to the situation in the film “Blue Mountains”, when one of the members of the Commission says that he has not read the composition but he agrees to the conclusion the others have adopted. So, the USA Embassy agrees to the Conclusion of the Venice Commission but I cannot tell whether Ian Kelly has in fact read the conclusion. I cannot tell as Ambassadors of the USA have often made such statements that were far from reality but the Georgian media never expressed any concerns – America is our strategic partner, is not it? During August war they urgently provided us with water and diapers, did not they?  To say the truth, after Saakashvili’s marathon crawling on the ground in Gori, there was indeed some logic in giving us diapers. Supposedly, Americans thought that the nation was just like the leader of the country but finally they realized that only Misha was bed-wetter, but what could they do?! They followed their project to the end.

We have not mentioned Saakashvili just for nothing. When the USA Ambassador says he is disappointed because the consensus has not been reached, where was the USA Embassy on the 8th of August, 2008 when their project led the whole country to be involved in the provocation? Or where were they when there was a peaceful rebellion and people said no to the government which had been violent against its people?!

When the televisions showed the videos depicting torture the USA Embassy did not express the disappointment, and Europeans… I Think Europeans watched all that with pleasure, because they are liberals and keep calling on us to use each hole we have… Where was the Embassy or Europe when Saakashvili’s regime outshined Cambodia dictator Pol Pot and Uganda dictator Idi Amin? When he dispelled a peaceful demonstration in blood, when he turned the penitentiary institution into a hell, when he declared all the nation as criminals. Where were them these respectable gentlemen? Or did you only trust the reports of Matthew Bryza, the very Matthew Bryza who was generously awarded then by the government of Georgia for several times and as people say, even paid for his wedding?

Misha was so eager to please Bryza that if he was allowed he would even support him during his wedding night. Don’t tell me to be a bit correct, neither Saakashvili, nor the USA Ambassador and Europe were correct. How can I be correct, if there is anything left they are taking from us, they desired to trample down everything native and hey could not bear that the nation resisted.

I don’t want you to think that we like the newly adopted constitution and we are applauding to it, no gentlemen, the constitution which becomes the subject to amendments as soon as it is adopted, is worthless, to say mildly (Irakli Kobakhidze has already mentioned it). To say serious, we are heading to dictatorship with big steps and everyone is aware of it, even America and Europe are aware of it but they don’t say it loudly, they are just “disappointed” because when there is high time they will say they are fighting dictatorship and use the plan they implemented in 2003 and brought a schizoid to power who was under their control and who decided to bring the nation on their knees and make them slaves.

There are already some callings that the government leaves no way to be replaced peacefully and… the Ambassador will appear and state that he had been saying that he was disappointed due to absence of consensus and it was the outcome of all that. And then we will again go around the old circle, we will again borrow a foreign debt from America, we will again undergo the hard times and then we will again be surprised that we are alive; And then, when the regime supported by American and European organizations will suppress put its hands around our throats and make it difficult to breath, when prisons still turn into hell, when there will again be a peaceful rebellion, Europeans and Americans will still be in ostrich’s position and they will again lead us to the circle where we have already been for several times and which seems impossible for us to leave. We will be unable to leave it till we don’t realize that neither Europe nor America is really interested what is going on in Georgia.

Beso Barbakadze


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