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Dimitri Lortkipanidze: why then didn’t they leave the team when the Georgian Dream did not fulfill any of its promises? What is it, not cheating people?

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

Since the changes to the bill voting ended in failure on the  plenary session,  and the hold of  2020 parliamentary elections with the proportional system became  questionable (which said a few months ago, but the promise is now completely ignored by Ivanishvili), a  process of disintegration of the  “Georgian Dream”  which is in a critical political crisis, began by geometrician  progression.  

One part of the lawmakers, who always was performing unconditionally  all the political whims of the oligarch, resigned from the majority, and another  part of it dutifully campaigned for the “united opposition”  gathered  in the Labor Party’s office, and after long discussions about the Progressing Georgian Democracy, joined the protest rally at Rustaveli avenue, together with the “Nationals” and “European-nationals”. Despite this unprecedented breakthrough, the position of the pro-government team has remained unchanged. In 2020, elections will not be held in a proportional system. The German model, as the majority leaders after a meeting at the Georgian Dream’s central office explained to the media,  does not comply with the Georgian constitution … 

What processes are taking place in the Georgian political spectrum today, and what is the purpose of the mass outflow of MPs from the majority, with both direct and indirect reference to the revolutionary scenario?

Human rights activist Dimitri Lortkipanidze speaks to Georgia and the World.

-, Mr. Dimitri, 12 MPs  left the parliamentary majority and some may leave tomorrow. They say they do not want to be any more in  the deceptive majority that goes beyond of all political and legal frameworks … Why do you think this lie  turned just  now unacceptable for lawmakers when the government started to govern the country with lie in 2012? I mean the failure to fulfill the main pre-election promise of restoration of justice, which was then substituted by cohabitation with the National Movement.

-, That’s the right question, and I think that’s what every journalist should ask these people today. I wonder when Mr. Dzidziguri or any other lawmaker who left the majority because the government was deceiving people, for example, why did not they leave  the team after some “zonder-policemen” members of the National Movement, instead of bringing to responsibility, even were promoted  and  appointed to higher  positions; Why did not they take responsibility for the fact that after the parliamentary elections of 2012, when Saakashvili’s dictatorship was overthrown, some  activists   from the National Movement were massively ported to the Dream. I  say nothing about the fact that the entire judicial system is still in the hands of the old “zonder-judges”  and some of them today are reading moral to the public about the supremacy of  the  law, while killers and torturers still remain  unpunished. I ask all the lawmakers who have left the majority these days in protest: what was the greater lie and “ignorance” of the people from the government – that they failed to fulfill their major pre-election promises and declared the nine-year criminal regime as the main opposition, instead of prosecuting, or the fact that  moving from one election system to another became  questionable? If I were  them, |I would be ashamed  to say that the reason for their departure from the team was  “ignorance” of people by the government, but it seems that these people have no such inconvenience.

Now let’s talk briefly about the proportional system. We all agree that it is necessary to move to this system, but in this case it is emphasized that the parties or certain political entities that stand on the streets today and claim to be Georgian democracy are not concerned in real about the  fair electoral environment; It is unacceptable for them first of all because only the high legitimate  political partied have a chance to ensure elections under this system, not they. That’s their main concern, otherwise two-percent holder Republicans and other similar political groups are not interesting at all in people,  they may freely lie them, and this is clear for everybody. As for the ongoing rallies and calls on Rustaveli from the marginalized politicians, it is interesting that these processes, as if they were a concern on the political spectrum and a commotion, started after the June 20 coup attempt ended in vain.  Whether we like it or not, the fact is: there is some destructive power in the country that has its small but organized asset, and unfortunately this power has found a foothold in the government as well. I have mentioned the fact that Mrs. Sophio Katsarava completely refused the mandate of the MP …

-, What do you mean?  

-, Given that Ms. Katsarava was an officer of the British Embassy for years before entering Parliament, I can say that she is related to British intelligence. Consequently, when such persons leave the Parliament, this already indicates something.

-, Do you want to say that certain external forces are involved in the process?

-. I mean the possible cataclysms that can be like the Kyiv Maiden. Let me repeat: this may be a well-tested and proven scenario where in the past were involved  Yatsenyuk, Avakov, Liashko and others. People, some of whom were ultra-left, some ultra-right, and some – Noboy knows from which forces they were, and finally, what these destructive, revanchist forces have done to Ukraine, we can all see and it cannot be excluded that something similar may be planned to happen here . . .

Here’s the question: Where is society? Where is the 80-90 percent of the population of this country that understands well, what processes are going on and what disasters all this can lead to?

– This part of society (the majority) has long been in extreme nihilism. Perhaps this is also benefited by the reactionary forces in the revanchist opposition that Bidzina Ivanishvili himself had given political legitimacy in his time. Don’t you agree?

– Nevertheless, it is a fact and we see that the majority of the society does not stand on either side – The society stands neither on the government nor the so-called 22-party coalition  which has been tightly  “integrated”  these days. This indicates that for the population  both are unacceptable and in fact people are waiting for a real alternative that will have to put a  proper diagnose to this false political process. As for the revolutionary scenario, these processes, all as a wave of protest, violence, and withdrawal are organized from that shore of ocean;   And just like the Victoria Nuland’s “priyankes” in that time the reactionary forces were waiting in the center of Kiev, here too  some are expecting serious interference from outside. This is the biggest threat and we should talk about it, because it is not accidental to visit US State Department officials in Tbilisi these days.

-, Do you think these senior officials are encouraging a wave of protest?

-, Remember the statements made by former President Giorgi Margvelashvili, David Usupashvili and others after visiting them these days, we are dealing with such important figures, I cannot say their names. Imagine what was going on: they came from America and were summoned to the embassy as if they were opposition leaders – Georgian Avacovs and Yatseniuks, who had to wait for further action and give specific instructions. We all know that they do not care about the development of democracy in Georgia, just as they did not care about Ukraine. So what do they want? Everything is clear – they want Georgia to become another revolutionary space and a springboard for confrontation.

-, By the way, if you look at the chronology of the last 4-5 months, the processes were as follows: it was the theme of Tbilisi Pride and it was followed by the activation of conservative forces, as a result of which tens of thousands of citizens went  to the streets against homosexual propaganda; “Gavrilov’s Provocation” took place in a few days … There was a protest recently about the homosexual movie and again the same forces started rallies. Do you think these processes also serve to subvert public sentiment?

-, Of course all sensible people already realize this. The strategy is that when conservative forces are active, it beats them because it is a direct indicator of the real sentiments of society, so it should be offset. However, with such efforts, similar policies of obscenity and subversion, they do not suppress real sentiments, on the contrary, they exacerbate them. Do you know why?   As time goes on and all of these processes roll in, more and more people realize that the current aggressive liberal system does not leave   a chance to them . This is what assures me that very soon nihilism will be overcome in our society, and people nowadays, silent, who may desperately and unintentionally look at this “Nazi-kots” masquerade, wiping out both forces with their scions. This was  how the conservative forces in the West rose in their day, and believe me, there was no less nihilistic society there. The liberal dictatorship will inevitably come to an end, and with it all the pseudo-opposition forces, all the false political unions that seem to be sincere about Georgian democracy today, will be handed over to the past …

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania 



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