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Dimitri Lortkipanidze: The officers of the internal security guard of the US Embassy were participating personally in the storm, I recognized many of them

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

Arrest of the leader and founder of the “Victorious Georgia” political party Irakli Okruashvili   on July 26, has tensioned even more the already existing sharp situation in the political spectrum.

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

An  aggressive  “opposition” guided by the “National Movement” which, as seen obviously, is mainly intended to create disorder and violence against the state power instead of a healthy opposing with it, has already moved into  “emergency mode”. Repressions, political persecution, dictatorship, tyranny  – in this manner the leaders of  9-years long bloody regime have assessed the arrest of the former defense and internal minister, who, on June 21, was attempting to invade the parliament (accusation by the prosecutor’s office), while afterwards, wanted to take a cup of tea of the speaker like in case of  the known scenario of the year 2003. However, in line with such very acute assessments, some of the leaders (e.g. Grigol Vashadze) did not forget a “tradition” and indicated on Russia, and announced that arrest of Okruashvili  as well as the “Rustavi 2” are the result of a policy dictated from the Kremlin 

As to the wanted by the Georgian law enforcement bodies Mikheil Saakashvili, the ex-president immediately after arrest  of Okruashvili spread a video-appeal (again) where he and underlined  that     fighting with legal instruments against the current government is senseless. According to his assessments, “All who tell fairy tales  that the opposition must act with observance of all laws, is “Ivanishvili’s useful idiot”: “No, nothing will be done by you,  “khiho”, “Violator”! Your governance will be ended soon. You are acceleration events, so, ok, we accept this challenge   – we will accelerate them too, we will also act by tension, let’s see what  will happen with you. . !”  As Saakashvili says,  any great success in the European democracy was a result of implementation of specific actions  against the state power by certain individuals. However, the ex-president who is abroad now, did not explain, what is  “implementation of specific actions  against the state power” and what are the “specific actions”. . .  

At what stage is criminal prosecution now against the former defense minister and how it may continue in a near future? –  “Geworld” asked the human rights defender Dimitri Lortkipanidze to highlight the events  

– Mr. Dimitri, the last week  arrest of one of the influential figures of Saaklashvili’s regime has created a certain feeling that the government started realization of its years-old promises regarding restoration of justice. What do you think, what a result will all this have in a near future?  

– Until saying anything about personality of Mr. Okruashvili, I would liker to underline that   everything that is taking place now, especially the events developed after the so called “Gavrilov  night”, are components of one chain and it is already clear. This was a direct and unhidden  attempt of certain pro-west “neoliberal” forces  to conduct the extraordinary parliamentary elections  and   replace the state power in the country by this way. But, after the June 20 provocation turned into nothing and they failed to invade the parliament  by storm,  it has become obvious that  no “substitution”  could take place. So, their planned political blitzkrieg  proved to be unsuccessful. Correspondingly, after such the circumstances, the political process has turned to run to another direction. . .  By the way,   in that say, only one MP – Mrs. Salome Samadashvili managed to  issue 83 passes to the Parliament and, of course, she wanted  these citizens to be inside for further merger with the intra-parliamentary destructive forces who were long ago preparing for this provocation. Now, let’s imagine, if only one MP managed to give a pass to 83 civil activists in the legislative body, how the events could then develop. Of course, this could  be a large-scaled, severe and bloody process  followed in any case by dire consequences.

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

I would like to avail myself of this opportunity and announce first time though your newspaper a very important thing: After that unfortunate night of 20-21 June,  there were and still are much talks  about who was standing behind these provocations and who was backing the violent political groups involved therein. I can tell you for sure  that the officers of the internal security guard of the US Embassy were participating personally in the storm, I recognized many of them. Moreover, if the special services become interested,  I can count them by names and Surnames, but now of course I abstain myself from naming/ More particularly, I say bout the chief officer of the US Embassy security service, who wears the US  uniform . As you mat know, there are two zones of security in the Embassy  – internal and external. The external security guard wears ordinary uniform of the security police, while the internal security guard wears the US uniform. Just this officer i.e. the one with a higher  authorization, was participating in the storm together with his accomplices

– Were they specially taken e and organized by the embassy?

– No,  not taken. They are  citizens of Georgia, but, it is less important. Here the main thing is that they had  special  and, as seen, they were acting according to the given instructions. . .  By the way,   I noticed them on Rustaveli avenue not only in the night hours when the storm was already active, but before it, when the large group of people gathered at the check point, tried to invade in the parliament building. To say   simply, it was a clearly planned provocation  which failed and, let’s say directly, if not the reasonable and correct decisions  of Giorgi Gakharia, the above scenario could be implemented successfully

– You mean the US Embassy assisted the “National Movement” in implementing the provocation or just its officers appeared at the site by their  own wish?

– When we talk about  the politics and political processes, the most important is not what is lying on the surface and is visible for all, but ,the thinks which cannot be noticed at one glance but need to be analyzed. By my opinion, when the relevant services have a confirmed-by-100% evidences that the staff of the internal security of the US Embassy – the citizens of Georgia  – were participation I the storm of the legislative body , the security service, at least should become interested  in these persons. To this end, I am ready to take a full  responsibility for all my words and deliver the information to the appropriate bodies at any time

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

As to Irakli Okruashvili and his arrest, I understand that this fact arose a certain expectations for  restoration of justice in  some strata of the society, however,  let’s look at the events impartially:  Many high-profile cases relate to Irakli Okruashvili’s political activity, including murdering, when he was the internal affairs minster. Are any of them investigated objectively? Until these cases are studied well and the offenders – punished,  how can we talk about restoration of justice?!

– Buta Robakidze’s murdering was committed when Okruashvili was the internal minister, then falsification of this case . . . invasion in Samachablo that ended by a full crash of our military forces when up to 50 policemen were captured. . . Were all these a subject of investigation or not?

-Of course, they were, however, I can recall other not less important cases on which Okruashvili mentioned nothing in his public recognition . . .

– For instance?  

– In the period when Okruashvili was the General  Prosecutor,   the legal entity of private law  named  “Penitentiary System Development Fund”  was established, on which account opened with the  National Bank , the individuals  charged with a criminal offenses  were making “donations” in parallel to  the plea agreements. Authors of this idea, together  with  Okruashvili, were Giga Bokeria, Vano Merabishvili, Zurab Adeishvili and others. Can you imagine  how much millions were accumulated in this fund during years?

– Years ago Okruashvili’s name was mentioned in several large-scaled corrupt deals , but it was a backstage information.

– This is a corruption, of course, and when we talk about the  elite corruption,  this is nothing another . . . Ass you know, after confrontation with the “National Movement” Irakli Okruiashvili left Georgia for France to reside and, was not active at all for a long time. Are you interested how did he live there?   – He had everything a man may wish. So, a natural question arises – from which sources he had such a comfort if not the sums accumulated on that fund and taken abroad by him?

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

– And, when such evidences exist, why an investigation has not been started yet?  

– This is just that litmus paper that reveals that in  real,  it is still dearly to talk about the process of restoration of  justice. I repeat: Lots of things were said and written during these days about arrest of Okruashvili, his public statements of recognition and further developments, but all these were aimed  at  promotion of his political activity, while he, himself, was giving testimonies  on the  items which did not create a legal basis for  indictment   in terms of inexistence of  other charges. As to the things I am talking about, this is a direct basis for starting  legal persecution not only against Okruashvili but against the whole ;political elite  of that period. But, until discussing of why this process is delayed,   let’s look through the materials of specific cases. I recall, Ivanishvili’s rather a severe and critical statement against Giga Bokeria, made  in 2013, as I remember, related to investigation of spending the millions allocated from the Security Council  for lobbyist activity. This was followed by the investigation process and the case was hanging over Bokeria’s head as  the “sword of Damocles” , and, the end of this case was not a great surprise – all this was a basis for Bokeria became a considerable power in the Ivanishvili’s throne games

Now, let’s talk about the others: as revealed, David Bakradze former chairman of the parliament and one of the current leaders of the “European Georgia”, has non-declared 350 pounds in the London Bank. This is a criminal that is the basis for the suspension of the MPs mandate and the termed limitation of freedom. Did any investigation begin against Bakradze?   Yes, and all of us remember it. But, how did it end?  – by a certain political  maneuvers  – his move to Bokeria’s team and then participation in more interesting political processes. By the way,  in the same manner Gigi Ugulava moved to that team . . . Ugulava  was not brought to  responsibility at all,   for misappropriation of 48 MIO GEL from the state budget. I say nothing about the political corruption-related criminal operations. . .  To say simply, all these processes formed a single chain involving Bokeria’s activity; And, as seen the directive delivered from the US Embassy was a basis  for all this, according to which just Giga Bokeria should had to become prime minister. This was a scenario they anted to turn into reality until 20 June, but after 20 June they started a certainly accelerated implementation of this process. Why?!  Because  as seen, the year 2020, due to numerous circumstances, is deemed to be unreliable , by our American “partners” , so, they start involvement in the process. This is confirmed by a direct participation of the security officers of the US Embassy in 20-21 June storm and, I think this is a clear evidence. I do not talk now simply for saying something. I take responsibility for all my words! Thereafter, all this was then linked to Tbilisi Pride, that was planned to become a main provoking factor for destabilization in the country, but, this is another theme, on which a lot is said . . .

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

– Immediately after the arrest  of Okruashvili, Mikheil Saakashvili spread a video-appeal,   and declared that , all who support fighting against the state power with observance of  laws, is “Ivanishvili’s useful idiot”. Such the revolutionary calls are made several times by the ex-president escaped from the country. Do you think there exists a real   threat of disorders and destabilization in the country? 

– Of course a threat of destabilization exists and, I can say it is quite serious now. Not incidentally, that the “liberal” opposition in Russia became too active recently. The same is true regarding  the Ukrainian  army in the anti-terroristic zone, and, as a result the Ceasefire Treaty involving the Donbass direction, is factually breached. Situation in Moldova became tensioned as well. Just within the frameworks of these processes we should consider the current developments in Georgia   . . . As to the statement made by Saakashvili, I think it is one more evidence that they try hysterically to revive all special political  operations they failed to achieve from 20th June till now . But, I believe our civil society became rather experienced for not to follow blindly the similar dirtiness. This is obvious for everybody, even for the violator political forces. That is why they have such a political anxiety that  in its turn creates a  threat, but, by a higher probability  all this will destroy these forces, finally. . .

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania 



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