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Dimitri Lortkipanidze: Despite fundamental ideological-political shifts in the world, Georgia is still a country to which the former White House officials draft an agenda

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

Despite the recent ideological-political transformations in the West, there is still a “liberal” dictatorship in the Georgian political spectrum, and the hegemony of the old, outdated, marginal system in the ruling party and its pro-Western opposition continues to be evident.

The perspective of all parties, public movements or individual subjects, especially if they are taking the first steps in the political life, is defined  again by one principle: whether its views are in line with the “neoliberal” agenda . For example, during the previous week’s hearing of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs, Miranda Iremadze, a candidate for the Supreme Court, was repeatedly questioned by lawmakers from the National Movement Party, whether May 17 as a day of family holiness or an international day to combat homophobia and transphobia. Despite the ambiguous response, which clearly indicated that Iremadze was under psychological pressure, they did not rest until the judge’s candidate emphasized that May 17 was “a day to combat homophobia and transphobia, as well …” (in case of another  answer, understandably what could happen to her  career) …  But even after that, the Nationals did not calm down and demanded an answer from Iremadze which day she prefers. . . Questions of about the same content and rhetoric were also raised  towards  Mamuka Khazaradze, the founder of “Lelo”, in one of the TV programs a few days ago, who is not yet involved in the  politics and is only in the process of forming a public movement. The  businessman being between “two fires”, avoided the unambiguous answer with an ambiguous explanation, but, Khazaradze’s  views, if remember what subjects he financed, including ultra-liberal “writers” and “poets”, are understandable to many …

To say simply, a  malicious practices imposed by outsiders have been steadily going on for years, according to which, unless this or that subject “meets  liberal standards”,   it has no prospect. Any party or other public movement or association that is involved in the country’s political life still undergoes rigorous “testing” of the old, old-time “liberal” elite. However, all the recent researches  show that not only in Georgia but in the majority of the world population, there are completely opposite attitudes. Moreover, in the West, especially in Europe, the anti-liberal movement has long been a major political discourse …

Why does the political reality in Georgia not change after radical changes in the West, and what is needed to start actively here too a similar process in the near future?

 Human rights activist Dimitri Lortkipanidze is discussing these items in his interview with “Georgia and  the World”: 

-. Mr. Dimitri, fundamental ideological-political transformations are underway in the West, while in Georgia there is still a “liberal” dictatorship, and the political future of any party or individual is  still determined by its / his / her commitment to this dictatorship. For example, last week, at the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs, against a candidate for Supreme Court Justice Miranda Iremadze the Nationals raised some psychological terror with the question – Is May 17  Family Holiness Day or the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia? … What is the reason that this harmful political agenda is constantly going on? Why not start here with the changes already taking place in the West?

Since the dominance of the globalist-liberal forces in the country is still significant, it should not be surprising that these forces display any aggressive attitude towards the rise of conservative sentiments. The terrible hysterical rhetoric we have heard over the last few years from these inspirators   of this liberal agenda is the political agony of ending their ideology.

That is about the processes going on in the West, now about Georgia: I couldn’t say for sure that the globalist agenda in Europe, America is over, and it doesn’t feel like Georgia at all. No, there are still serious problems, and you know that, despite winning the election, despite growing conservative sentiments in society, the issue of Donald Trump’s impeachment in the United States is still serious. Yes, the American public has a great deal of support for conservative ideas; Yes, this is the dominant ideology and the dictatorship of liberalism is crumbling, but the ideology that has enjoyed complete political monopoly for decades is clearly not going to come out so easily. Globalist forces are still heavily represented in the Senate, the Courts, the Federal Reserve, and other important structures that determine  the  world politics.

But there is one important  moment that is highlighted by our recent political practice: Georgia is still a country to which the former White House officials draft an agenda . Here we are talking about political figures such as Kramer, Bryza, Vershbow and others. It can be said that this is an old inertia, an outgrowth of the old system. I mentioned the crisis of liberal ideology, and the leaders of that ideology started a furious struggle against the Conservative wing in 2007, when Vladimir Putin declared the need to end the one-walled world. Then we see that all the aggression of the modern western world, whose political field is largely monopolized by the globalist establishment, is directed against the Russian Federation, a country that has become a locomotive of anti-globalist movements, anti-liberal sentiments and ideas …

-. Do you think that the liberal hysteria on the scale of “Russian propaganda” is  exaggerated?

-, Of course, they are well aware that the rise of anti-liberal sentiments is not the result of “Russian propaganda” in, say, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Britain … However, the fact is: Russia has been the country for the last ten years, one might say, that was not  swallowed by the   “liberal” dictatorship of the world. In one country, in fact, on the one-sixth part of the earth, there were banned the organizations such as the Soros Foundation, restricted its projects and, most importantly, a number of foreign-sponsored organizations were declared as a treat for the country  and were imposed with the obligation to declare their activities under relevant legal regulations. All this, I repeat, has struck the repressive ideology that has prevailed for decades, followed by chain reactions elsewhere, but the hysteria that Russian propaganda is everywhere and in everything, is absurd, of course. Neither Russian nor any other propaganda can reinforce the  anti-liberal sentiments. The main source of anti-liberal sentiments is a nebulous and aggressive neoliberalism itself. As for the fact that in spite of the fundamental ideological-political shifts in the world, individuals are still selected in Georgia according to  a “liberal standard” in some important positions, this is not a strange case  to me. Years ago, when I was a candidate for Public Defender, the issue of confidence/non-confidence in me, came directly from my view of LGBT rights. However, I have always believed, and still believe, that no decent person, a candidate for justice or a politician no matter how much his or her political future, depends on liberal dictatorship, must t simply answer ambiguously on   the question of what is May 17 for him/her. May 17 is a day of family holiness in Georgia, and what some have called homophobia, is a propaganda of a perverted lifestyle.

– Judicial candidate Miranda Iremadze or banker Mamuka Khazaradze to say directly, May 17 is a family holiness day, without acknowledging any homophobia, what would threaten their political future?

-, In general, the judiciary is not completely independent in any country in the world and is subject to the prevailing political class everywhere. As for Georgia, obviously, we are no exception in this regard, and any judge, whether Iremadze or Gabadadze, is part of the prevailing system. Well, the fact that the candidates for the judiciary are terrified of being heard in a legal committee and they “are standing in the corner”  by wish of  representatives of the “National Movement”,  makes us think that these people will be slaves. Now imagine that a person  who is driven by an odious figure like National Gotsiridze and who does not dare to express his / her position on the propaganda of obscenities will be principled in serious decision-making?

– What is needed to end this vicious political practice once and for all?

-, The victory of the healthy forces over this decomposable  liberal minority depends on the degree of unity and solidarity of these forces. We all agree on this, and I would like to call on again, through your newspaper,  all the conservative forces: We need extensive coordination; We need a round table to sit down and reconcile positions. In view of all this, I am proposing to assemble in the near future that would be a non-partisan mission and, to formulate all the theses of the  national interest, the execution of which will be a programmatic minimum. Otherwise, as liberal dictatorships continue to grow and become more aggressive, I cannot imagine any significant changes in the near future. This is one. And secondly, no matter how el this system will be collapsed,  if national-conservative forces do not act in a coordinated manner, there will always be a danger that certain subjects  from the old, decomposable and outdated  system will be able to adapt to the new reality. We are already seeing signs of this attempt, and this adaptation will significantly spoil the political atmosphere …

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania



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