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“Didgoroba” or the Day of Didgori _ 2018”

“Didgoroba” or the Day of Didgori _ 2018”

The Battle of Didgori was fought against the armies of the Great Seljuq Empire at the Valley of Didgori, on the outskirts of Tbilisi, on August 12, 1121.

The victory in the Battle of Didgori led to the final liberation of our country and inaugurated the medieval Georgian Golden Age. Georgia has finally acquired the name of the strongest state of the region.

This year marks the 897th anniversary of the Battle of Didgori. The solemn procession started from Mushtaid Garden with the journey of youth and then moved to the Didgori Valley.

The event was opened with the performance of the Georgian National Anthem.

Mamuka Bakhtadze, the Prime Minister of Georgia, Levan Izoria, the Minister of Defense and other officials congratulated the invited guests and the population and spoke about the importance of victory in ninth century.

The ceremony was continued by the military servicemen of the Georgian Armed Forces. Levan Izoria, the Minister of Defense of Georgia handed over the official service medals of “Didgori Cross” to Aluda Chikovani, Senior Lieutenant of 31st Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Brigade of the West Command of Land Armed Forces and Revaz Kolbaia, the Cpr.

This reward was meted out by the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff on the initiative of the Government of Georgia in August 2014. This award is always granted to the military officers every year on the 12th of December.

The celebration of “Didgoroba” or the Day of Didgori 2018″ continued with the concert of folk songs and performance of the folk ensembles. Various competitions were also held in different sport events.



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