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Dialogue with Russia is a growth factor for Georgia!

Dialogue with Russia is a growth factor for Georgia!

Growth Factor – this is such the problematic and conflicting situations and circumstances that cause our professional, communicative and personal  development,  but, there is one nuance: The growth-and-development process is only apparent if we take these problems and conflicts as a challenge, a task that need and  are subject to settlement 

The growth factor is mainly used in practical psychology for the personal development of individuals, but we can also apply the same approach, visions, methods and techniques in terms of state development and policy effectiveness.

The details of the growth factor will be addressed in the following letters, but now my   rhetorical question: Is the relationship with America and Europe a growth factor for Georgia? To be more clear, I would ask: Does Georgia’s political and state development contribute to political relations with the US and European countries?

Personally, my position in this regard is negative and I will explain why:

Europe and especially the United States pursue a dominant policy towards Georgia. This means that they do not leave the right of choice to the Georgian authorities and offer ready-made directives that are not subject to review and correction.

For comparison I would like to ask: In the best case, if your friend solves the problem, will it increase your growth? No, of course! Such attitude is a prerequisite for degradation of both  individual and state

Both the individual and the state, when there is no choice but to make an individual, alternative decision and make the desired choice; When you are subject to other people’s directives and visions, from this point atrophy, degradation, and dying begin. In contrary to  all these destructive environments is the relationship with the state with which you have a fierce conflict, but it is your neighbor and hostility with it puts you in a losing position.

  The trouble is in the unconscious! There is even more trouble when you realize the negative side of hostility with Russia but  still adhere to the  directives of the state  that names itself  as Georgia’s “director”. The American diplomats often act as unreliable instigators. One clear example of this is the words of an American diplomat David Kramer, who  declared in his interview with Radio Voice of America. He noted that “Putin understands only the language of force” and called on Georgians to step up resistance to Russia, but also saw every dialogue and cautious policy with Russia as groundless and crass.

Bigger and stronger states than we (France, for example) consider normalizing relations with Russia a priority when discussing the country’s security; The US president himself believes that it is impossible to solve international global issues without Russia’s participation. Even if a Georgian man thinks so and then declares it, he will be immediately named a  Kremlin agent and a traitor. It is impossible to solve our country’s security and prosperity issues until Georgians stop thinking about unacceptable and impossible dialogue with Russia.

A Famous Israeli military official and politician Moshe Dyan said, “If you want peace, you should talk to your enemies, not your friends!”  This seems like a simple truth, and we all know it, but why can’t the Georgian authorities do it effectively?

Everything depends on relationships!

Because our attitude towards Russia is negative, because our credentials are limited to Russia, any negative, even positive step towards resolving the conflict with Russia will be negative and restrictive, since at the outset we show a negative emotional attitude towards Russia and because the emotion is negative, we will not have a positive result.

So any decision, including a decision to improve relations with Russia, must be effective and change our attitude. We need to change the common national hysteria and start negotiations with Russia; Change negative and restrictive beliefs to positive, and our reaction to any event should be focused on the desired outcome.

All this requires serious work, first and foremost on its own. Nationally restrictive credentials require the transformation of each of us, and especially of politicians, through personal growth and development.

Yes, all this requires serious work, but we Georgians are  lazy to do this and prefer others to solve our problems. Remember: no country can understand and solve our problem the way we want it to.

So let’s start with ourselves! Make each problem and conflict a growth factor and a success challenge. Spread this spirit across the country and politicians will no longer find it difficult to have a fair reaction to events and always be results-oriented.

I will l finish with the words I started

Dialogue with Russia is a growth factor for us!

Besik Kaishuri,  

Doctor of Public Administration Sciences



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