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Chronicle of a declared death

Chronicle of a declared death

Have we already turned into the cannabis republic or we have to start cultivation for reaching  a full happiness?

 A few days ago, the patrol  police and the ambulance were called at Tbilisi # 115 school only after several students were smoking marijuana (?!) during the lesson and one of them became  bad. The patrol police was called at Tbilisi #120 public school in two days  later because the pupils were smoking marijuana, and the oldest of them was 15 years old, the smallest – only 12.

These are the two facts that have been disclosed over the past ten days, but not excluded that there may be  more than one hundred times many similar facts Tbilisi #120 School teachers said of the incident: It is nonsense, nothing happened, do not bother the public (?!). That is when the Ministry of Internal Affairs officially confirmed the case and said that the criminal case was officially launched. The fact that such a thing happens in school and the pedagogy does nothing, it is a separate crime, but if it hides the case, it is a big crime. If anybody needs to become answerable,  it is obvious that the teachers of the school because of concealing the fact, since it is clear that nobody can control everyone of  thousands of children, each moment

The crown of everything was on October 20th at  the   “Native Tongue” Garden where the Cannabis Festival was held and the leader of the party “Girchi” Zurab Japaridze announced  the rally a few weeks ago  and declared  he was going to distribute free of charge the cannabis . Law enforcers were limited to the statement only: We will not allow this.

But the action was still held. Japaridze distributed “ready marijuana”  in front of cameras and said: “Do all this because you are not punished by law”. One of the most alarming was the fact that about a thousand young people gathered in support of Japaridze and  almost started fighting when the police arrested the “Girchi” leader

What does it mean? Have we already turned into the cannabis republic or we have to start cultivation for reaching  a full happiness?!  Or, where is law enforced by law enforcers, which means that the use of marijuana is prohibited? In principle, what is prohibited?- It is officially confirmed that the use of marijuana is limited, but there is no talk of prohibition. As for the restriction, the applicants will be able to use it only in a closed building and not outside. Instead, they will not be allowed to go out and take crib. Simply put, if you gather in a few young adults, you will have marijuana, come out and go out on a street in the street, no one can punish anyone. Barely say that driving  the car under the influence of marijuana is prohibited and the special detective equipment is brought by the MIA.

But it is a different topic and we will go back to it.  The government has thus delivered this problem as if it is important to have something to be overcome. The draft laws submitted to the Parliament seem to be conveyed by the conveyor. One day last year, at one session, 66 draft laws were considered, voted and approved, and what has become the tightening of rules for marijuana use? However, what we ask from the parliament when the people and the nation demanded to stop the topic of the cultivation of the cannabis, said the Chairman of the Parliament proudly: We heard the voice of our voters, we stopped the draft law, but we did not want to dismiss, because the population will definitely explain this law. All of this would be similar to that of the constitution draft that was discussed in public agencies before the auditorium, no one could get out and no one protested and eventually adopted such a constitution as they wanted. This is exactly the same thing – the topic of cultivation of cannabis is discussed before an employee of the society, and the protester is threatened with the pretentious job and then they say: “Gentlemen, we met thousands of people, all of us have to do and prove it. And so it turns out that the country of vines is the country of production of cannabis and the law enforcement officers will actively control the marijuana produced by the marijuana only to export it is ridiculous. What control do children talk about in the schools where a festivals are being run by thousands of citizens when practically all kinds of marijuana pants are sold in different big stores and do not control them? Who is the guarantor that this approach will change and MIA will become more strict ?! Is it really a fact that everyday we learn about cannabis consumers ?! There were several video and photos on social networks, which are 12-13 years old and they are marijuana and that is happening in all big and small towns, the doorways of the “plain” and the parents are hard, because no one is insured that a child He will not deliver a bottle of smoke and will not taste the taste.

We had an accident when the generation of drugs was killed. Representatives of the generation, who survived, say that death was going in the form of drugs in Georgia and brutally killing young people. Most of them started taking drugs with marijuana, then they would have stronger feelings and “sat down” on drugs. Maybe it is so well thought that young people should be taken to a more hybrid drug and then to a more powerful drug … Take the example of the previous government when one pill subotex costed  700 lari here in Georgia, while and the same pill in France could be get for 1 ERUR. So, more than half a million dollars were made  in Georgia in the purchase of the drugs costed several  thousand euros  and can you imagine how much money was spent on the death of our youngsters ?! Even then, there was a serious doubt that high officials of the government supported drugs business. This doubt exists  still. Now they say that the highest officials of the government are standing behind and it is very difficult not to agree with this opinion because the upper echelons of the government prove that the production of hemp is good and the only way to survive our economy.

The Cannabis Festival held on October 20, is another motive for young people to taste a prohibited fruit (prohibited from parents or otherwise allowed), and if they are accidentally  detain, they  know that they will be released because the law-enforcers of the cannabis festival stopped them for only a few hours. This is a kind of romance for teenagers. Their arrest by the police, then the release … they seem interesting in their age and it’s more interesting that the presidential candidate tells you: “Come on, let’s do it myself, I’m doing it daily, because the law protects me. That candidate will vote for a few thousand people in the elections, which will look more like and loudly say that his 2-3-men  party is supporting by several  thousand army. That was  seen clearly when the turned-off by drugs young men  went to the police to release their leader and even started fisted fight with the police

The fact is: the government must be timely to take the decision, because this way of  taking care of the strengthening the economy will lead us to a point where neither customer not evaluator of the ”strong  economy”  will survive .The government must understand what does it mean when more than 50 foreigners were detained  during the last month, who were importing  drugs for sale in Georgia and become rich by this way on account of life of Georgians and, who know that  for this nobody will punish them in this country. Accordingly, “Caravan is moving from Tashkent” to bring death tour generation. It is better to change the name of the draft bill temporarily suspended by the government and call it the chronicle of death announced instead of the cultivation of cannabis.

Beso Barbakadze

P.S.; “Allow the use of drugs – this is enmity of our nation,” said the Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia at the sermon.



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