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Dictatorship in the name of Democracy

It is written in the Constitution of every state, not only in Georgia’s one that a person has freedom of speech; this means that...
Guram Sagaradze

“Cohabitation has yielded poisonous fruits!”

The guests of the column "Voices of Nation" are iconic and famous Georgian veteran wrestlers - Guram Sagaradze and Zarbeg Beriashvili. "They are worse than...
The “Dream”, Pseudo-Opposition and Bankrupt Parties

The “Dream”, Pseudo-Opposition and Bankrupt Parties

Transition of the country’s ruling  to the parliamentary model means, naturally, increasing of the role of people and its engagement in the country’s governance....
We should meet on May 9 in a solemn mood

We should meet on May 9 in a solemn mood

Improper assessment of coronavirus risk at an early stage, and then psychosis caused by this threat has created unrest around the world. In this...
elizbar javelidze

Elizbar Javelidze: Let the Venice Commission take care of its pederasts

“The Venice Commission has a negative attitude to the “Georgian Dream’s” initiation regarding definition of marriage in the Constitution” – a member of the...

Harvard Faces DOJ Probe Over Affirmative-Action Policies

The Justice Department is investigating Harvard University’s admissions practices based on a federal civil complaint alleging that the Ivy League discriminates against Asian Americans,...

Father-in-law and Son -in-law – so similar one to another

On July 6th at6  2.0 A.M,  wounded Mindia Gogochuri – son-in-law of the president was delivered by car  to the Republican Hospital. Gogochuri got...

How long it will last so my homeland?!

We are living in a very complex and wonderful geopolitical space to which many masterpieces are devoted. Caucasians are special, proud people with many...
elizbar javelidze

“It is shameful for the country, when the President’s family is full of criminals”

Mikheil Mgaloblishvili - brother of the first lady Maka Chachua, is sentenced for 4 years  of restriction of freedom. This decision was made  a...

Dad allegedly finds 13-year-old child having sex with Bay City teacher

A Bay City man claims he found his 13-year-old child having sex with a 44-year-old teacher in the back seat of a car over...

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