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Bringing Montenegro into NATO Is a Mistake


The Senate voted to approve Montenegro’s entry into NATO:

The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to admit the small Balkan nation of Montenegro to the NATO military alliance, in what is seen as a crucial step in pushing back against Russian meddling in Eastern Europe.

The vote ended up being just as lopsided as expected, but that doesn’t make bringing Montenegro into the alliance any less ridiculous. Admitting Montenegro into NATO won’t do a thing to counter “Russian meddling” anywhere, but it does mean that the alliance has a new security dependent that adds nothing to the organization. It is foolish to extend a new security guarantee to a country that can’t possibly make us or the alliance more secure. In doing so, the Senate has failed in one of its most basic responsibilities. I applaud Sens. Paul and Lee for voting against an unnecessary and pointless expansion of NATO, and I know it will earn them nothing but grief from their colleagues. Adding Montenegro to the alliance was an easily avoidable mistake, and I very much hope that this will be the very last round of expansion.


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