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Better later than never

giorgi kvirikashvili

Prime-minister of Georgia  initiates an introduction of healthy life style in the country

The current developments   have demonstrated clearly that a narco-mafia has strengthened deeply its roots over the country. As a result, number of the so called night clubs where the youth uses the drugs, is increased. Such a disorder, Drug consumption in excess doses, took the lives of several young people. The situation is to some extent preconditioned  by a mass unemployment and a fact that no adequate conditions for the  youth‘s healthy life style, exists. Just by this reason the initiation of Prime minister of Georgia  on development of the healthy life style promoting action plan is critically actual (even late, but still . . . ). Here we mean a development of multi-sided plan where the specific steps for introduction of the healthy life style, creation  of a relevant infrastructure and other supporting actions will be itemized .



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