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And, we will be so, in knocking and knocking, until somebody will knock at out head and say we must be numbered. . .

And, we will be so, in knocking and knocking, until somebody will knock at out head and say we must be numbered. . .

The Parliament of France made the decision according to which certain amendment is to be entered in the law and, from now, in any document, in the boxes “Parents”, instead of the words ”Mother” and “Father”,  the words: “Parent No.1” and “Parent No.2” are to be recorded. It means that  children also may number their parents and name them No.1 and No.2. It is for  joke, but, is it really joke/  as the legislators say, they adopted this law by reason  of avoiding children a psychological trauma, because the number of French families where only men are parents or only women, has increased considerably. Of course, such families cannot have their biological children, that is why they have the right to adopt them, so, the said amendment is to be inserted in the law in order to avoid these adopted children the psychological trauma.

All medals have two sides , so, let’s see the second side of this law. Practically, the government of France recognizes than when a child is to fill-out a questionnaire he/she becomes confused and shameful that his parents are only men or only women, so the legislators “simplified” a child’s  state.

The French legislators say openly that  tis is not normal, because this may cause a psychological trauma to a child, but they have legalize this abnormality. So, what comes out? By one hand the French legislators, acting by name of liberalism, provide the homosexuals and lesbians the right to create families, raise children, while by another hand, recognize that this is not so good. Therefore . If not so, then, who will explain what do they imply in  No.1 and No.2?  We cannot understand!

Besides, nobody thinks about that a psychological trauma may be caused to a child in that caser as well, when only women (mothers) or men (fathers) go to the bedroom and, what is the main thing,  child will not know whether to call mothers or fathers to both of them, or observe to their activeness and then define  who is who. The fact that all this is abnormal is recognized by this law, in France, but, as many other things, this case also is camouflaged  under the name of liberalism and case for children

By the way, this law was  already adopted    when the President of Georgia has paid a working visit to France where Emanuel Macron arranged a  big reception to hos Georgian colleague for this occasion and declared: Mrs. Salome, you are Georgian and you are French. By this, Macron underlined that  Zurabishvili is a “student” of the French political school, France is her second (if not the first) homeland – after being elected, the Frenches celebrated that their country’s representative became president of another country.

But, it is not the most important. Zurabishvili  says she is a Georgian patriot  and I am fond of France as my homeland too – we do not have a right not  to believe in her words. Here another thing is more important. After the meting with Macron, our president confirmed once again that  Europe and America are our choice and that she is not going to talk with Russia. To say frankly, nobody knows in real (nor our foreign partners, probably) why the president  of Georgia underlines permanently that she is not going to talk with Russia and, this is taking place n the background when everybody recognizes that the only (and not one of the) way for resolving the existing territorial problem is the talk with Russia. But no – even until becoming president, and in the first week thereaftyer, Zurabishvili has repeated stubbornly  she is not going to talk with Russia.

By the way, when Russia adopted the law according to which all religious sects were prohibited on the whole territory of the country,  the LGBT society members were practically  announced as illegal, because their activities were restricted at all levels, and in Georgia  this decision was accepted  positively. More specifically,  all recognized that his was a big step made for saving Russia. Do you understand? – For saving Russia, the country with the population over 140 million, i.e.  almost 50 times greater than our country is. A threat that the liberal attitude may lead a nation to annihilation, was  felt even  by such a big country.  It would not be correct if say that we  do not feel this    bur this topic has not been till introduced as worthy for consideration within the legislative  frameworks. Why? because if considered so, this may disappoint that Europe and America to which directions we strive  and want to become a member of their family, a family where parents and numbered by reason of as it taking care of the  future generation’s psychology

If look realistically at the developments, for the lesbians and homosexual to whom the right is given for creation of family and upbringing children , a sadism is legalized practically. It is really sadism when a child of 4- 5 age realizes that most of his/her peers have men and women parents, but he/she . . .  Just here the first big  question mar appears and not in that case when a form is to be filled in and indicate parents as No.1 and No.2. Psychologists of children say that  a child’s psychology is formed at the are of 4-5 and just under the impressions a child receives in that age, he/she starts life. And, what do you think, what will be a child’s impressions when he/she understands that not everything proceeds in a manner it should proceed?!

And generally, why do be like only behind a stage the things which take place in our neighboring country but make quite different statements openly? Why it happens that when a case comes at its critical point, nobody resists to the numerous sects which are flourishing  in Georgia and even sacrifice is a part of “program” of some of them?  Yes, sacrifice, that is mainly implemented at the cemeteries. If you do not know this, then ask to undertakers on how many tombs they noticed hung or burnt cats  how many homeless children are involved in this sects and how many will be in future . Do anybody count them?  Why it happens that nobody is going to raise a voice?- for not to disappoint Europe and America! Or, why do those politicians keep silence who in their meetings with the population  behind the scenes and quietly say that this can not be continued in such a way, that the number of supporters of one-sex marriage is increased in the legislative body as well,  and that is a step to  annihilation of our nation. But, all this is said quietly, for not to be disclosed to many. And ion contrary, they applaud  all European initiations and criticize the NGOs only in cases if their political course i.e. their chairs are under the threat

Where is a way out? The way out will be when  we say openly and directly everything we know, when we recognize openly that the things the America and Europe  put in us (by a direct meaning) is bad , while the restrictions introduced by Russia  – are good for nation, for our survival, because it is well known and acknowledged by all, but behind the stage, only. Meanwhile, the problem of survival of the nation is getting worse

But until the  alarm bell is heard at our doors, listen our president’s  categorical statement – we do not talk with Russia; Listen to  the calls of the European leaders – fight with Russia, knock at the door of the European Union  but without a  hope that anybody will open it. Listen to America, too, which is shouting that expansion of  NATO during the nearest ten years, is impossible, but Georgia may continue knocking because we need brave Georgian soldiers for our international missions. be numbered. . .  And then probably our children will ask at the morning – Equal! Attention!  Count one to two!  Joke and go to that way

Beso Barvakadze

P.S. There are jokes on the sidelines  that during the meeting of our president with her French colleague, the first lady of France almost became mad because of  jealousy. Mr. Emmanuel is 42, while his wife  and former teacher  Brigitte Tornier swill be 66 in April. Our president is 66 now. And, if  say by age, Mrs. Brigitte has really something  to be jealous of . . .



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