Home Politics And now it’s Stoltenberg’s turn

And now it’s Stoltenberg’s turn

And now it's Stoltenberg's turn

According to the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, he wishes to meet personally with  the president of Russia Vladimir Putin and, discus the difficulties existing in relations between Moscow and the Alliance and. Ge indicated also that better  relations should be established with  Russia 

“Russia is the largest neighbor of ours and, will remain so. We should attempt to establish better  relations with it” – he added

For us an interesting thing here is that the main problem  between NATO and Russia is that   NATO’s approach to Russia borders. To say otherwise, iterates to the prospects of integration of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO. Russia is categorically against of such development of the issue and, as it is known to Stoltenberg and he wants to improve the  NATO’s relations with Russia , how can he reach this objective?   – Yeas, you are right – by denying at first  Georgia’s integration there, at least informally, if not officially. And soon, even official  refusal appear. Let’s recall that  starting by James Appathurai and then other top officials, last year and this tear too told us by a clear text  that they will not welcome us in NATO. Now  it’s Stoltenberg’s turn

And, on the background of all this, our blind and deaf ruling power and opposition, continue again chatting about our integration to NATO and “Our sun shining”.



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