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A man suspected in criminal, must not have a right to make business in Georgia

A man suspected in criminal, must not have a right to make business in Georgia

After Georgia has  gained an independence,  we have been asking permanently for  freedom of speech, more specifically, we ask a freedom  of speech  from  a governing power and, no matter who they are; Freedom of speech always remains one of the demands   And finally, we came to a point  where everybody speaks everything they want and, what is more important, all this is heard in the streets, transport, TV. . .  Yes, in TV, through which, not 2 or 3 men but hundred thousands of people can hear  what was told. We are in this terrible  situation because of abuse (a soft word) of the TV media and, just by this reason the budget of our country was caused billions of damage  

Yes, and now a serious scandal is arisen  because  this T Company.  As revealed, in the past “Rustavi 2” was expropriated from Kibar Khalvashi and now,  by decision of the Strasbourg Court, it is returned  back to its owner. It is very good  at one glance, but, this medal has another side too and we are  more interested in this second side. We understand  that as comes out, Kibar Khalvashi was right, that the TV company was expropriated from him illegally, that Saakashvili’s state machinery was actively involved in the case, . .  And,  what then? Nothing. When we applaud  the decision of the Strasbourg Court, Why do not we say that nobody  was brought to criminal responsibility?   A man was deprived of the TV company and, nobody is guilty in it?! If so, in which part of the case was Khalvashi acquitted?    Who were  involved in all this? Or  if we just point on Saakashvili, would it be the end of the case: What was a role of brothers Karamanishvilis in all this? With what sources and how they did they buy this TC company? why didn’t they have doubts that not everything was in order? Maybe they are victims too and  that is why they could not act otherwise?   If so, why did not they return back the TV voluntarily to its legal owner?  And, let’s say here also that Gargi Akimidze and Davit Dvali are also claiming against Kibar Khlalvashi, as if the latter also seized illegally the TV and, by a higher doze  there would be a truth in their claim, because,  during the last meeting between the parties, Khalvashi offered 40% share to Akimidze-Dvali. Of course, nobody gives such a generous  gift for nothing in exchange. . .

And, after the  “Rustavi 2” transferred back to its legal owner while the opposition remained without a serious support, it was decided to organize a new TV, i.e. a new “Rustavi 2”  as a new support for the opposition and not only for it. We guess  this new TV will bean unconditional performer of the directives from the west  and, we also think that a diversion that was implemented recently in the ”Rustavi 2” TV, could not  happen without switching a “green light” from certain western circles

Now, let’s come back to the announced-for-future TV, in which, former defense minister  Davit Kezerashvili is going to be one of the founders and investors. Yes, the same Kezerashvi who was detained in Paris by request of our Prosecutor’s office  but released because the Prosecutor’s Office failed to substantiate its request. Our state power claims against Kezerashvili  everything that may be claimed against a former top official – starting from abuse of office to seizure of large amounts of money. It is true the French court released Kezerashvili, but but iur prosecutor’s office did not terminate criminal persecution against him.

And now, this man against whom numerous criminal cases are brought, says he will be a major funder of a new TV  (by the highest probability, just he was the main funder  of ”Rustavi 2” too). The case relates to several million USD,  i.e. the sum that must not have a man who  came into the power with nothing in his accounts. But, in Georgia, everything happens with bottom up – coming into power is closely associated to gaining big money

It is interesting that after making this announcement by Kezerashvili and excitation of   the opposition, nobody from the government said  anything,  that a man  suspected in criminal, must not have a right to make business in Georgia , that according to a relevant article of the law, Kezerashvuili does not have the right to do business here, and if nothing similar is said in the law, it must be amended immediately, to provide that any person (not only Kezerashvili) suspected in criminal, must be deprived of any legal activity in Georgia

In parallel to Kezerashvili, practically all major oppositional forces announced   opening of the TV channels. As they declare, they are now in the process of searching for donors, that they found such donors abroad, that they will not have problems with money . . . Nobody put questions: Whom and what these TVs will serve for?  In which format will they be working? What will they broadcast? What   will they hide from and what information distribute to the large public?  Instead, the governing party officials agree that “Rustavi 2”, in the form in which it existed, did not distribute a true information to the society, distorted the facts, was tensioning situation . . . And who is a guarantor  that these new TVs will not repeat the same? To more so, Nika Gvaramia, named as  a potential director of the new TV  declared openly that the   new TV will be the Party TV and implement the Party interests.  He added also that this is the first case  when he will lead such a TV. Thus, Gvaramia thinks that  Rustavi 2”, in the form in which it existed and exists, was not an is not a realizer of the party interests. So, can you imagine what information will be broadcasted from the new Party TV? It is not less interesting that  our Prosecutor’s Office as if is searching for the former minister Zurab Adeishvili, while Nika Gvaramia arrives in Budapest and takes an interview from him. . . How can we believe our government does not know where Adeishvili is? Or, how can I believe we cannot request from Hungary to detain and deport Adeishvili  if we provide well-substantiated reasons for his deportation?  But no, our Prosecutor’s Office is in a Ostrich posture, despite that in 2012 the state power came by promise of restoration of justice, it was their main promise to brought to responsibility the top officials of that regime  – Adeishvili, When “Georgian Dream” was in opposition, its leaders were talking openly about “heroic” affairs of Adeishvili,. but now they have nothing to substantiate

We really are not going to request for limitation of the freedom of speech, but we deemed it necessary  that the government  to restrict one’s right to say anything he/she want, through the TV. More over,   an individual against whom a criminal case is constituted,  must not gave the right to organize  even a “box”  to say nothing about the TV. The TV is not a market  – open and trade by your produ8cts. . . . especially against the background of such a threat . . . Yes, threat, because Gvaramia, Kerzerashvili and “National Movement” in general, are threatening   that this new TV will be their, partial TV and will be actively involved in overturning the current state power. It is true several months are needed for gaining a certain rating,. but the time period left before the 2020 Parliamentary Elections, is quit enough  to gain a rating and broadcast through the TV the news which may become a subject of wide discussions

Just by this reason, if the Law is lack of the above mentioned article, this gap must be recovered  during the Fall parliamentary Session, to provide that  those individial who are suspected in criminal or are under the search by the state, be deprived of not only opening TV channels on the territory of Georgia but even conducting any business here.Otherwise, the country will look like a Caravanserai where all can enter and trade

Beso Barbakadze  



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