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“A feeling that the country and our citizens have not a patron, is not a new one, we the Georgian have such a feeling permanently, after declaring independence”

Gia Khukhashvili

Despite the fact that the current government pretends it is  “national” , a feeling of nonpatronage is born inside the Georgian society. One can meet often the following phrase in the social network”: “Why do I have a feeling that the country is remained without a patron?”  and, an immediate answer  follows: “Because  it does not have a patron!” Expert of economy Gia Khukhashvili and Director of the Eurasian Institute” Gulbaat Rtskhiladze  discuss with us about the feeling of nonpatronage in the Georgian society and  other important topics.

Governance of our state power looks like the North Korean model, so closed they are 

Gia Khukhashvili, expert of economics: 

-, If look through the last 30-year history of our country, we can find that we really passed various stages – the government drowned in the swamp of corruption, the harsh and merciless dictatorship. . . as to the current power, all these vicious elements are gathered in it ,but with a poor degree of performance. Neither in corruption nor in dictatorship did they reach  “higher points”, but in terms of

viciousness, they are ”successful”. So, today we gave the government that is characterized by all bad features we have ever seen, but in a low registry

-. Citizens have a feeling of unprotection,  that the country has no patron. For instance, when the first  person of the country was asked about impairment of the national currency, he explained it as the result of  destructive actions of the opposition   . . .  

-, When we mention the first person of the country, we must say his surname too, because we do not know who is the  first in our country. I think you implied Bakhtadze, in this case . . .

Indication on others is a behavior of  a bankrupt state power. In the economic fluctuations of the last period the “Nationals” have contributed as well,  but their share in these events is 5%, not more, while the remainder is of the government. Notwithstanding the actions of the  “Nationals” , they could cause only a  jump-like fall of the currency, while we de are witnesses of a stable fall of the currency rate now, which started earlier of 20th June

A serious noise is broken out because of the Anaklia Port. If to look through the processes  and observe when the disorders started, we can see that it coincides the period when the investment package should be completed.

The Americans want to build and fund the Anaklia Port, but in exchange they need to obtain the long-term political l  guarantees, otherwise they say this port will not be built at all. In such a situation, an idea occurs in my mind: Maybe  our government talks with Americans by language of chantage?

– But, is Georgia capable to speak with Americans by language of chantage?

-,Whether the third world country may speak with America by language of Chantage- it is another theme and madness, but anyway, I think it our government can do it, because it has no other way to preserve the power, therefore, it is the matter of life and death for it and, our  government will sign all kind of madness, since it is in the condition of affect, now.

The society really has a feeling hat the country is remained without patronage, because the government is locked inside the bunker, shut down the internet, phones, terminated communication with the outer universe, and speaks only with its members, and they say not something  reasonable but  the things like as if they are so strong,  how people likes them, etc. our state power looks like the North Korean model, so closed they are . They were the North Koreans who stated in conversations to each other that they will soon send a satellite on the Marc. Ours look  like  those Koreans, but, in fact, our government stands at a wall, so it becomes dangerous. That is why I do not think we must attack  too   strongly the government, vice versa, we must leave for them a hole to run, but at the same time, we  must  do all for they understand that their affairs are bad. What may happen  that allow them to stay in the power?!

The “Dream”  will go, but, we must assure them that resignation is not a tragedy and the life continuers to run on its way. If the leading party remains on the position that they must preserve he power with all possible means,    they will become more terrible. They cannot perform  their    duties, but cam spoil the things. Salome Zurabishvili is a classical example for this case. Now she is harvesting peach, that is why I am not concerned because at this moment she cannot do something wrong

Gulbaat Rtskhiladze

“For the USA, Georgia faded into the backstage”   

Gulbaat Rtskhiladze , director of the “Eurasian Institute”  

-, A feeling that the country and our citizens  have not a patron, is not a new one, we the Georgian have such a feeling permanently, after declaring  independence

In the 1992  Parliament of  there was one depute, – Sumbatashvili.  One cdy, he took a floor and  reproached Shevardnazde – Batono Eduard, you filed to make the main thing for the country – to find a patron for it. In “Patron” he implied  a one outside the country and, he was not alone who thought so.  Similar feeling was prevailing in the society of that time and the same is true today too. We search for our patron outside, despite the words which we remember always – “We must be patrons of ourselves”

We, the Georgians, are a weak society, we search for a survival from outside. That is why everybody who can, runs  to abroad. Nobody thinks for self-organization and case of the country. If a foreigner comes here to cultivate our lands, why cannot we do the same?   It would be advisable to press the government on this direction. We have to cultivate our lands,  create the farmers societies. But only a few men wish to do it. An ugly system is formed, that is why it is not surprising that we have a feeling of nonpatronage

This feeling is strengthening also by fact that the country has the problems in all four directions – None of our neighbors are our friends, and we know it

-, America even did not appointed its ambassador here, and despite the fact that  a majority of people does not want it, they say Georgia  means nothing even for America . . . 

-, Yes, this is true, because America has changed its foreign policy in many aspects. There exist both permanency and changeability and, Georgia got into this changeability. America has the tensioned relations  not only with Russia and Trump is attempting  for its de-escalation, butwith the Republic of Turkey too   which is the very important ally of the USA and  member of  the NATO. Turkey has an unique geographical location, it controls  both the  Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits i.e. the  Europe – Asia border and the only entry-exit point of the Black Sea. America always paid a great attention to Turkey. An independent policy pursued by Erdogan and the increasing ambitions of Turkey   have caused certain changes. The 2016 rebel in Turkey has changed lots of things. That rebel was linked to America  – Gulen who is announced in Turkey as a terrorist, resides in the USA, while Americans deny the Turks’ request for his deportation. This circumstance has caused a certain distrust of Turks  towards America. Besides, the latest fact is that Turkey purchased from Russia the  air defense system.

Our country is situated at the East  from the  Black See, in the middle area between Russia and Turkey. That is why Georgia is not an easily  accessible territory,  while e the Black Sea itself became a questionable issue for the USA, since it  should think about the Romania and Bulgaria water areas, there  are  problems in relations with the Ukraine. But anyway, Georgia remains an important country but we are for the USA more a subject of care than a useful instrument. That is why Georgia faded into the backstage for the USA. This is not bad at all, because when America becomes active and its presidents visit Georgia (I mean visit of Bush) it  always turns into misfortune for us  – three yeas later of the US president’s visit we were involved in the large-scale war. I hope that decrease of the US interests  in Georgia is a chance to balance the relations with our neighbor, but I do not think this weak government would reach it, because radical changes are to be made in this direction

We must remove this government through the elections,  but unfortunately, nobody is to elect I think to take part in the elections marathon, but it is already a bad idea because when a person who has never been involved in the politics and has such an idea, it means that everything is bad

-, And, how people will name this government after its removal from the power? 

– This government has not a name, it has no face,  no  Neither their removal nor their stay in the power will decide the county’s fate. I can not see even one clever man in their members, who could say: Stop! What are you doing!  Since 20 June the country I paralyzed, and it comes out that we must organize the anti-occupation meetings?   is not it a madness?

I maty recall 1990s when we were arranging the anti-Russia rallies on one hand, and  shouting “Down with Bush!” on the other hand .Now we went back to the meetings, camps, gangs will be formed –  stronger than we remember from the past. No way out . . .

Prepared by

Eka Naskidashvili  



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