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A country that follows to whimsicality of one woman, will be damaged in all directions

Salome Zurabishvili

Probably all of you remember how dishonorably Mikheil Saakashvili  pardoned the killers of Sandro Girgvlani  and  how serious protest by side of the civil society was caused because of this decscion – almost all Georgians went to streets. But, the nationals  regime and Saakashvili personally, adopted and passed  by force  the decision and the Discretionary right of the president

After substitution of the stet power, the main thing people believed was that killers will not be released from jails without cause and will not be pardoned by the president But. . . at fist Giogi Marhvelashvili pardoned his classmates, friends and relatives, and now Salome Zurabishvili committed a thing that cannot be explained simply.

Let’s start by a fact that the president up now does not have organized the Pardon Commission  and, unilaterally makes decisions, who must be or must not be pardoned. To say frankly, the society had many questions to the  earlier existing commission too, but their acts were explainable – there were recommendations  and in case of more serious questions , the commission members declared this or that  decisions regarding particular individuals, were made unilaterally by the president.

Correspondingly, we knew that this or that person was pardoned not by the commission but by the president, and then, when it became clear that they, the pardoned,  were friends of childhood of the president’s family members , we could understand his motivation.

On December 27, 2014,  a 22-years old policeman Tarash Mukbaniani was killed in “Legacy” Night Club, in Batumi. The suspected Ramaz Devadze was detained in Sarpi when he wanted to cross the border. The court sentenced him 12 years imprisonment in length. However, his advocates insisted it was not a deliberate murdering , the suspected  just take off the  gun and afterwards when trying to take out  a bullet , a random  shot happened . The experts report says also that   Mukbaniani was severely beaten. There were some assumptions that the conflict started by the policeman  who was drunk. But finally,  the court  acknowledged him guilty and sentenced him 12 years imprisonment in length. It was revealed also on the court hearings that in the same 2014, several months prior to the said conflict, Devadze abused another policeman, but was not punished for this offense , According to backstage information Devadze was a member of a close surrounding circle of he so called “Thief in law” Mindia Goradze (the same Lava-Oglu), therefore, he was under his patronage.

And, such a figurant of the case was pardoned simply by the president  and, what is more important, she declares she is not obliged to provide explanations because it is her discretionary right. Just on this term Zurabishvili makes an emphasis and. . .

“Discretionary right  is a power granting an administrative body or an official servant to select one among several decisions  relevant to the law, on the basis of public or private interests”  – this is the explanation of this term according to the  glossary of the Georgian legal terms. Her it is indicated directly that the decision is to be made  “on the basis of public or private interests”, but, this provision was not observed at all, by the president. So, if  the president is not going T to explain this decision to the society and is not interested in the opinion of the large public,   she can explain it to the  family of the killed,  why she decided so and, answer questions to people who did not forget how the life of 22 years old policeman  was terminated .  

Madam president must know well that in real, she was not voted even by 2-3% of the voters in Georgia, and that if not the leading team’s support,   she could not became not a president but even a member of parliament. So, probably she is right when says that she is not answerable to the voters because she simply does not have voters. But family?!

It is interested, what Giorgi Gakharaia will say to his officers who  fight  against crime  how can  he explain them at they may be killed in his fight against crime but  afterwards the president my pardon a criminal  and release from jail?! It is impossible to explain and probably,  that is why the leading party members want to receive  explanations by the president, but, no explanations are still provided by her. Indication  on Devdze would not be correct, because in this case the claims may be less – he is pardoned and released. But, why was he pardoned?  –  It  doesn’t concern him, really

Unfortunately, this is not the first case when the president makes statements ad commit things based on her  unilateral decision, which cannot be explained, Such the decisions and statements cause a damage not only to the country’s image but  to the economy and the  foreign course, as well, plus affect the country by view of investments.   So, a country  that follows to whimsicality of one woman, will be damaged in all directions

By the way  do you remember what was the very first statement Zurabishvili made after the elections? I will not speak with Russia, It is our enemy country – she said (against her pre-election promises, by the way) and, this was said in conditions where neither  local nor external problems can be settled without a direct dialog with Russia. Then was tale-playing before Europe and USA but she received nothing in exchange. Nothing, because they made promises earlier too, but without any further effective steps. The same may be expected today

We remember also her postures in Davitgareja and then her statement provoked the events which are still on up today . A paradox fact is: All agree  that Azerbaijan claims for our historical territory

, but it is our friend country, while Russia is occupant. Probably, here our land is different and its hold  by foreign state is not  occupation, and, what is more important, nobody protests this situation as if it is a common practice.

It is so outside Georgia – President is  a face of the country, while her statement is deemed  a statement and vision of the nation. Foreigners are not interested how and in which situation we elected the president, that she was voted just because the nation did not want the ”Nationals” to come back. Correspondingly, all the statements made by the president will be reflected positively or negatively on the country. But, up now she nether  made nor performed  good statements and things. As to bad statements made by the president in and outside the country,   are so much that we even cant list them. The government says we transitioned to the parliamentary republic and the right an powers of the president are limited to the maximum extent. But, as seen this is correct on a paper only. President is the country’s representative according to the constitution  and, in ral, just because of the president’s statements we got into numerous misunderstandings and, the most important is that even the members of the leading party cannot explain why it . s to the opposition, they add oil to fire and spoils completely everything that is done  even badly

The worst in all this is that the president  appeal on the country’s serious  problems without any advice from others and, offers them  solution of problem in a way that she deems it right. But, in  most cases her decisions are damageable for the country. Zurabishvili does not miss a chance not to scold Russia and, in final stage, cannot name he ways how he Georgia-Russia problems can be resolved. She says  negotiations  with Russia is impossible, and speaks with Europe and USA, while they are busy only by expressing their concern, and enforcing  us to reject a direct  dialog it Russia  and preserve problem for undetermined period, or, to say more precisely,  for a period that USA and Europe need, since they are ready at any time  to table this or that theme, tension the situation   and trade tae with Russia  abut Georgia. This is a fact and we cannot escape of it. And, until Georgia is a subject of trade for the west,  nobody must be surprised  if the president releases killers from prison and say nothing for explanations, because  a if it is her discretionary right

Beso Barbakadze 



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