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Levan Khabeishvili: Every third deputy of the Georgian Dream is a declared millionaire


The party Georgian Dream has 36 declared millionaire deputies in Parliament. This information was published by the monitoring center Mediator.  

The list of the deputies whose movable-immovable property’s value exceeds a million GEL is such: Shota Salelashvili (34 907 760), Ioseb Makrakhidze (12 733 919), Beka Odisharia (12 414 270), Levan Kobiashvili (9 828 530), Koba Narchemashvili (7 672 000), Elguja Gotsiridze (6 057 100), Ivliane Tsulaia (5 940 000), Kakhaber Okriasvili (5 940 000), Gocha Enukidze (5 181 800), Makhir Darzievi (4 771 600), Davit Chichinadze (4 248 800), Tamaz Naveriani (3 982 500), Paata Kvizhinadze (3 696 300), Revaz Arveladze (3 560 916), Grigol Mikeladze (3 175 940), Goderdzi Chankseliani (2 835 000), Zakaria Kutsnashvili (2 762 100), Leri Khabelovi (2 543 750), Irakli Kovzanadze (2 491 190), Simon Nozadze (2 443 500), Viktor Japaridze (2 296 700), Irakli Khakhubia (2 183 100), Isko Daseni (2 150 060), Nino Tsilosani (2 074 207), Koba Kobaladze (1 949 400), Davit Songulashvili (1 922 400), Merab Kvaraia (1 903 716), Giorgi Kakhiani (1 855 116), Levan Koberidze (1 709 900), Gela Samkharauli (1 550 680), Irakli Abuseridze (1 400 000), Otar Danelia (1 359 450), Zaza Khutsishvili (1 325 160), Samveli Manukiani (1 270 500), Akaki Zoidze (1 100 203) and Giorgi Begadze (1 024 920).

Specifically what are the revenues of the above mentioned deputies, what businesses they possess and how their official position reflected on their property declaration?

“Georgia and the World” contacted the founder of the monitoring center Mediator – Levan Khabeishvili and asked him to comment on this issue.

Levan Khabeishvili: -The survey started in December 2016 and continued for two and a half months. It was a rather labor-consuming work. Not everyone had completed the form of property declaration and this complicated our task a little.

As for the numbers, the survey conducted on the basis of public information showed that Georgian Dream has 36 millionaire deputies in parliament; this means that every third deputy of Georgian Dream is a declared millionaire and total value of their property exceeds several million GEL.

-Is it known what the sources of their income are?

– 90 percent of these deputies are involved in entrepreneur activities. In this respect we assessed that in fact they are not only deputies, but also mini-oligarchs. Actually they do not perform any lawmaking activities and they are used as “remote control deputies”. For example, Shalelashvili, Odisharia, Tsulaia, Okriashvili… These are the names of the deputies who actually stay in shadow and are unknown to the general public. They are not involved in any political activity; they sit quietly in parliament and think only about their business.

– Do you mean that they use the deputy mandate for their business activity?

-Anyway, there is a question: why is not parliament adequate to the problems that really exist in the country? Food is getting expensive, fuel price is increasing, national currency is devaluating and why don’t they take any proper measures? There is a simple explanation to this: There are millionaires in our parliament, they have everything and do not worry about the hardest social background. No matter whether bread gets ten or fifteen Tetris more expensive, it is of no significance for Shota Shalelashvili. This is why that any inadequate decision made by Georgian Dream is supported unanimously by all the deputies.

As for the specific benefit, for example, two companies of the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Tariel Khechikashvili received 7 million GEL through tender since the date Georgian Dream came to power. Such problems and approaches allows us say that certain deputies are abusing their official power or slavishly obeys oligarch Ivanishvili. So, we are not talking unreasonably and without any arguments, there are concrete facts, concrete numbers and data, that are public and anyone can see…

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania 



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