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Adeishvili -Gvaramias audio recording about bribing of judges


Ukrainian Internet media, “the Ukrainian revolution” published a scandalous audio recording in which “Rustavi 2” General Director Nikoloz Gvaramia and former Justice Minister Zurab Adeishvili, are talking about bribing the judges examining the case regarding “Rustavi 2”.

“The most surprising about Mikhail Saakashvili and his encirclement is that they never stop to impress. This time, his closest encirclement offers bribes to Judges, a specific amount of 3 million dollars has been named”, – says the media.

Gvaramia: Alo

Adeishvili: Yes, Nika

Gvaramia: How are you doing?

Adeishvili: Well, I am all right!

Gvaramia:  You have not talked with Misha, have you?

Adeishvili: I have not seen him yet, and I did not speak with him either.

Gvaramia: He called me himself, he asked what was going on, why it was such a complex situation and I talked with him.

Adeishvili: They are very nervous, they are willing to, it will be done as soon as they have the chance… wait a little and something will be resolved soon.

Gvaramia: Do it, please.  I cannot speak with neither this one or with that person. I’d rather talk with you. Do it somehow. It’s just up to you now.  

Adeishvili: Yeah, and this Alavidze and the second guy, this is not “clear” about Alavidze yet, is it?  Yes, Misha said, that he began to work “with fundraising”.

Gvaramia: If it is the case, then we’ll win the process “definitely”

Adeishvili: He will have to pay a very big price to him.

Gvaramia: And what money we are talking about, Zura. Come on, Thee should not be any talk about three millions; it is not worth talking at all. 

Adeishvili: No, we want to get a serious “Fundraising”

Gvaramia: Akhvlediani has done a work worth much more, you know that

Adeishvili: Yes, I understand

Gvaramia: Yes, and I am not asking anything, Zura, please get me correctly. I want this to be done and please help me as much as you can, and I think that this is the sort of thing you can call a “minor show”  I do not think that I am asking for something “Heavy” which is not possible. I think that it is a “minor show” when you have a claim to be something in the country.

Adeishvili: I understand that, we should decide things, this way or another. You have to arrive here.

Gvaramia: I will. I just don’t want to speak with that Karamanishivli. He is a weird, sick and insane. 

Adeishvili: (laughs): That, what you are saying now is absolutely inappropriate.

Gvaramia: Zura, listen well, why is it inappropriate?

Adeishvili: That is not only your trouble; it is everyone’s problem to begin with.”



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