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Mamuka Nozadze: According to the Resolution dated December 5th 2012, we have 200 political prisoners, but none of the judges and prosecutors are punished, who sentenced them by political reasons!


Both the former backers and former opponents of Bidzina Ivanishvili are now disappointed by his policy. He did not restored justice, the “National Movement” feels itself wonderful. Murderers and offenders still preserve higher positions. This is the interview of the advocate of “Georgia & the World” with Mamuka Nozadze:  

-, Four years have already passed since the “Georgian Dram” governs the country. But, despite this, the ”Nationals” still occupy key positions in the ministries. The law enforcement bodies also are full of those individuals who must be imprisoned for the crimes, tortures, and other terrible actions they committed in the past times. What is happening in the system? For what dignity and honor they are on the high positions?

-, The Prime Minister must, first of all, pay attention to his subordinated officers who were the representatives of the “National Movement” and were involved personally in crimes directed against the society. If the Prime Minister wants not to see the representatives of “National Movement” in the country, he and his team had enough time and possibilities to take legal measures against the “National Movement” as a criminal group. But, the Georgian government is relied just on those individuals who were participating in tortures and inhuman actions and who are still preserving the higher post on different governmental structures. I remember the statement made by Vakhtang Maisaia,  who disclosed a guilty investigator who was the “right hand” of Mindia Janelidze. What is happening? Until journalists will disclose such the facts, can I be sure that the government does not know who was the torturers and criminals who are even today on the higher positions? As to the “Nationals” working in the Ministry of Justice,  I think that all the Georgians will be happy no to se4e in TV the cynic statements of Tea Tsulukiani, because they are abusive for the society. I can say on whom Tsulukianin is supported – on Levan Meskhoradze, the “Nationals” member. She could fire him from the office but she did not do it. Tsulukiani knew well who is Levan Meskhoradze., he was the chairman of the Department of the representation of International Courts at the Ministry of Justice during the period of governance of the “National Movement” and a boy of Zurab Adeishvili. He personally provided the executioners of the Penitentiary Department  with the information on those persons, who allied to the Strasbourg Court. They were involved in preparation of samples of letters, as if this or that prisoners, for instance – Valerian Baliashvili, Mamuka Kochlamazashvili and others, voluntarily  asked for withdrawing the claims from the international Court. As a result of the information disclosed by them, Levan Meskhoradze directly exercised pressure on them, to take back their claims from the Strasbourg Court.  I remember also the case of MIkoloz Khmiadashvili, who was removed from the list of the European Court as if by reason of reconciliation, but when the state should had to pay to him 7 thousand Euro, he was called to the Ministry of Justice, in the Department chaired by Levan Meskhoradze and, forced him to write the application that he did not want to receive this money. Just this person – Levan Meskhoradze is not dismissed from the office by Tea Tsulukiani. Another example – Deputy Justice Minister Lortkipasnidze, who was earlier working in the Foreign Ministry and serving for the “Nationals”.  That is why, today they make amendments to the law, while then say that such amendments were not correct. For example,  they made amendment to the Law on General Courts (by the way, the “National Movement” has protested this decision) and fixed 3-year testing period for the judges, even if he/she was a former judge, and only after expiry of this term a judge could be appointed  basis, on the position on a permanent basis. But then, unexpectedly, Tea Tsulukiani and Alexander Baramidze met5 with the judges and made decision that the amendment made 1,5 years ago, was not correct and asked for restoring the previous version of the law, i.e. a judge is not required any more to undergo the 3-year testing period..As a matter of fact, this term was fixed because not to allow former judges who were loyal to ”Nationals”, to take positions, or the representatives of the society not to have questions regarding the unjust decisions made by such judges in the past. That is why they introduced this model, they wanted to have under a permanent pressure such judges. But, as seen, they started then thinking otherwise

The Prosecutors Office prosecutors office is a part of the Ministry of Justice and, the situation there is terrible, as well.  Gocha Parulava to whom the civil society has a  negative attitude,  is elected as a member of the Board of Prosecutors, because , he personally participated in the procedural reconciliations, illegal deals, including appropriation of property. This man is not punished at all! Instead, he is  promoted and elected as a member of the Board of Prosecutors. You cannot name even one prosecutor and judge, who was punished during the governance of the “Georgian Dream”. According to the official data,  we have 200 political prisoners, but none of the judges and prosecutors are punished, who sentenced them by political reasons!

– I.e. they are needed for some reason and that is why they are not dismissed from the posts, Or, maybe there is another reason?

– They are in need. Any government wants to have such executioners, because they may to perform this or that illegal action and their position is the following:  I do my job. No matter who is governing the country. I do things if ordered to do.

They are degraded people, who always do assignments. Who was punished from those individuals who worked in the jails?  Thousands of applications were submitted regarding the crimes they committed, but, only two insignificant persons were punished lightly. Even the amnesty was applied to them. Vazha Tskhvediani, Aleksi Tolordava, Giorgi Avsajanishvili and others were nor brought to the responsibility at all!

– As to the videos disclosing the facts of tortures  and sexual offenses, which have been spread recently,  can it be something more worsening for a Georgian man?

-, The government uses these videos  for justifying its spinelessness and inability, because it has failed to fulfill promises they gave to the people and, now they want to re-direct their attention to such facts.  They had all the mechanisms to handle with the “Nationals” regime but they, as seen, did not want to do it. One part of the society will always oppose to another part. It is already the fourth year they came to the state power but, it is not still investigated the cases of finding evidences in barrels, neither the crimes committed in the prisons. The Prosecutors Office keeps these cases on the shelves . These videos were in their hands and, they could brought the offenders to the criminal responsibility because a systemic crime was obvious. They could also to make decision regarding registration of the “Nationals” Party, because this Party committed a crime against the humanity and, could be prohibited. But, they entered in cohabitation with them. Moreover all ministries –MIA,  Defense, others are completed by “Nationals” To say shortly, unless the  government      starts thinking in different manner, the situation will become very bad, the society will lose patience and, both “Dream” and “Nationals” as the partners, will receive a revolution. I do not think it will be useful for the country 


Interviewed by Keti Khomeriki 



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