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Vakhtang Maisaia: Saakashvili is Pol Pot of the Caucasus


The amnesty of political prisoners has come into force in Georgia. Vakhtang Maisaia – a diplomat, political expert, Professor of the Tbilisi University is among those released. In the interview with “The Voice of Russia” he talks about how they fabricated an accusation against him and compares Georgian prison with a concentration camp.

_ Why you were detained and what you were accused of? 

_ I was accused of spying and military spying, i.e. I was accused based on two articles. I was accused of spying in favor of both NATO and special services of Russian Federation, which is itself a paradox. Such accusations were used against unfavorable representatives of Georgian opposition. Although, a real motive was political – I dared to express critical opinion about Saakashvili’s regime. I was criticizing him for actions committed during the war, for bombing peaceful Tskhinvali and for his unworthy action, as a Commander-in-Chief. My case I quite big  – it consists of 5 volumes. Can you imagine? There are 5 volumes of fabricated materials! 

_ Is it true that you wrote a book?

_ I wrote a book in English language and it should have been published at the end of 2009 year. I was personally conducting negotiations in London and Bratislava with regard to publishing the book. It was a complete military-political analysis of the 2008 year August war.

_ Tell us about your release. How did it happen and what was the cause?

_ I was released on a basis of the amnesty which was adopted by Georgian parliament at the end of October. The President Saakashvili put a veto upon it, although the Parliament overrode a veto. This served as a basis for my release and what is the most important, in accordance with the resolution of the Parliament, I was assigned a status of the political prisoner.

_ How do you see a way out of impasse in terms of diplomatic relations existing between Russia and Georgia?

_ It is difficult to say anything at this stage. But those steps which Georgian authorities have already taken can probably mitigate difficult relations existing between our countries. I think, new authorities of Georgia has chosen an absolutely correct political course. Economic and cultural relations shall be restored, which shall be followed by settlement of political relations, although, it is natural that consensus between both sides in necessary.

_ What do you think about change of authorities in Georgia. What king of changes we can expect? What hopes do you have?

_ We can expect big changes. Saakashvili’s totalitarian regime is being disappeared.  This is very important. Georgia people made a wise decision on October 01, 2012. The parliamentary elections prepared a basis for destruction of Saakashvili’s regime. Intensive work has already been started towards this direction. I think this is a victory of Georgian democracy. Georgian people proved that they have a complete right to enjoy freedom it deserves.

_ Which main mistakes would you point out from those made by Saakashvili with regard to relationship with Russia and positioning of Georgia on the international arena? 

_ Mikheil Saakashvili’a every step made in the internal policy was absolutely incorrect, as he established a repressive system. It was a regime of “Caucasian Pol Pot”. I called Saakashvili “Caucasian Pol Pot” in one of my publications. Saakashvili’s foreign adventurous policy also is a good evidence of this.  With his militaristic expressions and incompetent political decisions, Mikheil Saakashvli brought country to a war.  The fact that Georgian people got rid of this idol is a significant breakthrough in terms of  development of Georgian democracy. This is a precondition of strengthening of Georgian state organization.

_ What plans do you have after release?

_Release is a second birth for me. I was at the edge of death and life every day, since Georgian prison is a real concentration camp. This was Georgia holster, which was constructed by Saakashvili on bones of his own people. Many non-guilty people were killed in this holster, many still remain there.

 “Georgia and World” sincerely congratulates Vakhtang Maisaia and all political prisoners with release from imprisonment and wished him success in private life and professional activity.





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