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The President, the Head of Security, Turk businessman and Love in “Intourist”


There were so many things said and written about mindless jumping, undisciplined feasts and rage of Mikheil Saakashvili that many stories will stay as legends and pass on from generation to generation. In brief, the personage “President Mikheil Saakashvili” will doubtlessly stay in Georgian epos in the fairy tales and legends.
It is to be noted that now the “Nationals” do not hide any more the loathsome, mindless and inappropriate behavior not for President but for simply adult man. Yes, for now “National small fry” already speaks out loudly what they have seen by their own eyes – the shameful behavior of the President. One of these persons who is counted as the “father” of the “Nationals” contacted us himself and told us the one of the “crazy” adventures of Misha.
This happened in Batumi, hotel “Intourist” exactly on the day when Georgian singer who works in England – Katie Melua- had her concert in Batumi Boulevard, it happened in July, 2009.
As you know, “Georgia and the World” usually does not  publish the stories told by incognito respondent and moreover on the delicate topic like this. But this time we decided to make you aware of one “Crazy-Natzi” story. Naturally, every information needs to be checked though who, which clerk or employee of which hotel would approve it? So we offer you the story without any changes and you make your own conclusions how it corresponds to the truth or how this could happen.
Shortly, all “National elite” headed for Katie Melua concert. For that time Radisson Batumi, Marriott and other hotels were not still completed and the best and prestigious was “Intourist” so all the “National” beau-monde gathered at “Intourist”. Mikheil Saakashvili also settled there and he was alone without his wife and the children.
Before we listen to our respondent we will explain – this man avoids appearance at the press for the understandable reasons – he does not wish that our law-enforcement guys let him forget his name, bother his family and relatives and push him into the prison for the reason of having the reactive bomber in his home cellar. Now let’s listen to him:
-I didn’t participate in any official delegation from the beginning but I wanted to attend the concert of Katie Melua very much. I was accompanied by my wife in Batumi. We settled in other hotel though my friends, colleagues lived at “Intourist” and I visited them, we drank together and amused. We all went to Batumi two days before concert. As you remember the concert of Melua was arranged open air in Batumi Boulevard. It rained before the concert and the cellulose packs were distributed to us and it didn’t help those who hadn’t the umbrellas. Melua made her repertoire shorter, finished the concert half an hour earlier than planned and my wife and me- we went directly to the hotel. Our hotel was close to “Intourist”. We changed our wet clothes, the rain stopped and we walked to “Intourist”. We drank a little there and had a good time.
We were in the midst of our feast when I felt awful headache and I left for fresh air out. I stood for 10 minutes in the yard of the hotel then I entered the foyer lounge of the hotel, sat into the chair for 10 minutes thinking to return to the restaurant in 10 minutes. At this moment Saakashvili dashed by, the security behind him with Alana Gagloeva closing the row. Yes, I am “National”, I work at the State Service but I see “live” President rarely. I followed him by my eyes. Misha and Alana went by the separate elevator – Misha first, Alana after him. 4 members of security followed them by the second elevator.
You know what faces the security guys had? Poor, tired- it was by 12 of night may be later and all day running after Misha- imagine ? Security thought -now we are safe – they entered their rooms to take shower and to have a rest. Some of them lied down to have rest. I found out it later but from what I tell now- everyone will make the same conclusion.
Approximately 20 minutes passed after the “delegation” went up. I smoked a cigarette and intended to return to the restaurant. At this moment the elevator door opened, Misha dashed by my side, putting on his sport T-shirt. I was sitting by the entrance of the restaurant. The door of the second elevator opened and two members of the security ran – one of them buttoning the trousers, the second – of the shirt pushing it into the trousers- it’s ok because they managed to come down by the same elevator. These two managed to be in order they entered the restaurant speaking something on the hand-radio. The third member of security ran down the stairs (believe me or not- up to you) he had his shirt the wrong side on, he came down the stairs, turned away, took it off, put it on normally, pushed it into the trousers, fixed his belt and ran into the restaurant. I didn’t know- to laugh or not to laugh. But you should see the fourth one. He also ran down the stairs with the shoulder strap T-shirt, shirt in his hands, the belt with the holster and the gun in it, the hand-radio and white towel hanging on his shoulder with golden words on it “Intourist”. As it seems, he was taking the shower when they told him “Saakashvili goes down” and he put on what he had time for and what he couldn’t – he took in his hands. His hair was wet- as it seems- he dried it all way down by the towel on the stairs. The Presidential room is on the fifth floor in “Intourist” and he dried his hair all five floors. He also put on his shirt, fixed his belt, threw the towel into the trash bin and rushed into the restaurant. I was astonished. In ten minutes Alana Gagloeva came down by elevator, went out the restaurant- the car waiting for her, sat into it and left for some place.
Why this craze happened to Misha and his security?
I found out it partially after I entered the restaurant and in whole- in the next days…I entered the restaurant…
Before you enter the restaurant tell me- except you, did anyone see this amusement?
Yes, the girls from the hotel reception, I think, there were three of them I was sitting in front of the registration desk and saw their surprised faces. There is also the branch office of some bank. One girl was sitting there too. Minimum five persons of us saw this free performance.
Now tell us what happened in the restaurant.
I entered the restaurant and before approaching my table I saw Saakashvili, Levan Varshalomidze at one table and between them- some man with the moustache and two persons sitting by back. Two tables by their side and in front of them were occupied by the security. Now there were already 6 persons on the security. I sat at my place. I didn’t tell anything I just asked – how Varshalomidze appeared there. They told me that he entered not so long before and he spoke in Turkish to those 3 persons.
So what happened: that man with the moustache that was sitting in the middle of Misha and Levan was Turkish businessman and the two others – his accompany persons. Saakashvili had the meeting appointed with those two businessmen in “Intourist”. This was the very Turk whose company constructed “Sheraton”. Certainly they had the table reserved. Varshalomidze and that Turk businessman came up, sat down and waited for Misha and Misha didn’t come. Varshalomidze telephoned Misha- “I brought this man and where are you”-  Misha had forgotten this meeting he wanted to amuse in the Presidential room…So he put on his clothes quickly…
Was he naked in the room?
Yes of course?! All hotel and all Batumi spoke the second day…Misha almost threw the Turk businessman. I didn’t tell this story to anyone up to now as it seems the hotel staff distributed it. As I told you, except me at least four persons saw this “concert”. Now, who knows- who rushed at two security guys on the stairs- the hotel staff or the guest- who knows? Or maybe someone saw this crazy game on the fifth floor? The hotel staff was there for sure in the Presidential room- may be he needed something? Because the four members of Personal Security are in the rooms.
Now let’s return to the Presidential room. Varshalomidze telephoned Misha – “We are waiting for you”. Misha urgently left the room. At this moment the Head of Security was in the opposite room, the door was opened he had taken off his clothes and shoes and he was having the rest.
From where do you know it?
I know many things. The Head of Security shouted into the hand-radio – “Object #1 moved!” and after this the craze began, when two men ran like crazy from the elevator, one of them was the Head of Personal Security. I also got to know that two persons running on the stairs, one of them had strained his leg and almost broke it. The second day he was sent to Tbilisi substituted by another man.
And at last, did the meeting take place among Saakashvili and that Turk businessman?
Yes, perhaps they spoke. The fact is – the hotel was constructed by that man.
I will tell you one thing and finish by it. We were in the restaurant and Ukraine journalists entered, press journalists. They sat at the table by my side and couldn’t believe their eyes- was it Misha or not. I told them- it was Misha. They told to each other- look how direct he is- he is at the restaurant, at usual hotel, eating and speaking. After they asked- will he take photos with us if we ask him? I told- yes, go he will do that. Three girls and one guy were in shorts, sneakers and T-shirts….They went up to him. Misha indeed took the photos with them. Varshalomidze took the photos with their kodaks. Those journalists returned, sat at their table chatting- what President you have, you can nowhere find Yuschenko and if you are in shorts and T-shirts and ask for a photo- his security will break your head. In my mind I thought- Yschenko is a serious man and Misha is crazy so if you saw what I saw in the foyer you would chat in another way.
After by the way those who were in the restaurant they all took photos with Misha. Yes, he is direct, but what’s the use of it?
Why didn’t you tell the journalists this story before?
I was afraid because there are many video eyes in all hotels and they save the records for definite period of time. Now if I tell it I should tell it in real – where and how everything happened right? I couldn’t tell the fairy tales-right? If I told the truth- they would find the records – it is not difficult of course to find the record for the day of concert of Katie Melua.  They would watch the record and there would be fixed – when President entered the hotel and left it and that’s it- they would see easily who was sitting in the foyer, who was smoking and who saw it. Now after so much time passed I am sure they haven’t the record of that day.
Could you remember some other interesting details of that scandalous evening?
I told you everything I saw –  I remember nothing more. But this is not the first time when I saw fool behavior of Misha and his company – I saw other times the foolish behavior, inappropriate for the President, Minister, Deputies or high rank official of the President Administration. But the Head of the Presidential Security in “shoulder strap” T-shirts and opened zip trousers- I saw it for the first time. I have seen the security guys in T-shirts in Hollywood movies but at the moments when there were terrorists acts against the President or the war with the aliens began. But Misha showed me everything in “live”. So Misha is cool – isn’t he?!
Jaba Leonidze



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