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Abu Ghraib Torture Method Introduced in Kutaisi Establishment No2


Public Defender has addressed the Prosecutor General of Georgia with the letter to launch investigation into the fact of infliction of bodily injuries on convict Ahmed Abilov. On July 28, 2011, the Public Defender received an application of convict Ahmed Abilov. It became clear from his statement that he was taken to the unit for officers on duty located on the third floor of the Kutaisi Establishment No. 2 where the establishment employees called Anzor and Irakli assaulted him physically and verbally. The reason was the prisoner’s demand to be allowed to take a walk in the open air, which he was denied, following to which he declared of his intention to start a hunger strike.
Abilov states that the employees also touched his ethnic origin and assaulted him verbally on account of his ethnicity. Afterwards, they transferred him to a cell-type room where they put handcuffs on him. The Head of the regime Gaga Liparteliani and one more employee whose name he doesn’t know were trying to make him stand on his knees, which he refused to do. Afterwards, he was again beaten and assaulted verbally. Then he was taken to the so-called box of the establishment, naked and handcuffed, where he was kept for two hours.
After being returned to his cell, his head started to ache and he began to feel nauseous. Because of this, he demanded a doctor’s visit, but got a refusal. During the visual examination conducted by the Public Defender’s representatives, convict Ahmed Abilov bore the following injuries on his body: three bruises of 10-15 centimeters in the area of the back, bruises and excoriations on the areas of chest and neck, abrasions on both knees covered with scab, hyperemia on both wrists, an abrasion and a swell in the area of the head.
The Public Defender also requested the Head of the Penitentiary Department to ensure that Ahmed Abilov is transferred to another penal establishment within the shortest possible term and to ensure his safety as the convict notes in his statement that he may be subjected to danger from the prison employees because of his aforementioned application.
Severe and inhuman treatment of prisoners in penitentiary establishments already became a rule, while Head of the Department Khatuna Kalmakhelidze is proud of video appointments and claims that life in Georgian prisons is sweet. One more development attracts attention in this story: Abu Ghraib torture methods are being introduced in the Kutaisi establishment No2.  



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