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Money Is Earned By Robbing People and Foreign Aid Is Utilized For Our Genocide!


One month passed since the president Saakashvili ‘congratulated’ 26th of June, 20th anniversary of our country’s independence, to Georgian people by bloody disbandment of protest action… What we saw was dramatically even more than historic Istanbul slave market association; and the situation of people lying down in the rain and blood, controlled by executioners with black steel sticks was more like Hell by Dante Alighieri.
They had to punish the people (as a warning for others) because of standing next to the radical politicians, despite the fact that they announced that these people had nothing to do with politics; Some of them stood there to defend the country’s interests and values but the majority protested their intolerable social conditions.

Yet we don’t have exact information about how many people were killed as a result of beating by Merabishvili’s ruthless pack. The executioners (probably according to their order) mostly hunted for fertile age category and broke youngsters’ heads on purpose. No one knows how these physical and spiritual traumas will affect their health in the future. This kind of attitude is fatal for already decreased Georgian gene fund; we should think that this is what the government wants. We get the impression that Saakashvili simply calculates for how much more to reduce Georgian nation to get closer to the number of just enough service personnel for tourism.
At the same time, parliament members who expressed huge disappointment about Cherkess genocide, greeted Georgian one with applause; to them this fact was so unimportant that they even excluded investigation; by acting this way they finally proved that the only concern for them are those State chairs that they warm up while sitting on them. Though ‘warming up’ is figural saying: inanimate objects don’t produce warmth, but in return they talk with such phrases: ‘Announcement – that Georgia should be the country of love… is infantilism…’.
-Same kind of disbandment occurs in other countries too! – they say. Many other immoralities happen in other countries, which have never taken place in Georgia, and this is expressed in Georgian people’s such attitude and democratic deformity. And of course, we won’t feel better knowing that somewhere else they also beat people! They should experience how it feels to be beaten! They can also experience long-term imprisonment. They could also tell us, which is the democratic country where they disband actions by laying siege, by slaughter, by torturing tied people (especially when in Georgia according to our traditions, people don’t kill even a chicken if its feet are tied, because this is a sin), by downing them in rivers, by kidnapping them, by mutilating, by beating those who fell down, by raping and then subsequent chase and imprisonment…
Who can win over them with bare hands and plastic sticks in the situation where every kind of resource (financial, administrative, propagandistic and etc.) is managed by the government? – Is this ‘proportional’ power?
I really wanted to see and understand what open jaw ‘molotov cocktail’ was… (‘They buy it in pharmaceutical shop’ – clever Gigi Ugulava announced once). It would be also interesting to see slingshot with ballistic function, but we could not. We were defeated like those street children who stood with plastic bags, looking in the sky, waiting for Saakashvili to throw down sweets from the plane for them! We could see what kind Misha could throw, by the example of a little boy in shorts who was lying down in the street like a frightened rabbit compressed by the cruel uncles with steel sticks.
And here I read: If these damned people knew that armed military revolution was being prepared and, as the government assured opposition in unison, Russian military force penetration was also planned at the same time, why did they not prevent the crime? Like the August war, why did they doom the population for the worst? Or when they suggested changing the location, would the two steps backwards, taken by the protest action participants, prevent us from threats? Should this be called infantilism or cruel cynicism? And please let them explain to us how come the contraction (trapping people) of aim (disbanding the action) is ‘force exaggeration’?
I can not think of any bloody tyrant who celebrates his country’s independence round date by killing people, but Saakashvili is the firstling of another demonic world. While watching TV, we get even surer that such barbarity does not happen anywhere else, if it happened somewhere – it’s again in Georgia:
Let’s get back to the earlier point: here comes one more fragment from the history of Tbilisi.
The conqueror is Turkmen – bloody Ataman Jalal ad-Din, period – XIII century, describer – Georgian chronicler:
‘…They took newborns straight from mothers’ breasts and threw them on stones in front of mothers, eyes dropped of some of them, and others’ brains were shed’.
We can compare this chronicle to the Chairman of international organization ‘Women for Collegiate Education’ Mrs. Tamar Kiknadze’s story:
On June 26, a member of Special Forces accompanied policemen in the family of one of the action participants. When they entered the room, two-year old child met them; when he saw a tall man wearing all black clothes he began screaming – ‘bad uncle! Bad uncle!’.  The Special Forces Officer, hearing this, swung his hand to the child so badly that he flung at the refrigerator and fainted… then with concussion he was treated at home, they did not take him to the hospital, they were afraid’. The anxious mother of the child told this story to Mrs. Kiknadze, and as it turned out the whole neighborhood knew about it.
You can see that the two stories, 7 centuries away from each other, are like twins. The difference is in executioners: the first case refers to savage Turkmen and second to – Georgian man who has lost his nation and manly values. The signature is the same! This history is being written right now… we hope the President Saakashvili will demand punishment of the awarded Special Forces Officer as strictly as he did for the principal doctor of the hospital, where they could not rescue a little girl from Azerbaijan who was bitten by a snake; or maybe the ‘selective justice’ also reflects on kids?
With the same ‘justice’ the only tragedy that was considered by the government, was the death of a policeman. Taking into account the demographic situation background, death of one youngster is a tragedy (let him be in peace, if he is accepted there with a bloody stick), but a bigger tragedy is the fact that the country’s leaders don’t care about so many innocent victims. And what’s more, if they could, they would let others down with him in his grave, like they did for Pharaohs.
This kind of thing only happened in the Soviet concentration camps: the government made medical personnel a part of Special Forces and as it seems, the doctors of the Minister Urushadze became ‘executioners with lancet’, as they kept the names of beaten action participants in secret; and we can never know what else was happening, and what orders were given out from vampires’ lair! That’s why all the victims hide from doctors… do we have to laugh or cry?
The ‘Nationals’ (political party) even made the independence day their partial property, even though it was achieved by blood and battle by Georgian people. But according to law, everyone including ‘public assembly’, could participate in the celebration; and Mrs. Burjanadze expressed her will to do so on the last day, and in this case, clever leader would consider this kind will, and everything would end peacefully, without any trouble.
What is strange is the fact that, even after everything happened, our foreign friends still try to clean Saakashvili’s bloody mouth and consider this culprit regime as democracy builder, which for sure they would not let in their country; they would force Saakashvili and his clan share the fate of Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein and Mubarak.
Saakashvili’s xenophobic approach towards Georgian nation leads to other bureaucrats’ cynic attitude. In addition to this, it seems Irakli Alasania shared ‘Nationals’ view and divided the people (us) in two groups – ‘high quality’ and ‘low quality’; and this is the man who aims the position of the President same way as Gigi Ugulava does. There is no way out of this situation!
For the city Mayor, as well as for his chef (actually he imitates him really well), the value of a person equals to zero. Considering our extravagant opposition, we have to expect the tandem of these two and their clan as majority – for very long time… In any normal country this kind of Mayor would be asked for account for e.g. not cleaning the streets after actions, but he is ‘the Mayor of Tbilisi’ isn’t he?! He will assault external traders, or he will turn off water and electricity (because of not paid garbage bill?!), he will rise the cost of living and transportation, he will sell our houses because of parking fines if he wants to; and he will set up taxes for our eye color like Peter the Great did – it depends on his will!
Thanks God, there is always a ray of light in the darkness. One part of students, at last, broke the ill-luck and expressed their protest about the massacre. As it seems, they could see the contours of reality and feel fore coming threat from the chink of happiness; Saakashvili would sacrifice them for his wellbeing and chair, as he did sacrifice Georgian boys exploded or with lost limbs in Afghanistan, their lives are just like the explosion of mushrooms and nothing else for the government… that is why Tsereteli and Tsiklauri started fussing, they wanted to carry out next brainwashing course for the students, and Saakashvili did the same for secondary school students. They can feel what’s coming, or did the Georgian spirit wake up in them?
No, the turbid water between people and government did not clear up!.. And how can it be cleared when he, from the first day of attaining his position, fights with stress and lets others live in endless trouble? Happy days and dates never came for Georgia; blood of Georgians did not dry in the ill-starred Kaloubani (old district of Tbilisi)! And from now on, 26th of June will no more be a celebration; this date will be kept as a day of sorrow and misfortune in the history. This day reminds Georgian people that the enemy is legion, and freedom yet has to be attained, and for this, it was always worth sacrifice and will be so in the future.
Lela Uturgaidze



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