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Irma Inashvili: Telemedia – TV companies: Rustavi 2, Imedi, Region TV are Saakashvili’s slaves


The head of media union “Objective” and media ombudsman of “General Public Resistance Movement”, a journalist Irma Inashvili recently wrote a letter to Catherine Ashton, Vice-president and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and provided her with a detailed information about violation of  human rights in Georgia. The reply was quick. The answer sent from the European Foreign Affairs Department says: “We have registered your critical considerations regarding the fact that Georgian authorities do not take enough measures in your county in respect of human rights protection. I would like to underline that the European Union continues to monitor how Georgian authorities implement action plans within the European neighboring policy framework in respect of taking measures supporting democratic governance and respect of human rights”.
Irma Inashvili:
_ Media union “Objective” has been implementing a project in Europe for a period of one year,  we have conducted a number of very important events in Brussels, Strasburg and Paris. We met with Heidi Hautala, a Chairwoman of the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights, familiarized her with specific cases and have been waiting for appointment of the committee hearing on the above-mentioned issues. We have close relations with European Parliament, the European Human rights Protection Committee, exchange the information, often receive letters from them, but the above-mentioned letter is especially important, since it has been sent personally to me on the behalf of Catherine Ashton. It is well known that such letters are not written that easily and the content of the letter directly indicates that they support non-governmental organizations existing in Georgia, support draft law on general amnesty, as well as protest actions, which were held by “General Public Resistance Movement” in Tbilisi and informed us that information provided by us will be discussed in July 2011 in Brussels within the framework of Georgian-European Union dialogue.
As far as it is known, there has been a wrong opinion in Europe for many years regarding flourishing democracy in our country, Georgia being “Beacon of Democracy”, while its President Saakashvii – a reformer. Today in Europe all European Commissars or representatives of European structures properly assess events ongoing in Georgia. They see very well that a number of prisoners in Georgia exceeds 40 000, a catastrophic figure. They already talk openly about the above situation and state that they support not the President of particular country, but Georgian people, which is a very important message for Georgian society, in which nihilism dominates. Katharine Ashton can not hang or punish Mikheil Saakashvili, but she can take such measures and write such conclusions, based on which Mikheil Saakashvii will become accountable for his actions and get isolated, since today the whole world sees that Georgia has become a police state.
_ About one year ago Katherine Ashton announced that Georgia successfully implements recommendations of the European Union, there is a visible progress in the country and democratic institutions have been developing successfully. How do you think, has her opinion about  Georgia changed after your letter regarding the existing situation?
_ It has really changed. It is also confirmed by this letter. It is a very courageous letter which clearly says that Georgian authorities do not take enough measures for protection of prisoners’ rights. It also says that they will discuss all those issues which were mentioned in my letter as a media ombudsman of “Resistance Movement”. Despite the fact that  full-scale actions held in the center of  Tbilisi causes discomfort for Saakashvili, changing opinion about him in Europe is much more discomfort for him, since he has been spending quite a lot of money for strengthening his image and reputation. He hired famous Belgium companies which take care of his image. During the August war these companies provided their services for him. Brussels is a political center, where significant political issues are being solved and what people think about him in Brussels is important for Saakashvili, while we deprive him of exactly these levers.
_ On May 11-12 you plan to hold an event in Tbilisi Philharmonic Hall. You called for singers’ participation in the charity concert for helping prisoners and their children. Have you received any responses yet?
_ Of course, we received responses from those singers, from whom we expected such responses. These are: Zurab Doijashvili, Jemal Sepashvili, Zura Manjavidze, groups: Forte, Vake Park”. We also have many responses from folk ensembles, for example, from wonderful ensemble Ilori.
_ As a journalist, what do you consider as a main issue of Georgian journalism today and how would you assess Georgian journalists?
_ Today the main problem of Georgian journalism is dishonesty and impudence and Georgian journalism, especially telemedia – TV companies Rustavi 2, Imedi, Region TV are slaves of Saakashvili’s regime. I would like to tell these journalists: do not lose your humaneness and realize well the evil you serve!
Interviewed by
Shorena Tsivkarashvili



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